Jesus Loves to Hear from You


I come again to bow at my Jesus’s feet
In my brokenness
I know His voice so well
I weep, weep, and weep
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus 
I’ve come to you my rock and my refuge once again.

Oh God you have been in my brokenness before
And I praise you Lord that you have  always been there for me
I know your voice
I walk, talk, dance with You enjoying You and all You have made.
You have always brought me through
You are my all and all and I depend on you.

I hope others Lord
Will feel your presence
As you walk and talk with them.
Others who are hurting
Others who have been broken
Others who no one seems to care about ….but….but  You do!

Your ears are open waiting to hear a voice
Calling out with all concerns in this life.
Nothing is too small or to great for Jesus..
Praise His Name, oh Praise His Holy Name!
He is our help and the power that is behind us
As we push forward with Him, we can depend on Him.

  By Rena Oynes © March 7, 2019

The Prowl Continues

Carefully walking with Jesus
 Lest I fall
Into the wide mouth of the jaws 
Of  the prowling wolf

The wolf glares salivating 
At all who know not his enemy
He snatches to throw as kindling into his furnace of woe
 Of Fire unending.
Ah ah he snarls 
Another one for me
How many does that make
Have I beaten my enemy.

The enemy of the wolf 
Powerful Almighty omnipresent  God
Sees the calculating wolf and knows his every move
Powerless wolf who prowls around
Your days are numbered.
My Son already paid the price with His blood to set the captives free
And all who believe
They are mine and will come join me.

Oh calculating wolf the time
Of the bell that celebrates your demise is about to toll

The wolf replied NOT before I snatch others
Many have not knocked at your door
Many saw door but failed to knock
How lucky for me, I’ll win this you will see.
I have and will capture!  They think they have plenty of time
They haven’t bowed down to you

They don’t believe who you are
They are easy prey for me.

Rena Oynes (c)2/1/19

Love Story 52 years

I would like to introduce you to my good friends, Beth and Carl. I have requested prayer for Carl over the last few months and he is healing and hopes to be home in a few weeks. Thanks to all that prayed.

Recently, I asked Beth to share with us their love story. She gave me what I might call Part 1. You just might want to hear more. ♥️

We met in June of 1966 at Mount Olive college. He had just got out of the army, and was enrolling in college! He was one handsome, sweet man. There were only 22 girls living on campus for summer school. He asked several of them to go out before he added me! He’s always saved the best for last. Ha ha!
When we did have our first date, it was just us from then on. 
In September, he asked me to marry him and in January, we were married. 
The only way my Mother would bless the marriage was if we promised to complete our college education. 
He opted for a 2 yr business degree and after I graduated from Mount Olive, I transferred to ECU and got my degree in education.
He worked in Sales at  a TV station and I taught school.  He eventually opened his own Advertising agency.
One unique thing about our marriage is we never lived by ourselves until my Mother passed away in 2010.
Carl’s Mother died when he was 11 months old. When he was almost 3 he came to the farm on which we have spent our married life! His foster parents were older when they got him. They were a loving Christian couple who married late and had no children of their own. She died when Carl was 14 and he and his foster father continued to live together. When we married, he was elderly and we couldn’t bare to leave him alone, so we moved in with him.
Our daughter was born 4 years before he died. Drs told us her being here extended his life. 3 yrs later our son was born. When he was 9 my Mother came to live with us. Carl and I felt Mama could have an easier time financially if she lived with us. She was able to do that for 23 years.
After last child left for college we still had Mama, so we only had the empty nest after she passed away.
God has been so good to us, in that we were able to live with in-laws, by having our children experience the love, heritage, and wisdom of their Grandparents. It was not always easy, but was a good situation for all, 
We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times always with Love and God’s Grace. 
We are blessed with our two children, their spouses, and our 5 beautiful Grandchildren, our Church family and many dear friends.
Our greatest achievement with God’s help has been that our children have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Perfect, they are not but they do their best to serve the Lord at home and elsewhere! In addition to their careers, our son and his wife are Christian Counselors who counsel men and women who have sexual addictions like pornographers and affairs.
Our daughter is cordinator of programs for little girls and is active in helping with youth program. Our son-in-law is an adult Sunday school teacher, Deacon and sings in the choir.
I’m not sure ours is the most romantic love story, but it is a love story that continues after 52 years!
God must have had a plan for your saying you would love to hear our Love Story, because I’ve been especially blessed in sharing it with you, my friend!
I am at home resting, before I go back to the rehab unit this afternoon! 
Thank you so much for asking!
You are truly an angel among us!
Love you!

  The Dig and the Light Reveal the Hidden

Ephesians 5:13 ESV But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible. John 3:20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.

