I stumbled upon an interesting book that taught me how to take a test on my compassion by taking my PULSE! Thought you might like to try it!
Frank Rogers Jr. “Practicing Compassion” Take your PULSE!

“P – Paying attention. Cultivate a nonjudgmental, nonreactive awareness of whatever agitation is present within you.

U – Understanding empathically. Listen for and be moved by the suffering hidden within the cry of this agitation – the fear, longing, or aching wound in need of tending.

L – Loving with connection. As you are moved by the suffering within you, extend tender care toward the need or wound that presents itself.

S –Sensing the sacredness. Recognize and savor the expanse of compassion that holds and heals every suffering within you.

E – Embodying new life. Notice the gifts and qualities of restored humanity that are being birthed within you.

In taking our PULSE, we not only relax the reactivities, repulsions, fears, and drives that distort our natural humanity but also tend to the wounds and needs hidden within them. In so doing, we are restored to ourselves – selves that are naturally compassionate.”

As I completed my test, I thought my family of fur babies, our doggies, are the perfect example of what compassion should be! And, how I treat them might be a even better test for me. Look at the wisdom of my thoughts; Proverbs 12:10 ICB, “A good man takes care of his animals. But even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”