As a mother, I have received the best gift ever, recently. My two boys decided to receive Christ and to obey Him in baptism. What a day of rejoicing for my husband and myself, along with all the angels in heaven! Please help
me pray that God will continue to keep their hearts soft before Him and that they will always be sensitive to His calling on their lives.

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My Mom, aka Sister Grandma

Today would have been Sister Grandma’s 100th birthday. I often thank God for a godly mother who took us to church, taught us many good things and “grew us kids up” to the best of her ability. She saw many changes in her long lifetime and as the times changed she adapted to them (mostly) and after being in a denominational church from her birth, she caught the true meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and received Him into her life as her Lord and Savior. Then she prayed for me until I came into the full knowledge of the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sara pondered about Sister Grandma’s birthday….”I wonder what her cake is like in Heaven, today, and who is attending her birthday party?” That set me to thinking that Sis G., as we called her, must be dancing and singing at the greatest RE-Birthday Party of her eternal life. All the saints in H Continue reading “My Mom, aka Sister Grandma”

Touched my heart

Recently my heart was touched by a lady named Kathy Silverton. Read her story on this link.

When Kathy’s heart was touched by another she founded Stitches From the Heart, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating and sending handmade clothes for premature babies and babies from impoverished families. Every item is created with tender loving care and volunteers sometimes attach their names to the items. We at “The Daily Lily” would like to add our names to worthy cause.

Kathy and her volunteers happily teach people how to knit little clothes for “preemies”. The head of a full-term baby is approximately the size of a grapefruit. But a premature baby’s head is smaller – the size of an orange, or even a lemon. Stitches volunteers knit these tiny hats and also tiny booties, sweaters and blankets.

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My Testimony

God has allowed me to grow up in a missionary family in the country of Brazil. From one year of age until I was thirteen I lived in Brazil, and I helped my parents do missionary work in Brazil. As I grew up in Brazil I played with alot of street rascals in the streets of Brazil. I made close friends with a lot of street rascals. You could say that I was a street rascal my self, or at least that is what my Mom says. Many of times my friends would leave or dissappear. I thought that they had relocated to another part of the city or to another state. I didnВґt know but that was far from the truth.
At the age of thirteen God sent my parents and I back to the States for who knows how long. I graduated from high school, and God opened the doors for me to attend and graduate from Pensacola Christian College (PCC) with a Bible degree and Biblical Phsyc. minor. During my time at PC Continue reading “My Testimony”

A Day in Church

I was so blessed to be in the Lord’s house yesterday, Sunday! I heard a great
message from God’s Word. The Minister/Preacher said that he remembers a
preacher saying…”sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you
longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay”.

He spoke about sin and how we can have “regret for sin”, “remorse for sin”, and
or “repentance for sin”. He used the example of Judus only having regret and
remorse for betraying Jesus, because he commited suicide. He than spoke
about Peter having regret, remorse, and repentance, for denying Jesus,
because repentance means you make a change. “Peter weeped bitterly”, God’s
Word says.He continued to use David as an example in Psalm 51. You can read
this scripture and know that David truly had a repentant heart, for his sin
with Bethsheba.

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Prayer Request

I receive many prayer request and seemly I am receiving more and more letters with issues like this letter.

I would like to ask each of you for your comments and ways to pray and answer this type of letter. And, of course if you feel lead to pray for this young Christian Lady and her Mom which is also a Christian. I understand they both attend church regularly.

Then we have the issue of ‘friend’ in the letter, also a Christian Mom with grown children and grandchildren. The man I understand she has not even met yet. Just telephone communicaton. As you will read neither man claims to be a Christian.

” Keep my Mother in prayer concerning her blood sugar. It’s high and the doctors say she might have (Diabetes). But I rebuke that in Jesus’ Name.

My man and I have given Mom a new nick-name…”Big Bad Mama”. She’s never scared of an Continue reading “Prayer Request”



“The kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared.” Titus 3:4

To all that visit The Daily Lily on Christmas Day may you receive a special blessing from our Heavenly Father.

May His Love, Grace, Peace and Hope impregnate your soul as you lift your eyes unto the hills of heaven from which comes your help.

May your mind be refreshed with the dew of Heaven.
May your heart be inflamed with the fire of passion.
May your body be energized with the power of life.
May your being and sphere of space be magnified?

May all you desire be in your grasp.
May your family be in unity and peace.
May your nation be at peace with God.
And may our World find peace
and let it begin with each of us.

Merry Christmas to All!
Sara, Gary and Family