8 thoughts on “The Winter Awakens

  1. Chris has captured our snow days!
    Amazing, virtually amazing! When one looks from a higher view it seems you see beauty in everything. Look at the rose colors smiling on the white on white. ❄️🌁 Beautiful!

    1. Chris….capturing the beauty of God’s earth. What a treat to watch up close the landscapes of the seasons. This is truly a treat. Thanks to Chris for his imagery. His trapeze stuff ”ain’t bad” either!!

    2. I hope I’m melted out of here by then. LOL
      Yes, Sara…. Welcome sweet Springtime we greet thee with joy! An art song we had to learn in our schooling day. 🙂

      1. Trying to cheer us up! Spring! Green leaves! Budding flowers! Singing Birds! Few less aches! Just so many wonderful things!

  2. Chris, thanks for taking us places where we couldn’t go and to see things we can’t see! I love and appreciate your beautiful photography both on and in the air…what a view!

  3. I watched Chris’ other vidz and they are great and I love the music….that accompanies the scenes…..just perfect. Keep going Chris. We need the glorious things of life to get a recommend in motion and music. The makings of a great ”producer” like our God!!! Amen.

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