Thanks to Debi and MG for sharing their gifts…

MG and Debi are two names that are interwoven through out this reflection. A big thank you to their faithfulness in using all their gifts and being steadfast. 

“GOD CALLS US according to our unique aptitudes. But we often overlook our more “everyday” human attributes like having a strong back or being able to repair machines or grow flowers. Some of us can organize; some can do accounting; some can greet people warmly and make them feel welcome; some can make plants grow. Think about such natural abilities and how God might use them.”

– Understanding Spiritual Gifts Participant’s Book

From my notes:

Gary taught some things this morning that were really impressive but one, of several, that stood out above the rest (FOR ME) was in his teaching about one of God’s Truth & Principles; that He is Savior and came to seek and save those who were lost and bring them into the family of God as adopted sons. And then he said, “Jesus went through a whole, complex legal process to get us adopted into the family of God. “ Now I don’t know everything that that would entail but I heard the Truth in that statement. It made me think about it.
In speculating about this and this is speculation,
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Samaritans Purse Packing Photos

Christ Church Int’l/The Daily Lily would like to thank all that gave generously of their time and resources to benefit children around the world. We did about 75 boxes on Saturday. Tammy M. and her office participated in this project with us and had already finished 15 fully packed boxes with finances of $7 each to help with shipping. Please continue to contribute to this project as we hope to pack again in the fall. Check out details for giving and packing:

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The Daily Lily's Samaritans Purse   photoset The Daily Lily’s Samaritans Purse photoset

My Testimony-Pharm D

Q. From Sara…Heather, when did you realize your mission on earth was to be a pharmacist?
A. I hadn’t even considered pharmacy until my senior year in high school. I had gone from nurse anesthesia, to nuclear medicine technology, to a medical doctor. (Obviously, I was interested in the medical field.) My mom graduated from the school I attend now and since I hadn’t really decided on any college or any specific field, for that matter, I decided to check it out–despite the fact I didn’t want to leave Texas. Then I ran across pharmacy (that is the flagship program here at ULM) and thought, I think I would really enjoy that. I have always enjoyed studying, and pharmacy is definitely a field I will have to continuously study in. So I filled out my application and sent it in. I began praying that God would show me if this was really what He wanted me to do. My family and I drove to ULM one Continue reading “My Testimony-Pharm D”

Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

The Rose of Sharon School of Learning/CCI took part Saturday in “A Worldwide Team Effort” by packing 74 shoe-boxes for a special child somewhere in the World in being a part of the Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

Many thanks for the ones that gave to fill the boxes and the ones that took part in the wrapping, packing and organizing and delivery of these boxes. Also thanks for the wonderful refreshments we shared while packing.

From North America to the Far Corners of the Earth, Operation Christmas Child Unites Caring Christians to Bring Joy and Hope to Millions of Hurting Children. For more information visit

January, ’06 we will start collecting for our boxes for November. Remember to think about things that y Continue reading “Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.”