Plants Native to Eastern North Carolina

My earliest years of life being before age ten were lived in a woody swam farm area. My week-ends and summers were often spent on the sandy farm and fishing piers on the Albermarle sound with grandparents. Often running barefoot to touch the lush meadows where livestock would graze and family would toil until theContinue reading “Plants Native to Eastern North Carolina”


(a Valentine gift from my son 2013) “Sarah Parsons (Bio) recently completed a master’s degree at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work and intends to become a psychotherapist. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from Yale University and a master of divinity degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School.” Impressive, don’t you think? IContinue reading “Lent!”

Think on;

Sara Snow, sleet, high winds, tornadoes and rain in many places. A great day for Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Praise and much Prayer! Many have to be on the roads for our health and safety. And, many of us have the rare option of taking extra time to commune with Our Creator. Fiscal Cliff is back headlining the news. News is justContinue reading “Think on;”