In my backyard,  I’ve had a hard time growing grass.  I had a lawn specialist come in who fertilized and aerated it. Two years they worked on it but no grass!  I had to let them go, as the lovely green grass in their ads didn’t happen.

As I was making bigger flower beds this year, I decided to put the grass plugs I had removed and place them on the bare areas.  The ground was so hard I dug a little deeper to break up the soil.  Oh my, what did the light expose, a small amount of soil, plastic mesh, and roots heavily crisscrossing everywhere.  I pulled out the roots one by one for those that pulled out easily and used loppers on others.  New soil was dispersed, and plugs were set in place. Within  weeks the beginning of lush green grass could be seen.

I wish God would have said, “Grass Grow”.  How easy that would have been, however, I learn more by real life situations that God uses to teach. How about you?

On the surface you can see there was a big problem that seemed not to be able to be fixed.  One professional after another with their solution weighed in. Trying to doctor the problem by fertilizing, and punching holes didn’t even touch the problem.

Asking God to help me and to show me what He wanted me to learn, I heard Him say one word, Dig!  Immediately, I picked up the shovel and dug.

The first thing brought to light was a thin layer of dirt. 🤔 If soil feeds plants then the Word must feed me.  “O mercy Lord, I need help!

Second, the light revealed mesh holding down a massive network of roots which symbolize sins.🤔 Mesh must be a cover up of the sins.

Third, roots symbolizes sins which are exposed. 🤔 So sins you think you had hidden like Adam and Eve did in the garden is a cover up to you alone, making you sick.. God’s gaze upon the sins and you know  that you’ve been caught. He had seen it all along but His full exposure brings you to your knees in great sorrow and repentance.  God the Son looks down on you and speaks three words, “You are forgiven.” Then pauses and says, “Sin no more.  Be about my Father work.”.

Bury these words in your heart – John 3:16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever (that’s you) believeth in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  By Rena K. Oynes © May 21, 2018

Hebrews 10:23 NLT

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”  

Thus we can sing: What a friend we have in Jesus” We all have a friend in Jesus when we met Him we knew He would be our friend for all eternity.  He never tires of our constantly talking to Him throughout the day.  This morning as I was dragged myself out of bed to a new day by a persistent barking dog, I thought does Jesus get tired of us with all our issues we verbally deluge Him with day after day?  Does it sound like my barking dog does to me?

Just like our furry pets whom we love regardless of their barking, I know Jesus loves us more, so much that He laid down His life for each one of us.  He calls us friends.  He loves to talk with us, he loves us just the way we our, and walks through both our challenges and joys of each day.  Hold fast to Him!!!.  He has already lifted us up at Calvary, and He is there to see us through the gates, and talk to us on the right side of heaven!  

So hit the trial everyday with the enthusiastic, playful dog who is excited to be walking with you.  Link arms and hold fast to Jesus as you talk and share how much you love Him, how much He has done in your and others lives, and your prayers and concerns you would like to put in His lap for the day. Listen as He speaks to you and shares something from His textbook for our lives with Him.

What a friend who always keeps His promises.  Hold tightly, stay on your walking path of life with Him. Hold fast!

My love song

  Hate versus LOVE… By Rena Oynes

Hate is verbal and physical abuse...Sandwiched between extensive porn and other women…Breaking apart a family….Hate is the enemy who did this to kill, steal, and destroy a family.

Love is painting a picture of an angel that looks like one’s grandchild and seeing tears run down the friend’s cheeks when given to her.

Love is painting a picture for each child who is baptized with Jesus’s arms around her and she is wearing the same colored dress upon accepting Jesus as Savior.

Love is seeing a painting you painted of Jesus and seeing a small child touch and saying Jesus my Jesus.

Love is painting a newly adopted child a sign with a beautiful flower and her little shoes had the same flower.

Love is painting a picture depicting God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit which gave hope to those in a nursing home and another one for a mother who had a son in prison.

Love is painting a picture that looked like one’s father’s church who was thinking of him as you delivered it to her door and as she was grieving with having lost her husband and being her first year without her husband.

Love is making and painting a doll for a women who on the day she received, her husband had a heart attack and she slept, cried, and held the doll and prayed to Jesus to bring him through.

Love is painting  a wall picture of Jesus with wonderful help of friends, saying, “Let the little children come unto me,” and seeing the children’s face light up, touch Jesus, press their bodies against the painting, and touch Jesus’s foot which is on a power outlet which says to them get plugged in.

The painter weeps to see God’s loving hand touch peoples lives.  Also touching hers by sending people to pray for her in her brokenness.

The God who turned tears of hate into tears of joy. God is the God of miraculous love for His children.

Thank you God for the gift that has lifted me and others whatever they are going through.