Christmas Planning

Do you plan to attend a church service to celebrate the Birth of Christ?
Do you plan to have a Christmas Tree? Is so, Why?
Do you plan to have a nativity in your home or yard?

“If your plan is having no plan, do you have a plan?”

When I reflect on the fact that Jesus left heaven to visit with us on earth and fulfill the plan for our salvation through The Virgin Birth, the Cross and Resurrection I want to celebrate. I really don’t think I have celebrated Christmas without a Nativity scene as a reminder of such a miraculous birth. It would not be Christmas for me without this reminder because I always think a Royal without a place to be birth is more than humble. When I see the magi (Matthew 2:1) riding on camels to worship this King they have so long awaited for it turns my hard heart to honor, worship and adore the amazement of this wo Continue reading “Christmas Planning”



The Rose of Sharon School of Learning wish all a
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to all for stopping by today to visit.

We are thankful for so many things but we would like to share three things for which we feel most thankful.

1) We are thankful for this site that gives us the freedom to share and express our thoughts and faith.

2) We are so thankful for the new friends and the old friends that meet here often and share with one another.

We would like to share with our friends today one of our favorite poems:


“Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine
Age will mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test-
Time and change-are surely the best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray;
Friendship never knows decay.
For �mid old friends, tried and true,
Once Continue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY”

Celebrate the Birth of Christ with a Boycott

“Boycott Stores for the Holidays!
There is an anti-Christian bias in this country, and it is more on display at Christmas season than any other time.” – Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel – (Speaking about the decision of Target and other stores to ban the use of “Merry Christmas” in their stores and advertising.) American Family Association

We understand that Target has also banned the Salvation Army’s Kettles from the front of their stores. Now we hear they have banned the use of “Merry Christmas” from their advertising in papers and TV as well as their greetings within the stores.

I recently heard this news so I passed it along to my friends and family.

After all these stores have the audacity to stock their stores with every Christmas item imaginable. Yet, they cannot even acknowledge the fact it is Christmas?

What Holida Continue reading “Celebrate the Birth of Christ with a Boycott”

Holiday Beauty Tips

This Holiday Season…
It is important for us to remember to take care of ourselves this holiday season. So many times we put all of our thoughts and energy into taking care of others’ needs and we run ourselves down. It is important to take care of others, but we should also keep our own health in mind. We want to feel healthy, energetic, and great about the way we look.

Here are a few suggestions for taking care of our appearance this season:

1. Remember to use a moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple. The extremes in temperature will really dry skin out. (I believe that oil free moisturizers are best.)

2. Continue to use a sunscreen in winter. The harmful effects of the sun do not disappear just because it’s cold outside. Consider moisturizers with an SPF already included. (This will take care of suggestions one and two in one easy step.)

Whe Continue reading “Holiday Beauty Tips”

Jersey – N- Needles writes again

We can save your life, calculate life saving drugs in seconds, but are having a difficult time answering the following medical questions. Can any one help us????

1. Can a person with no ears still wear glasses?
2. Do bald people get dandruff?
3. How young can you die of old age?
4. Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
5. If a schizophrenic threatens suicide, is it a hostage situation?
6. Do coffins have life time guarantees?
7. Why do doctors leave the room when you get undresses? Aren’t they going to see you naked anyway?
8. Why don’t the hairs on your arms get split ends?
9. If you had your legs amputated, should the discharge instructions include: having you go to the dmv to have your height and weight changed?
10. (Medications) if there is no difference, why is there more then one name and the prices are different? Ie. Tylenol–acetaminophen Continue reading “Jersey – N- Needles writes again”

Dog Therapy

Heart Health.

Man’s best friend may be you hearts best friend. Yes that was a dog you saw going down the hospital hallway.

Scientist carefully monitored heart patient’s response to visits from a volunteer alone, a volunteer with a therapeutic dog and to no visits. Patients visited by a volunteer alone had a 10% drop in their anxiety level, those visited by a volunteer and a dog had a 24% decline in their anxiety level according to a standard rating scale. Doctors are experimenting with pets staying with patients. All the patients in the tests are asked to participate and are selected only if they aren’t afraid of animals and want to join the program.

“The novel study, presented Tuesday at an American Heart Association meeting, is one of the first to use scientific measurements to document that therapeutic dogs lower anxiety, stress and heart and lung pr Continue reading “Dog Therapy”