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Meet Dawn Collins

ImageAdmittedly, I am a hippie. A yoga practicing, Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging, vegetarian, peace, love and happiness hippie. I’d rather go the holistic route than any other because that’s what works for me. I don’t want or even try to impose my ideas on others, I don’t want the responsibility for one thing and who am I to tell anyone what to believe or how to live. All I do is offer my views when asked for them and sometimes when not asked for them and share my experiences. Here’s one of the things I have learned. Mind is over matter. Don’t believe it? That’s ok you don’t have to. But here’s the thing. It’s easier, I think, to allow something to happen if you first believe, BELIEVE, it can actually happen. If it could happen then it just may actually happen. The mind has to be open and accept the ‘thing’ for it to happen though. If someone said to me that I would get a million dollars next June I would be like, ‘yeah right’. My mind can’t accept that, it won’t although I wish it would! I think you have to start with something you actually believe. I believe I can get well, I believe I can find love, I believe I can be successful, I believe I can make that move. My mind finally became willing to accept that my path, my gift was that of an artist and you know what? I started selling my art. I went from painting and stacking my work against the wall to gallery shows where my art sold for 500.00! A piece! Just because my mind believed it could happen and gave me the courage to approach galleries and show my work. I think with life and all it’s clutter it’s easy to go through the motions and tread water but what if you carved out just 10 minutes a day, just 10! and started to meditate. I’m not talking about sitting in a twisted yoga pose on the floor in silence, that’s ok for some but for me the best meditation is outdoors by the frog pond or out walking or getting lost in music. Meditation isn’t meant to stress you out by trying to do it. The toes twitch, the nose itches, the phone rings and meditation becomes an unwelcome chore rather than a spirit booster. So don’t stress over meditation do something you enjoy and let the meditation happen. I used to teach relaxation and meditation at a wellness school for massage therapy students. I would guide them through meditation relaxing the body limb by limb and guiding them toward enlightenment for lack of a better word. Pictures would unfold differently for all of them but show them little insights and nuances they were too bogged down to notice. When the mind slows down and focuses only on the here and now and actually allows the mind to open and show images like a movie on a screen they’ll see all they need to know. Maybe it won’t even be images it just be a knowing, a feeling that runs through you, head to toe and leaves you not, but spurs you on till next time. I had a student who suffered from migraines and would sometimes get an attack in class. She would stop, focus, acknowledge the pain she felt so she could focus on letting it go. Breathing in and out, letting the body relax and release and allow the mind to accept healing. It would subside and she would feel better and better. If she hadn’t first believed it would work, it wouldn’t have. The mind needs to believe it can happen, it is true, it is feasible. Convincing the mind is half the battle. If you are in chemo or on a dating site or thinking of new career or going back to school or writing that novel, then make sure your mind believes it all can happen, own your truth and believe your treatment will work, believe you love is out there, believe you can have the job you want, believe you can start school again, believe you do have a novel in you. You already have the answers, you already have the healing, you already have the love…you just need to accept it, allow the heart and the mind to accept it as truth and watch the magic happen. Don’t be afraid to get your hopes up, hope is a lot to grow on, yes I meant grow on, because hope gives us something to hold onto when all else seems to be slipping. Hope is like roots that lets belief grow and bloom into the ‘thing’ we hoped for. See how that works?! I think that’s where God is, He is in the hope, it’s his gift to us. I think he left us with all we needed…the earth, it’s trees, it’s herbs it’s beauty and love and the hope and each other. When we, body mind and spirit, are open and ready to see, believe and accept then the sky is the limit! I believe, do you? Peace & Hugs y’all 🙂

Baby Dove

Baby Dove

By; Sara
Have you ever found a baby bird lost from their nest? A lovely beautiful Dove Baby Bird. I did this morning. Mother Dove waiting in nest about 14 ft straight up wondering how she is going to retrieve her baby. Two Shelties barking and running around with wonderment trying to retrieve the baby.

My Sheltie, Lily, banging my door, barked in a stressful way until I followed her out to see what the happening was. I found the Baby Dove. My heart broke wondering if the baby had fallen more than 14 ft to a concrete patio and damaged for life. My Shelties, Lily and Shadow and myself went into panic mode. I called my son, Chris, only to find out he was an hour away. I called my other son, Jon, with same result. I called my busy husband and he didn’t have much choice but to come home to help since he didn’t think I was thinking well in my emotional fervor. A Baby Dove escaped from the nest and he must pick it up and help.

