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ImageAdmittedly, I am a hippie. A yoga practicing, Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging, vegetarian, peace, love and happiness hippie. I’d rather go the holistic route than any other because that’s what works for me. I don’t want or even try to impose my ideas on others, I don’t want the responsibility for one thing and who am I to tell anyone what to believe or how to live. All I do is offer my views when asked for them and sometimes when not asked for them and share my experiences. Here’s one of the things I have learned. Mind is over matter. Don’t believe it? That’s ok you don’t have to. But here’s the thing. It’s easier, I think, to allow something to happen if you first believe, BELIEVE, it can actually happen. If it could happen then it just may actually happen. The mind has to be open and accept the ‘thing’ for it to happen though. If someone said to me that I would get a million dollars next June I would be like, ‘yeah right’. My mind can’t accept that, it won’t although I wish it would! I think you have to start with something you actually believe. I believe I can get well, I believe I can find love, I believe I can be successful, I believe I can make that move. My mind finally became willing to accept that my path, my gift was that of an artist and you know what? I started selling my art. I went from painting and stacking my work against the wall to gallery shows where my art sold for 500.00! A piece! Just because my mind believed it could happen and gave me the courage to approach galleries and show my work. I think with life and all it’s clutter it’s easy to go through the motions and tread water but what if you carved out just 10 minutes a day, just 10! and started to meditate. I’m not talking about sitting in a twisted yoga pose on the floor in silence, that’s ok for some but for me the best meditation is outdoors by the frog pond or out walking or getting lost in music. Meditation isn’t meant to stress you out by trying to do it. The toes twitch, the nose itches, the phone rings and meditation becomes an unwelcome chore rather than a spirit booster. So don’t stress over meditation do something you enjoy and let the meditation happen. I used to teach relaxation and meditation at a wellness school for massage therapy students. I would guide them through meditation relaxing the body limb by limb and guiding them toward enlightenment for lack of a better word. Pictures would unfold differently for all of them but show them little insights and nuances they were too bogged down to notice. When the mind slows down and focuses only on the here and now and actually allows the mind to open and show images like a movie on a screen they’ll see all they need to know. Maybe it won’t even be images it just be a knowing, a feeling that runs through you, head to toe and leaves you not, but spurs you on till next time. I had a student who suffered from migraines and would sometimes get an attack in class. She would stop, focus, acknowledge the pain she felt so she could focus on letting it go. Breathing in and out, letting the body relax and release and allow the mind to accept healing. It would subside and she would feel better and better. If she hadn’t first believed it would work, it wouldn’t have. The mind needs to believe it can happen, it is true, it is feasible. Convincing the mind is half the battle. If you are in chemo or on a dating site or thinking of new career or going back to school or writing that novel, then make sure your mind believes it all can happen, own your truth and believe your treatment will work, believe you love is out there, believe you can have the job you want, believe you can start school again, believe you do have a novel in you. You already have the answers, you already have the healing, you already have the love…you just need to accept it, allow the heart and the mind to accept it as truth and watch the magic happen. Don’t be afraid to get your hopes up, hope is a lot to grow on, yes I meant grow on, because hope gives us something to hold onto when all else seems to be slipping. Hope is like roots that lets belief grow and bloom into the ‘thing’ we hoped for. See how that works?! I think that’s where God is, He is in the hope, it’s his gift to us. I think he left us with all we needed…the earth, it’s trees, it’s herbs it’s beauty and love and the hope and each other. When we, body mind and spirit, are open and ready to see, believe and accept then the sky is the limit! I believe, do you? Peace & Hugs y’all 🙂

10 thoughts on “Meet Dawn Collins

  1. Dawn, I am a fan of your artwork! Sara’s gifts to me of your artwork introduced me to your art firsthand and I was overwhelmed with the creativity, color and beauty! It made a ‘believer’ of me. As the grateful recipient of several mandalas that I recently purchased from you, I found each one to be insightful, unique and inspiring.
    I appreciate all you shared above, and as an outdoor lover myself who likes to play guitar, especially your statement, “but for me the best meditation is outdoors by the frog pond or out walking or getting lost in music”.
    Your artwork, to me, is evidence that you live the words you write above.

