Information in conflict

FullSizeRender“The Lord says, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” – Isaiah 66:13 (NRSV)

It seems each day brings a basketful of decision making chores. Things that one thinks should be so simple seems like a load to heavy to carry when placed in a mind. My brother as he looked near death in the face would so often say to me, “too much information.” I began to label all information, both incoming and outgoing, either TMI (too much information) or NEI (not enough information).

Granted, I, hopefully, knew and know the difference between withholding valuable information. Timely information. Wrong information. But, there seems to be a lot of information I’m not sure what to do with and why I even have it. As well as information others withhold and handle so untimely and even giving untruthful and/or distorted information. This information gig has fighting red horns! This brings me to the reason I choose for my meditative thoughts this scripture found in Isaiah, the Lord will comfort me and you just like a loving Mother comforts her child.

Let us think about the many times in our lives when God has comforted us with love and grace in moments of hurt and uncertainty. These memories bring us comfort and peace as well as gratitude and humility that God would intervene in our life on this intimate personal level. Each day may bring, TMI or NEI and information may feel like an emotional whip but loving arms are always open to hug away our tears.

My summary on why I think dealing with information to be so difficult; “lack of love.” What info do you have to offer?

Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty

Chris Mar has once again captured Fall Beauty from his drone flying from above. How peaceful to view a garden from angles that delights the whole being. Looking down from up above you seem to find your soul living in clusters of beauty. Yes, blooming, healing and living. Pause and enjoy the beauty of an Autumn Garden today.

C.S. Monroe Technology Center Fall Plant Sale

Fall Plant Sale 2015 from Chris Mar on Vimeo.


It’s beginning to feel like fall in northern Virginia. The bright sunny days are crisp and the night temperatures are dropping. While the trees start to undress for winter, the fall mums and pansies are putting on their gorgeous fall gowns and the ornamental cabbages and kales are ready to occupy a colorful spot in the landscape. Fall perennials are adding color to the show along with shrubs’ late season bloomers.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, please visit the Fall Plant Sale at Monroe Technology Center. You will find lots of fall color variety and our agriculture students will be happy to assist you. The sale dates are Wednesday, September 16, 10-6 pm, Thursday, September 17, 10-5 pm and Friday, September 18, 10-4 pm. Plant proceeds go towards scholarships for the department’s seniors.

IMG_0973 IMG_0970

Gail shares

“Secular Progressives is the official title for those who promote the opposite of the Judeo-Christian lifestyle/ethic and who object to almost all things biblical. This is a lifestyle of unbelievers, who will always find something to object to when the subject involves a serious, committed consideration of the Bible or Christianity, i.e., a Bible on a table, talk about Jesus, that Christians choose to pray to the living God, etc, etc.etc. Often God seems like Santa Claus to those who embrace this Secular Progressive lifestyle/belief system. He is “love” or “tolerance” considered in a way that has no balancing justice, no boundaries, and most of all, no biblical accountability. Some people call it “sloopy agape.” It is. It is not love at all. It is important that Christians have a name for these folks. Being able to identify both friend and enemy is important. Words matter. Definitions matter. That is why political correctness is so intimidating, deadly, and dishonest.”

Gail Cohoon

Gossip the Gospel

“Purple is a biblically royal color. Lydia, of Greece, the first European convert baptised through Paul’s ministry was a “seller of purple.” This purple was extracted from sea shells, I believe and therefore rare at the time. That meant she made a good amount of money because the Caesars in Rome and others of prominence there wanted purple cloth for their own textiles, ie. clothes and home furnishings. She was able to support Paul’s ministry in large measure. I went to the place where she was baptised in Greece. It is up above Thessalonica, near Macedonia. There is a stream of running water there and a church which commemorates her baptism. It is a pretty place. We celebrated Eucharist there. She was a “sending” missionary. Missionaries come in two varieties: those who send others and those who go directly. Both are essential to spreading the gospel as Jesus calls us to do at the end of Matthew’s gospel. In the meantime, all of us can “gossip the gospel,” a phrase my church history professor taught.”

Gail Cohoon, Columbia, NC



Savor His Presence! It is intoxicating! And, the things of earth seem to grow strangely dim in His Light. Savor! Savor! Savor! (to delight in, enjoy or appreciate completely, esp. By dwelling on it)

The Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden Part II

As we continue to plan and organize and follow the leading of The Holy Spirit we are just so touched by the artisans that continue to show God’s Glory in the earth through their hands and deeds. We are so grateful to Mr. Larry, our caretaker that has painted some of our benches that was in much need. Also, just one of the slates that make up family trees painted by Debi.

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