I made a call to Debi, another Lily, trying to prepare as a teacher for her second week of school. I tell her I am sending fallen baby bird to her to feed and help. She said, “Me? Why me?” Ok, ok, ok, she said I will find the Vet Tech (VT) teacher and see what she says. Whee, finally, some help. Almost time for school to start. Our time is short. We must act. VT said, Baby Dove is in good shape. Must go back in nest. Here comes Debi. Out comes the folding ladder. Two unskilled ladder techs, Debi and myself. Help someone. OK, we got help. Ladder up. Mother Dove in nest. Now what? Call to VT,  how can we put baby in nest with Mother there. “Go forward,” she says. “Mother will fly away and come back. Just an ‘old wive’s fable that Mother Bird won’t come back to nest if we touch it.’ O, by the way, it took us ten minutes to locate the VT on phone after the bird just left her precious hands. And, that was with the help of other school staff. School went into Vet ER for Baby Dove.

Forward, we went. Into nest went Baby Dove with no Mom. Debi got back to school in the nick of time for students. I waited by window to see if Mother would return. SHE DID! She flew in and out of nest all day with food.

I have been thinking and meditating today how God told us if we are worried about our everyday life-whether we have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear to just pause and take a look at His birds and how He takes care of them.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

Yes, you are!

Full of Hope and Praise

“If we do not listen we do not come to the truth. If we do not pray we do not even get as far as listening…Four things go together: silence, listening, prayer, truth.” Hubert Van Zeller

In the book of James we are reminded that; “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. (1:19) James goes on to say, “Don’t fool yourselves by just listening to it. If you hear the message and don’t obey it, you are like people who stare at themselves in a mirror and
forget what they look like as soon as they leave.” Do you look like a ball of negative emotions? Or a gown of Hope and Praise?

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Part III Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

If you recall, we ended Alice’s last adventure with the birds and animals and Alice swimming from her pool of tears to shore. What a bedraggled, ‘queer-looking party’ stood on shore. (My! but our lack of self-control can have serious repercussions on so many others besides our self.) Thankfully,Mouse had a plan though on how to dry them out. He had them all sit in a circle and proceeded to tell them a very dry historical account of William the Conqueror. When that failed to dry them, Dodo proposed a Caucus Race. Each participant, starting at different points, ran in a circle for about a half hour until they were all quite dry and then Dodo called the race announcing each one a winner. Alice was appointed to hand out the prizes, comfits retrieved from her own pocket. Then Dodo presented Alice with a prize…her own thimble. (Alice thought this all so absurd. Yet it is interesting how we humans seem to need to be pampered with prizes, no matter how silly, in order to not be offended at being overlooked. Dodo may have been a very wise bird after all.)
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Part II Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

We left off in our last Wonderland Adventure with Alice having shrunk small enough to get through the door that leads to the beautiful garden, but having left the door key on the table. Failing in her attempt to climb up the table, she decides to eat a little cake left in a box under the table. Perhaps this will help her grow to reach the key. After finishing it off, she shoots up like a telescope but is much too large now to fit through the little door. Disregarding her own advice to stop crying, she sheds a pool of tears. Presently, seeing the rabbit, she implores his help but to no avail as she startles him so that he drops his glove and fan. Holding his fan, she realizes that this is causing her to shrink away again!
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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

For Christmas I received a ‘listening library’ of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Jon M. I found it interesting on reading the cover of it that the author, Lewis Carroll was such a diverse person, a mathematician, photographer and clergyman. At Sara’s suggestion, I would like to share some observations and thoughts as I enjoy listening to this classic.
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Frankfurt and Amsterdam 2008

Chris and Tammy have just returned from the tulip fields of Holland. For the ones of us that are just seeing the beginnings of spring and planning of our gardens, or the ones of us, like myself, that only dreams about gardens we might enjoy Chris and Tammy’s photos. Looking at the beauty of the fields in Holland makes one wonder could heaven be any more beautiful. Yet, I believe it must be.
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Frankfurt and Amsterdam 2008

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