  2. I love the way you write, Dawn….not to mention your art which I love, possessing several of your pieces.
    Jesus said, “Unless you become as a little child you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” Your testimony shines with the simplicity, honesty, exuberance faith and free spirit of a little child whose dependence is on a great big loving God. And God has surely blessed you, delighted in you and cherished you…His delightful child… full of His creativity, insight and vitality. It is seen in your emblazoned colors and boldness of drafting strokes. Maybe a touch of genius but surely a touch of your Creator.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings and testimony with us. It just gives us more to understand and appreciate about an amazing artist whose work we so very much admire.
    Many blessings on all that you endeavor as an artist.

  3. Dawn, I so appreciate the essence of one’s soul on display. And, you have shown yours well through your heart story? I am walking hand in hand with you as we share the Anchor of Hope. The root system being hope as you leave my mind with your word art and canvas art to BELIEVE is blooming with belief-faith for many things. I see healthy fruit hanging from my mind tree that I harvest each time I reach my hand to touch another in love of service.

    I don’t know much about mind over matter vs. believe. The mind surly fascinates me as, The Apostle Paul, a great teacher of the mind gives instructions from Romans 12 on the benefits of renewing the mind daily. That would mean to me from your root system belief take good care of ancient Wisdom being The Tree.

    Peace and Hugs to you!

  4. Hi Dawn, welcome to Thanks for sharing your story and art with us! I look forward to continuing to read your comments and see your beautiful art. 🙂

  5. Dawn Collins’ art has scored another win with my family and friends. I have received joyful and thankful reports from those to whom I gave gifts of Dawn’s art. They have hung the paintings in their rooms and offices and are thrilled with the original, spiritually perceptive works of art that she has done for their “names”. One has sent me pictures of a special, sensitive work that Dawn did for her, knowing only her first name but assaying by the Spirit the special qualities and characteristics that my friend possesses. And Dawn’s work was right on.
    Thanks for your super sensitivity and your willingness to listen to the Spirit to touch peoples’ lives in such a loving manner.
    Many blessings, again on all your achievements.

  6. Dawn, I enjoy the way you write. Yes, the mind is a beautiful and powerful thing. My granddaughter says she and a friend of hers are both “hippies”. They are vegetarians, play guitar, and study the bible in the woods! They also wear head-bands. One day, looking at a picture of them, I said to my granddaughter, “you two look like hippies”. She was soo delighted, beamed and immediately called the friend and told him her grandmother thought they were hippies. They felt greatly complimented!

    1. Ms. Lily, you never fail to surprise me! I love Mona and Lydia and now your granddaughter. O, and, I love Shadow!!!!! Your granddaughter and friend have joined Dawn’s family. God has given you the gift of story telling as art. You are a hippie like Dawn as well. She colors the canvas with colors that could break the heart with excitement and you color the mind/heart with stories that could mend the heart with laughter and fun.

      Aren’t we blessed to have a network of women friends that care enough to stop by and encourage one another. xxxxooo Hippie Love!

      1. Oh how I have been blessed by Ms. Lillian and her wonderful family. I too love her beautiful grand daughter. She and I have enjoyed Ms. Lillian’s stories. Someone needs to write them down. They are like Dawn’s pictures – so colorful. Also I believe Lydia has gotten her Mom’s joy of telling a good story as I sat for hours listening to Lydia and her husband Jim telling a story that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting them to go on without any interruptions. Beth paints with color, Lillian and her wonderful family paint with words.

  7. You ladies are too nice!! I’m just a hippie artist doing what I love and I’m truly blessed to have all y’all in my life!! I think people show up in your life when the time is right and I really think we all were meant to be friends. I think there’s a little hippie in us all!! Lillian tell your granddaughter and her friend I’m so glad the tradition continues!! Hippies unite!! Debi, MG, Sara, Tammy, Lillian, Rena if any of you ever ever ever need me, I’m here 🙂 Peace and Hugs!

  8. Ms. Lillian, I think you should get a Mandala from Dawn for your granddaughter next time you need a gift for her. Dawn can really do that hippie scene up for her. Guitar, woods, Bible Study. As Dawn says, “Hippies unite.”

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