Missing our family and friends, whether they are on earth, in heaven or other are a natural part of the human heart, it seems to me. We often miss a way of life, an age, a time gone by, a career, a friend? 🚣🏽🏇🚕⛹🏿⛳️🏀🏈⚾️🎾⛱🎊

I hear young parents often today say we are making memories. That’s true, and they do render happy thoughts. We seem to have longings for those happy memories yet at times those same memories often ache the heart because they grow in mind in glamour or other but the act doesn’t fit our season of now life. They don’t fit our adult size like a knit sweater made by grandma that only fits age three not thirty-three.. But the memory tries to stretch the knit to fit just about any size. You know one size fits all.

I love memories that have been made by family and friends. Yet, I often am perplexed, puzzled and sad when myself or/and others give me their ‘now story’ that needs so much more than an ice cream escape when we just scratched our knee.

I started a list of memories that are mine that has lasted through seasons of life. And, some memories that give me a social tea time. One of my very favorites that medicates all my needs is; my Mother, her one Bible, her knees bent in prayer 🙏🏻 and those magical words spoken about me as her warm hand held mine. I still feel the warmth as it seemed to leave her hand and give strength to my whole being that melted away whatever that had brought us to our knees. Now, on to my social tea time. Growing up in a family of ten we were in giggles, mischief, sandwiched among gifts and talents to benefit our ten. Those memories 🏀⚾️🏈⛹🏿🎣 make me blush with pride to share with family and friends over tea. Well, more like coffee for me! ☕️🍩🍦🍰

We would love to hear your memories that means a lot to you. Also, ones that carry a built in parachute when a Mickey Mouse band-aide just won’t do. 💟✝✡☮