Homemade Gifts


I receive many gifts from many people from different places. I must say I love them all. I so enjoy them and cherish them.

But there is always something so special about the homemade gifts I receive. Maybe it’s nostalgia, retro or knowing and understanding just how much time and resources have gone into this kind of gift.

Recently, Jersey, one of the partners of “Jersey–n-Needles” featured on The Daily Lily (see Jersey Bio), gave me a beautiful bronze homemade (knit) scarf. It was so beautiful, fluffy and just the right color and size that I wanted lots more. Maybe a little selfish, yes! Maybe just pure joy and childlike delight, hopefully!

Thanksgiving �05 I had an opportunity to visit with “Jersey-n-Needles” in a hospital where they work and my sister Rachel, a nurse, had worked and died of cancer there. My Mother died of cancer there, also. I have visited many family members and friends over the years in this hospital. It is refreshing to the soul to have “Laugh Therapy” operating from there.

As they �worked and I played’, I was just going on and on about things I loved from my past. Needles (see Bio) reached behind her desk and gave me pecans in the shell that her Twin Boys had spent their Thanksgiving Day at Grandma and Grandpa’s picking up from under the tree. How I remember those days from my Mother’s yard.

Peggy, another nurse and lily on duty, had purchased a black iron skillet and had seasoned it and made it ready for a gift for Needles. She just decided that I could have it, giving me a happy memory of my Mother’s cooking. Nostalgia and love from a team at its best. Peggy didn’t know that I would need to bring her home with me for my lack of culinary skill or either hang the skillet on the wall for memories. Needles also shared her left-over lunch, a bowl of home cooked green collards, with me.

I was overcome with acute nostalgia for homemade foods and other gift items, like dolls, monkey socks, and other items that ring in one’s head especially around the holidays. So I chatted on with my joy of discovering that there are young beautiful lilies all around budding, blossoming and blooming (I did a teaching for The Rose of Sharon, “Budding, Blossoming and Blooming”, which brought back another memory) with the joys of yesterday and today and tomorrow.

With only a few weeks from Thanksgiving and Christmas about a week away I found a shipped box with my name on it at my front door. It was wrapped so lovingly and as I opened it I found an exquisite gold box labeled from “Jersey’s Kitchen”. The Magic of Christmas hit my head and sugarplums really danced in my head. I opened the latches and to my surprise an assortment of cookies of all shapes and sizes when, what to my wondering mind should appear, eat eat before Gary appears!!!

Then I received a telephone call from another Lily, Rena, (see her bio) on The Daily Lily. She was leaving her teaching and headed to her hobby of making a box of surprises. She just had to tell me about the surprise she found, a pair of socks in a kit, and she was scurrying home to put it together to give to a friend that is still a child at heart. I’m guessing it will be me of course!

My husband, Gary, (see bio) just really learning to cook, has contributed to my nostalgia as he is now spending hours cooking and baking to bring memories, love and joy to our home as well. He just made us spicy beef, potatoes and capsicum stew, chili, chocolate and pumpkin pies and all very good.

My sons keep the phones hot with Santa riddles just wondering what they will see when Santa arrives on Christmas morn. It is still toys!

We are waiting to hear from all of you as you share with us Christmas Memories triggered by our networking here at The Daily Lily.

17 thoughts on “Homemade Gifts

  1. This article brought to my memory your workshop I participated in called “The Four Bees”. This is the teaching you refer to on “Burgeoning, Budding, Blossoming and Blooming”. I loved this workshop because it was all about discovering and using our giftings. All the lilies above are using their beautiful gifts and talents to bless others and to trigger memories for us of other loved ones and their giftings. They are really doing what you wrote about in GP “BE” …they are BEEing Busy as BEES!

    Sara, I learned at another retreat you led with your book,”The Dance of Healing” that “trigger words may be describing the emotions you are feeling now”. The story about Needle’s Twin Boys picking up their grandparents nuts triggered a good memory in me of my grandmother picking up black walnuts in the fall and working hard to crack and shell them so she could bake for our family her wonderful cookies at Christmas each year.

