Generational Positives (GP) BE… Part I


Luke18: 16-17 “Let the little children come to Me…whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

In the above two verses we learn a lot about Jesus. We learn of His love for very young children. The children were coming freely to Jesus to receive from Him. People were bringing their babies just hoping that Jesus would touch them. And, Jesus did!

But Jesus wanted something from and for the parents, teachers and leaders as well. He wanted the adults to be just as interested in being touched by God as the children. Think for a moment with me, Jesus a grown man, here on earth, saying, you bigheads become like the little children. And the big grown children just like you and I were sitting and standing and looking at this man, probably thinking “He is strange.”

And, I believe He was and is a little strange in our world as well. He wants us to become trusting and happy, innocent as children and harmless as a dove and wise as a serpent. (Matthew 10:16)

I am thinking as I write in the wee hours of the morning, what kind of person is this, child, dove, and serpent? The psych departments would have us quickly medicated if we didn’t know ourselves.

So, we need to psych ourselves up and urge oneself on to the mark of the high calling and that is to be a (GP).

In our recent series on generational negatives (GN) we talked about “Passivity in Part I” , “Obedience in Part II”, and “Part III Trust.” See recent articles.
See Part I
See Part II
See Part III

With the above three (GN’s) in our arsenal we are in a position to be (GP).

Most of us reading this probably in a real big way would like to receive the benefits (GP) of the Kingdom of God.
Coming to Jesus as a little child and allowing Him to touch us for all we need is a major undertaking for some of us, don’t you think?

In Luke 11:1, (also found in Matthew 6, the Lord’s Prayer), Jesus’ disciples were inquiring of Him on various matters and asking him, “Master, teach us to pray”. Jesus in some way again speaking like a little trusting child says, “ask God to give you all the food you need for each day. Ask God to forgive you of all your offenses and you forgive others that have offended you of theirs. Tell God about how beautiful He is and how magnificent you think the world is He has created. Heaven has wonderful things and ask God to just give them to you here on earth so you can enjoy them.”

Jesus here and always seems to be instructing us to “Be Positive.” Be a GP. Don’t grow up and become a (GN).

Look for (GP) Part II and III, hopefully and prayerfully, over the Holidays.

8 thoughts on “Generational Positives (GP) BE… Part I

  1. Sara, this article really is a call to action.

    In order to receive the benefits Jesus has for me, I need to (as Webster’s says): permit to enter; act! I am finding through this series your are teaching us on GN and now GP that each article contains a specific action (like praying this prayer in today’s article) and when I take action and do it I actually experience the benefits.

    I am also reminded of Newton’s Third Law which says: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As I take action and BE a GP, GN reacts and has to flee!

    Thank you for working for us in the wee hours of the morning so we can experience these benefits.

  2. You are right, Sara, concerning your encouragement to become “as a little child” like Jesus has commanded in His Word. As a teacher of “little children”, I see a lot in the “negative” sense that has been imposed upon our precious progeny by the world around them But, also I see the refreshing TRUST and almost total dependence on the teacher, parent or other adults, in charge of them. How quickly we could teach the little children to apply that precious TRUST to the LIVING GOD the Father. You spoke of TRUST in your previous article….Part III. AND…little children have a propensity to FORGIVE and give up resentment of a suffered injustice or a seeming wrong. That would be a “GP” that we all need to acquire.
    The burden that we allow the material world around us to impose upon us….the burgeoning responsibilites & duties that are clamoring for our attention would be quite alleviated if we Trusted truly in the Living God and Let Him be our true FATHER and we become His “little children”.

  3. It is delightful to read the comments on my article “Homemade Gifts.” I see so many wonderful GP that are still at work in the world today, from generation to generation, the Word of God says.

    I so believe that if we can keep the GP’s alive we can put out the darkeness of GN’s. We can even show Christmas once again for what it is. It is not put Christ back in Christmas because there is no Christmas without Jesus Christ for anyone. How could it be?

  4. Many of us want to ask God to forgive all our offenses and to forgive all that offend us. We take this prayer to the Lord and then without thinking we pick them up and carry them back with us, just like taking out the garbage but hesitating we bring it back to the house. Little children would leave it with the Master. May we be more like the children and leave all our cares, worries with him. Truly we will be free then to be whom the Lord has called us to be.

    1. This reply is so needed by all in light of the sadness we heard about the children and others….if only it were done as you Rena have written…taken it to the Lord as little children and left it there……also as Needles wrote in her blog under Health and Beauty page 1..titled “Burdened”..Matt.11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”…

  5. thank you for writing this lesson.. This is a beautiful way of putting the Lords Prayer into an every day language picture for me…..God Is Father and Jesus gave His life that we may have once again that relationship…Father and Child (Offspring).. and Jesus said it so plain…and You Sara have also said it plain…we belong to a Royal lineage and that has no GNs in it…we should indeed urge on ……….dj

  6. In light of the recent school tragedies and other crime incidents we hear about almost daily where the those committing the crimes often say something from their past is to blame, how important the GP and GN blogs are. Your sentence, Sara, “Be a GP. Don’t grow up to become a GN” trumpets loudly. How important to live in such a way that the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) can develop and control us and not the works of the flesh. (Gal 5:19). We see the ‘crop’ that is produced years later from sowing seed to the flesh (Gal 6:7). Also, becoming a GP yourself can break the GN cycle for generations to follow.

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