Crafts by the Children

Look what a splendid job our classes did with the socks for snowman and the tiles for coasters. See my article on “Crafts for the Classroom” for the patterns.

The squatty snowmen my class did. Now the teacher in the picture, Ms. B decided
to make the snowman and change the snowmen a little, quite to the better. She used
black socks and cut them to make a hat. She use grapevine to glue on for the
arms, and a orange pipe cleaner for the nose. Now doesn’t she look proud.
Ms. B did a great job, hers is a class act for anyone to follow.

The tile my class did. Aren’t they creative?

The three little snowmen are from my class. Cute!

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Crafts for the classroom

Several years ago a parent in my class made snowmen socks with my class.
Ever since I have made them every year.

Materials needed: White tube sock (Can have the red and white stripes
or the Nike logo – kids love the logo, orange tic tacs, peppercorns,
fabric glue and/or use low temp glue gun, yarn, buttons, felt, rice,
and cotton batting


Fill the sock about 1/3 full of rice – about 2 cups and then fill with
1/3 of cotton batting. Between the bottom and middle third tie a piece
of yarn to divide the snowman into a head and bottom. Tie a piece of
yarn above the top of the snowman’s head so the stuffing and/or rice
does not fall out. Then turn the ribbing of the sock down forming what
looks like a hat.

Next cut out a felt scarf to go around the snowman’s neck. You may
glue the scarf down where it meets, or make it long enough to tie.

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