Judges Lesson 14


“Gideons Victory” Pastor Reggie Webb-Judges Chapter 7:8


A day with my family to remember

The hard economy has affected many in our nation, including the small town of Edenton, NC.My family and I are part of this community.

Edenton has a summer league baseball team that they represent named The Steamers. This baseball team consist of college baseball players from all over who are invited to play on a summer team. These players are housed and taken care of by residents of the area they are playing for the summer. They go around to different areas and play against those who are doing the same thing to make up these teams. The Steamers are in a financial struggle to be able to continue this for next year. The Steamers were not able to get enough sponsors for this year, so they have to raise $50,000 to be able to have a league next year. We have gone to the last few games to help support our Steamers as they battled Morehead City in the playoffs. Between innings kids participate in races and small competitions that are set up by staff members. My youngest son, Luke, chose to participate in the crab walk race to win a discount on Lawn care. In this race the kids have to use their feet and hands while looking up to the sky and crawl backwards as fast as you can to the finish line. Luke won. He gave the little boy he was racing the prize. Luke told him that he could have the prize because he liked to cut his own grass. Noah and Luke also entered a Frisbee contest. They had small Frisbees that they had to thrown in a hoop or the closest one wins. The prize was half of the money that was earned for the contest- 50/50 jackpot. Each Frisbee cost $2 and the kids wrote their names on a piece of tape on the bottom of the Frisbees.
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Special Olympics Virginia

The Daily Lily with CCI has contributed to the Special Olympics Virginia for the plane pull featuring one of our very own, Chris M. Please send your thoughts and prayers their way as Chris and friends move this plane for a special cause. Please visit their website below and see their challenge and the corporate donation we have given. Please fell free to contribute again if you like. We want to see them meet their goal.

The plane pull is on Saturday, September 6th and we look forward to seeing you out there!
Thanks again for your support and contributions! Sincerely, Chris M.
Special Olympics Virginia – Good Guys Plane Pull Page

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