Book Review-Next Level Thinking” by Joel Osteen.

A few days ago, I felt to get out a book that Sara had written for a Daily Lily annual retreat that I and others that participate on this website attended in 2008. The Work book is titled, “The Four Bees of Giftings – Finding Your Spiritual Gifts”. The reason for re-studying this was promptedContinue reading “Book Review-Next Level Thinking” by Joel Osteen.”

Book Discussion on Afterlife

“How Close Are We to Those Who Have Died?” In her book titled “Beyond Death”, Flora Slosson Wuellner writes about contact with those who have died as opposed to “a total separation from loved ones still on earth” in the chapter, “How Close Are We to Those Who Have Died?” She discusses both healthy and unhealthyContinue reading “Book Discussion on Afterlife”

Forgiveness Fully Formed

WOW! Congratulations to those that have been faithful to finish the course. We are in the last Chapter. “Forgiveness Fully Formed”, Chapter Eleven. “Forgiveness the Passionate Journey” by Flora Slosson Wuellner. A great study on The Beatitudes. Wuellner walks us up Nine steps to forgiveness. Read with us opening page of our last chapter. ChapterContinue reading “Forgiveness Fully Formed”

Take a Test on Compassion

I stumbled upon an interesting book that taught me how to take a test on my compassion by taking my PULSE! Thought you might like to try it! Frank Rogers Jr. “Practicing Compassion” Take your PULSE! “P – Paying attention. Cultivate a nonjudgmental, nonreactive awareness of whatever agitation is present within you. U – UnderstandingContinue reading “Take a Test on Compassion”

Book Thoughts

Philip Yancey has written a new book, “Vanishing Grace.” One of his faithful followers writes, “…provocative, thoughtful book exploring thorny issues within our faith and church.” Philip, “tackles the diminishing popularity of Christianity in postmodern America over the past several decades and suggest ways believers can cut through today’s rampant cynicism to proclaim the gospelContinue reading “Book Thoughts”

Review of sermon notes by Rena Oynes

Sunday evening I had the wonderful privilege of hearing Dr. Fred Wolfe do a revival service at Jubliee Baptist, Dalphne, Al on the topic – Ministry to the Brokenhearted.  It was a powerful and timely message to so all who are brokenhearted.  Right away he said: 1.  Jesus understands and feels your broken heart. 2.Continue reading “Review of sermon notes by Rena Oynes”