The Wishful Butterfly

One day a tiny little egg was found under a leaf in the fertile valley called earth. Inside the tiny little egg was a tiny caterpillar. This little caterpillar was so excited. He pushed and pushed and pushed. “Let me out! He screamed.

This place is too small for me!” Just as he was about to give up, POP! The egg gave way and the caterpillar crawled out into the bright sunshine.

He looked all around. “Ah, ha! So this is what is outside that deep, dark egg I was in,” he said.

He crawled around. He loved the earth. He loved to breathe in the wonderful fragrances of spring. He loved to breathe in the green, grassy smells, the woody smells of the woods, and the dewy smells of early morning.

As he ventured around he became aware there were more of his kind around. Something inside of him said, “I must impress these other creatures.” He worked hard. He had the best home. In fact, it Continue reading “The Wishful Butterfly”