Special Olympics Virginia

The Daily Lily with CCI has contributed to the Special Olympics Virginia for the plane pull featuring one of our very own, Chris M. Please send your thoughts and prayers their way as Chris and friends move this plane for a special cause. Please visit their website below and see their challenge and the corporate donation we have given. Please fell free to contribute again if you like. We want to see them meet their goal.

The plane pull is on Saturday, September 6th and we look forward to seeing you out there!
Thanks again for your support and contributions! Sincerely, Chris M.
Special Olympics Virginia – Good Guys Plane Pull Page

Special Olympics is a year-round international program of sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. By using sport as a vehicle for social change, Special Olympics Virginia strives to create opportunities for meaningful interaction and self discovery for everyone, and the organization’s goal is to open the heart and mind of every Virginian to the value and ability of the intellectually disabled. Special Olympics Virginia Inc. is the state program of Special Olympics Incorporated.

Thanks again for your support and contributions!

Nik D.
Nathan W.
Chris S.
Andy Z.
Corey K.
Carlton M.
Chris M.
John S.
Pat S.
Fabio O.
Michael H.
Mike S.
Serge G.

8 thoughts on “Special Olympics Virginia

  1. Chris, We are so proud of you and team. We send our thoughts, prayers and love your way for all of you to have a successful pull as we together support this great cause. Thank you for including us in such a worthy and rewarding cause.

    “Today, Special Olympics stands as a leader in the field of intellectual disability. It is a truly global movement, with more than 500,000 athletes in China, more than 210,000 in India, almost 550,000 in the United States, more than 600 in Afghanistan and 4,400 athletes in Rwanda. Special Olympics World Games were held in Ireland in 2003, in Japan in 2005 and in China in 2007. Most importantly, Special Olympics sharpened the focus on its mission as not just “nice,” but critical, not just as a sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities, but also as an effective catalyst for social change.”

  2. Chris and Team…what a great benefit and a great group you are supporting. It’s hearts and minds and hands like yours that make a real difference in lives and in the world. May each one of you be blessed and meet your goal as you have made the time and taken the energy and effort to help someone else.

  3. Chris and the Team, this is an awesome contribution to the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is a great organization. When I was in college, I volunteered to be a Special Olympics coach. What an awesome experience that was for me. May the Lord give each of you the strength and endurance you need to meet your goal. Our prayers are with each of you.

  4. Good job Chickenfarmer. You are always showing us what it means to be a “now woman.”
    Many of us have a picture in our minds and hearts of another now woman Eunice Kennedy Shriver. that keeps giving and models how to serve. “As executive vice president of the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation and honorary chairperson of Special Olympics, Eunice Kennedy Shriver has been a leader in the worldwide struggle to improve and enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than three decades.” http://www.specialolympics.org/Special+Olympics+Public+Website/English/About_Us/

    Our nation is a nation of service, faith, hope and love, as are many other nations. All one needs to do is open their eyes, hearts and minds and see and join in and be a part.

  5. Congratulations to these unselfish, stalwart community-minded young men. A fine example you are setting for our school children concerning participation, volunteerism and charity. The less fortunate citizens of the communities of our nations rely on this kind of selflessness to champion for them.
    Blessings galore to you.

  6. Awesome Chris and team you are enabling Special Olympic participants to pursue their dreams. Their DREAMING BIG is made possible by wonderful people like you who stand up and support them.

  7. They were rained out for the plane pull. But, the monies still went to the Special Olympics. Chris and team were very disappointed but glad to have supported the cause with the help of The Daily Lily and many others. Thanks,

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