A short video from Dr Gupta CNN

This very short video will only take a very few minutes of your time. It may take a huge amount of your heart and cause you to think about the way you think about food.

“Faith-shaking’ experience that sparked change in Sanjay Gupta’s life.”

Yes “Faith Shaking” was the headline that caused me to listen. if you listen and you think you have nothing to offer maybe a prayer asking for God’s Mercy and a slice of bread for a starving child and parents. Maybe more will spring forth from the well of supply that dwells within your soul.

Maybe you could share this story and another might have a Faith-shaking’ experience that (will spark) sparked change in (their lives) Sanjay Gupta’s life


5 thoughts on “A short video from Dr Gupta CNN

  1. Sara, thank you for sharing this video. Your comment “It may take a huge amount of your heart and cause you to think about the way you think about food.” is very serious and did grip my heart as I watched and listened.

    World hunger seems like such an overwhelming problem but Dr. Gupta’s comments helped break it down; comments like, “There are much easier problems which aren’t getting solved and can have tremendous, tremendous impact on the world.” And when he said that “this is not an insurmountable problem”. And he brings it home, right to our own backyards with, “Children in this country go to bed food insecure”.

    Recently, Sara, you have shared some conversations with me about food and how many, many cooks who really appreciate the value of it, don’t waste anything. Even one of your recent blogs, Simplicity is Profound”, speaks of “the plight of exiles today” and your story of the older lady who made cornbread and let not a crumb go to waste as “She went outside, crumbled the bread and scattered it under a near by tress where she said her birds would come to gather soon.”

    This seems to tie in with Dr. Gupta’s comment on being able to feed the hungry with, “Food that may have otherwise gone to waste,”.

    I think you have brought this issue of food to our attention and that is a big part of the resolution to the problem, just as Dr. Gupta states, “we don’t pay nearly enough attention to this…if we did, I think we could provide a healthy, regular diet to everyone on the planet.”

    There is a spark of hope that we can do something about it, even if we start with “you think you have nothing to offer maybe a prayer asking for God’s Mercy and a slice of bread for a starving child and parents. “

    You suggested, Sara, “Maybe you could share this story and another might have a Faith-shaking’ experience that (will spark) sparked change in (their lives) Sanjay Gupta’s life”. I think I could share with my agriculture students as we study about plants and how to grow them.

    1. Great idea for action Debi. Seems just what Dr Gupta did. Shared with his wife and they with their daughters. Action pursued on their part and now he shares from a big stage! Many are receiving food. Many are learning the benefits of food and the value of what left overs can do. What a seed can do! And, what a share can do!

      There is a song I believe the Gaithers wrote and Sandy Patti sings with a passion that mirrors so many when it comes to our garbage cans and garbage disposal. I heard Bill Gaither being interviewed this am and at age 85 now he and Gloria is still asking and telling how this song came to be…” A great night!
      By the time we were finished tearing down displays in the lobby, putting equipment in the bus, and changing our clothes in the dressing room, the building was empty. All the lights were out except for one lone lightbulb dangling by a frayed cord from the ceiling above the stage. As we carried our bags across the stage from the dressing rooms to the back door, we stopped for a moment and talked about the evening. The single light and the huge silent room were such a contrast to the spotlights and the excitement of an hour ago.

      “It was a great night,” one of the performers said. “But the question is, do the things we sang and said then work now?”

      “ The stage is bare
      The crowds are gone
      The love we shared still lingers on
      We sang and played and we laughed and cried
      And in our tumbling way we tried
      To say that only hearts can know
      And all too soon we had to go
      But now here in this darkened room
      Just empty seats there’s just me and you

      It was so easy to call you Lord
      When a thousand voices sang your praise
      But there’s no one to hear me now
      So hear me now, be near me now

      The stage is bare
      The crowds are gone
      Lord now the time I need your song
      To give me joy and certainty
      When no one else is watching me
      I need you more than words can say
      Tomorrow’s such a daily day
      And so I need to feel you then
      Holding my hand
      Please hold me then
      I need you, Lord.”

      Oh how I love the social media food photos in their favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to try. All good but wonder if I care enough to think about starving children and believing the Dr Gupta’s outlook.

      The stage is bare 🎼 listening to Bill share and Sandi sing sure sent a signal how our stage is our glory but where does it go when no one sees.

