Christmas Sale-Poinsettias

Poinsettias are ready and showing their colors for the annual Monroe Technology Center’s Christmas Sale. Wreaths, pine roping and fresh floral arrangements are also available for your decorating needs along with other seasonal plants such as amaryllis and Christmas cactus.Stop in and enjoy complementary cookies and cider made by the Culinary Arts department or purchase some of their fresh pizza rolls. All plant sale profits support student scholarships.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area please visit us. Dates and hours are November 29, 10-7pm; November 30, 10-5pm; and December 1, 10-4pm.


Fall is Near

Change is in the air here in Northern Virginia. The night temps are lowering, some leaves are starting to change colors, summer flowers are fading while fall flowers are getting a kick-start. Hardy winter pansies are beginning their bloom cycle that will take color into the winter and next spring. Fall mums are putting on a show that will last four to six weeks. Ornamental cabbage and kale are frost-proof additions to pots and garden beds as are grasses, asters and cold hardy fall annuals.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, you will find all these and more at the Monroe Technology Center’s annual Fall Plant Sale. Agriculture department students are eager to help you make selections and proceeds from the sale help support their scholarships.

The dates and hours are Wednesday, Sept 13, 10-6pm; Thursday, September 14, 10-5pm; and Friday, September 15, 10-4pm. You will find us at 715 Childrens Center Rd, SW. Hope to see you there!

Leesburg Va Monroe-Fall Sale

It is hard to believe but fall will be here soon! Summer’s heat and dry weather has been hard on our plants in Northern VA and many annuals are very tired looking. Now is a great time to refresh with fall color. We invite you to visit the Fall Plant Sale at Monroe Technology Center In Leesburg, VA where you will find beautiful mums, pansies and other plants to inspire and students eager to assist. Plant sale proceeds support scholarships, so please stop by and enjoy. Sale days and hours are: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 10-6pm; Sept. 22, 10-5pm; and Sept. 23, 10-4pm.


Gardening friends

“Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides that are used widely on farms, as well as around our homes, schools, and city landscapes. Used to protect against sap-sucking and leaf-chewing insects, neonicotinoids are systemic, which means they are absorbed by the plant tissues and expressed in all parts, including nectar and pollen. Unfortunately, bees, butterflies, and other flower-visiting insects are harmed by the residues. Extremely concerning is the prolific inclusion of these insecticides in home garden products. Home garden products containing neonicotinoids can legally be applied in far greater concentrations in gardens than they can be on farms – sometimes at concentrations as much as 120 times as great which increases the risk to pollinators. As a gardener, you have an unique opportunity to help protect pollinators by avoiding the use of these insecticides, asking your local nursery or garden center if plants have been treated with neonicotinoids, and encouraging your city or park district to use alternatives to neonicotinoids on plants that are visited by bees or are bee-pollinated.”


Do you hear what I hear;

Christmas will soon be here and many enjoy decorating homes and businesses with poinsettias, wreaths with colorful bows, roping and fresh floral arrangements. Others like something a bit different, such as a blooming cyclamen, Christmas cactus or amaryllis. Whichever of these is your favorite, we invite you to visit Monroe Technology Center’s annual Christmas Sale if you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area. In addition to these, we will have a great selection of hand-sewn pet scarves in all sizes and patterns. These “Faithful Friends” Stitches slip on collar scarves by Patricia Woolard Woodley make great gifts! Sale days and hours are December 2: 10am – 7pm; December 3: 10am – 5pm and December 4: 10am – 4pm. Sale proceeds go towards scholarships for our agriculture students.

Merry Christmas, Debi

Christmas Sale for High School

By Debi Chaves…

Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas plant. Through extensive breeding, they now come in a variety of colors, pinks, white, purple, multi. There are extensive varieties named after their characteristics such as Jingle Bells, Marble, Monet, Strawberries and Cream, Tapestry, Winter’s Rose, etc. Yet red seems to remain the favorite. Perhaps, because it symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. August’s green leaves, transformed by a succession of ‘totally dark nights’, are red by Christmas, reminding us of the cost of Christ’s blood shed for our sins. The bright yellow bloom in the center of the red opens into a star like burst helping to tell the story of the Wise Men who followed that star, the ByLight and Hope of the world.
If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, I would like to invite you to stop by the Monroe Technology Center’s Plant sale. There will be lots of poinsettias to choose from in addition to other flowering plants such as Christmas cactus and cyclamen. Fresh wreaths with custom bows are also available along with pine garland and other fresh greens and centerpieces. While you are enjoying the beauty, you can sample cookies made by the Culinary Department along with hot cider. The days and hours are: December 3: 10-7pm; December 4: 10-5 pm; and December 5: 10-4pm.
Merry Christmas. Debi

Debi’s New

By Debi Chaves

Today I got a new calendar by Neale Donald Walsch that Sara spotted in a store and thought it was just what I needed. Generously, MG purchased it and gave it to me. It’s titled, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Does that make you a little nervous? I know it did me because my comfort zone is just that…comfortable. But the calendar title is also encouraging and challenging and I’d like to share the quote for August. “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.” Wilfred Peterson.

Walk with me in the new!