    Thanks for another wonderful article that turns our attention to GP’s and away from GN’s.

  2. I so enjoyed this article and Debi’s comment about GP’s and bees or be about sharing your gifts and talents with one another. My mother would make each of us a quilt each year and that was our Christmas gift. Now they mean so much more to me. One is a double wedding ring quilt, and my mother cut up all my dresses and used them to make the quilt. Another was a shotting star and still another a duck quilt.

    When I would go home for Christmas our most favorite thing to do was to head for the sewing room and make gifts for others. What sweet memories and great GP’s.

    As Christmas is here my whole tree is a rememberance of my mother. She has crocheted or hand made most of the ornaments on my tree. I pray that I will touch someone like she has continued to touch others even though she has gone on to heaven.

  3. Some wonderful memories of the special, loving skills of my mother come to mind when I contemplate “homemade” gifts. Sister Grandma had skills I never could quite attain, though she patiently and lovingly tried to teach these. One of the most touching gifts she made for me when I moved into my new house was knitting little blue booties for my wrought iron chairs so that they would not scratch the kitchen tile when they were moved in and away from the table. They are precious to me. Another gift which she made for me is a crocheted coat hanger of bright multicolors with a little tassle in the middle. And as I sort through her things that she left behind in her neatly stacked dresser drawers I find little linen handkerchiefs with embroidery and tatting that she did so beautifully; a partially completed sampler; a knitted scarf. Many memories of the works of her faithful hands. Homemade gifts!….but the greatest of these is the LOVE behind the gift!

    1. I think it might be time for Sara and I to have our one-on-one consultation. Sara, you name the time and place. I wouldn’t want any other pics to surface where you stick out like a sore thumb as in the one above. I can work magic, so don’t worry Needles!

  4. S.O.S…S.O.S!! ‘Send Over Somemore’ cookies from ‘Jersey’s Kitchen’. (Sara let me have a few (very few)of hers and they were fantastic!!)

      1. Wow! ‘Santa Jersey’ sent more of her beautiful cookies and they were truly delicious! Thanks for such wonderful homemade treats. God bless you!!

  5. Now I have to admit that after I tasted a “crumb” of the cookies that Jersey sent Sara….and I mean Sara guarded that heavenly, golden box very carefully….(she even had the doggie, Shadow, watching me and scrutinizing my every bite)…that I have come up with the solution to mankind’s problems all over the universe. What we will do is start a COOKIE-COTTAGE INDUSTRY where people with all kinds of burdens and problems and sicknesses will come in and Sara will tell them about JESUS and JERSEY will feed them her cookies and ALL WILL BE WELL IN THE EARTH!!! A Heavenly message and a Heavenly cookie! Doesn’t that sound like a PLAN???
    WOW, Jersey, your cookies are even better than my sister-in-law’s fantastic cookie concoctions and SHE’S FROM NEW YORK!!!! (state)


      1. Don’t worry, Jersey, there won’t be any “lot of extra cookies” left!! After Sara tells them & they receive the Love of God, if they DON’T WANT THE COOKIES we go into PLAN B!! What could be a better testimony to the “SAR-JERS” HOME-COTTAGE COOKIE CORPORATION (SJHCCC) THAN THAT? WE will have a new slogan~~~~ WE EAT OUR OWN COOKIES!!!! (:_:)

  6. I just love your pics. You all have improved so much in appearance since the last photos I saw of you two. I surmise that they are taking good care of you both, back there at the “home” and that your therapy sessions are working out quite well for you. I notice your caretaker on the right is smiling which leads me to believe that you all have both improved greatly and responded favorably to the remedial applications they are giving you back there at the “home”.
    Now keep taking your meds and doing your exercises and we await the next good report concerning you both!

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