Violette Naranjo Clark writes;

A while ago I shared with you a free Smartwatch app my son created (available for free) that detects epilepsy. New Scientist picked up the story and wrote an article on it! Proud mom here smile emoticon. You might want to share this with friends who have seizures.

4 thoughts on “Amazing 

  1. Wow, this IS absolutely amazing!! Helpful and witty inventions for the edification of mankind sent from above! Marvelous! We thank God for these sorts of things that are coming forth from Heaven’s Science lab.
    We pray for the ”scientists & inventors” who receive these marvelous ideas and work to bring them forth to help humanity in the struggle for improved health and well-being.

  2. Thanks for sharing this news from Violette and the great article describing it!
    This news came right on the heels of what Sara wrote Jan 5 in her 2016 blog…”He hangs the stars and sets the moon to enlighten man to use their enlighten minds to invent a light bulb, create the workings of a computer, etc.”.
    I will share this info with our school nurse so that she can share with any students that may suffer from epilepsy.

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