  2. This video and blog brought back a story a mother was telling me yesterday afternoon. This mother was telling me about her daughter. Her daughter is a first grade teacher for the first time this year. The school she teaches at currently provides every a child a free lunch. She has one child in her class that brings lunch every day, but wants to get milk at school; however, for whatever reason does not have the money to purchase milk. It was arranged for this child to obtain a free meal because milk comes with each meal, but the child does not eat the meal just drinks the milk and throws the food away. This story concerns me as I was thinking of how wasteful that is. 🤔 Then this morning I get up for work and read this faith shaking blog. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Tammy, thank you for sharing this story. I love how the Holy Spirit works in our lives wherever He finds His beloved children to light the world. And, you are a light.

      This story is so often repeated in places where food seems plentiful. Yet, it seems we all feel helpless to help but often have a bucket load of words to empty somewhere. Maybe, like this little one right in the trash.

      My county, Loudoun, often in the headline news for being wealthy or one of the nations top in wealth categories. My point in the fine print our school furnishes free meals for all.


      “All Loudoun County Public Schools students may receive breakfast, lunch, snacks, or supper meals free of charge this year regardless of income eligibility, thanks to an extension of a U.S. Department of Agriculture program that reimburses schools and childcare centers for meals.Aug 18, 2021”

      Now plenty of food for all yet it seems we are hearing of much waste. Dr Gupta says. “Children in this country go to bed food insecure”.

      Where do we as one person start? I feel the doctor offers some simple hopeful steps. He saw first hand and felt the pain. He had a conversation with his wife and children about food. They ventured out in community to help feed children and families in need of food. He shared wherever the doors opened for him.

      Not easy for an extremely busy man as he. Yet, he said it best, “Faith-shaking’ experience that sparked change in Sanjay (his) Gupta’s life.” WOW o yes, WOW!

      When is the last time our faith shook a little?
      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverb 9:10

      Step by step we walk out of darkness into His marvelous light.

      Tammy shared a story she just heard one day ago in a hospital work setting. Then she heard a medical doctor right here that is taking steps with success. Simple steps that we can take by having conversations.

      Here is my step…A lady for years with her family has lived in eye sight of my home. She had been a cafeteria manager in our community. I never even saw her or noticed her and only knew of her career because someone told me. Why? I was busy as a bee just being me. Just this summer because of Covid pandemic I with lots of help made my circular driveway into a beautiful garden that caused many to praise the beauty of nature. Me being me set out rocking chairs to enhance the beauty hoping to cause passer-Byers to have a peaceful moment. It did but it also caused other interesting things to happen. The cafeteria manager began to visit me and lovely as she is I wondered why? The story has a few other happy chat moments woven in but I just want to tell this part for now…Food became a topic in her conversation recently of her work experiences. Again I wondered why even spoke to Debi about it…I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to notice..a very few days later I was introduced to Dr Gupta’s food story.

      Now, I don’t know/have all the answers but I know the One who does. Do I trust Him to continue to be a Light on my path as I gain understand to take steps? Yes!

      Our sharing here is threads in a beautiful tapestry for the Kingdom of God as children are fed. I think I remember Jesus questioning (hard headed) Peter about love and feeding God’s children?

      Let us continue to gather around our table of plenty leaving a place at our tables until all God’s children are home. 🙏🏻❤️

  3. This makes me think of food pantries in Mandeville, La. which I have in the past worked at and Prodisee Pantry here in Alabama. Such a need for food. During the height of Covid all the churches started giving food to go to Prodisee Pantry so that those who did t have could come. It was logistic effort for all to come together. The Pantry had to temporarily move to local High School. The lines were long. I wonder why we haven’t in the churches continued to gather food for the pantry.

    The pantry here carries diapers for babies and dog food as well. Really nice when someone or group gives fresh meat.

    The schools I taught at in Mandeville served breakfast as some families could not afford food and children need food to learn .

    I have a neighbor here in Alabama who is a teacher in a very poor county.. She says some children don’t have food on the weekends. During height of Covid teachers, churches gave so that the families who had nothing could come to the school and pick up food. She said the teachers have great concern for the children having enough to eat. Anyone who donates items it goes to the parents in the greatest need. She said some parents have no transportation so teachers make sure food items reach them. Anytime someone has food and gives to her she sees that it goes to her students.

    Another problem with food is that in the summer the free breakfast isn’t there so parents have to rely on the food banks.

    My sister who lives in Washington state takes fresh garden vegetables to her food bank. So much we can do.

    There are so many organization that do all the leg work to get out the food that one can give to.

    What was done during Covid would be good to continue. I’ll check that one out. Takes lots of serving hands to make it happen.

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