Thanks to Debi and MG for sharing their gifts…

MG and Debi are two names that are interwoven through out this reflection. A big thank you to their faithfulness in using all their gifts and being steadfast.  “GOD CALLS US according to our unique aptitudes. But we often overlook our more “everyday” human attributes like having a strong back or being able to repairContinue reading “Thanks to Debi and MG for sharing their gifts…”

Samaritans Purse Packing Photos

Christ Church Int’l/The Daily Lily would like to thank all that gave generously of their time and resources to benefit children around the world. We did about 75 boxes on Saturday. Tammy M. and her office participated in this project with us and had already finished 15 fully packed boxes with finances of $7 eachContinue reading “Samaritans Purse Packing Photos”

Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

The Rose of Sharon School of Learning/CCI took part Saturday in “A Worldwide Team Effort” by packing 74 shoe-boxes for a special child somewhere in the World in being a part of the Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children. Many thanks for the ones that gave to fill the boxes and the ones thatContinue reading “Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.”