I wish you Love…from” The Power of Attitude”

by Mac Anderson August 1992. Derrick Redmond from Great Britain was covered to win the 400-meter race during the summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. But as he powered around the backstretch his hamstring snapped. Derrick tried desperately to finish the race, but he still had half the distance to go. Because he could’t walk, he began to hop. One step-a grimace, Two steps-a yell.


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Are you stumped?

Lord here I am! Can’t you see me! Look I’m here, can’t you see me? I’m looking at you! Help Lord, I need your help, and NOW!!!!!!!! This is what I heard a student proclaim.

He had apparently read a book but forgot what it said in regard to the question he was faced with this day! Like some of our articles on the dailylily, he had a blank slat. He read well, thought well, and usually had all the answers. Everyone looked to him to have the right answer, but today he was stumped.

He begged for the answer, but no help. I told him to seek advice from another student, but he said the instructions said the answer had to come from your thoughts and that no ones thoughts were like his thoughts.
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The Necklace of Emeralds and Diamonds

The receiving of a beautiful, desired necklace and an article by Mary Cothers, led by the Holy Spirit, inspired these metaphoric thought.
What is Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ like? I will tell you what it is like to me. It is like a lovely pendant, hung about the neck, the Centerpiece rot eh Cornerstone’s being Christ Jesus, with all the lovely diamonds encircling. “My child, hear the instructions of the Word of God and obey, for they are a garland about your shoulders and chains and pendants of gold and glory like the kings wear, about your neck” (Proverbs)
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A Needle in Time

Please enjoy the quilt my grandmother, Alice Furlough, made for me. I remember a story she told me about my cousin, Frankie. When Frankie was just a little boy, he wanted to quilt, like her. She told me that she fixed him a place near her, and a needle with thread, and handed it to him. The key was….he would sit there and quilt as long as she would, but she would chuckle when she told me that she didn’t tie a knot in the end of his thread. My cousin, Frankie made me the beautiful quilt rack you see in the picture. I love this little story, because the quilt, now sits in my home, on the quilt rack that Frankie made for me.

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Artist of the Needle

This story is dedicated to my mother and all those who are artist of the needle. We so enjoy your wonderful talent and applaud you.

Hettie Ruby grew up in the lean years of this country, right after the Great Depression.
When she was little, her mother dressed her in long brown dresses, brown stockings, and a bonnet. She hated her look so much that as soon as she lost sight of home, she’d roll down the stockings and get rid of the bonnet.

Dsc00708Dsc00710 (made by my Mother)
She was a child laborer at the age of six. She pulled cotton all day long. She had six other brothers and sisters and they would pick along side of her. Poor Hettie Ruby.

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Caretaker Pam

I wrote this story for a friend of mine about ten years ago. I hope you can identify with the story in some way. She didn’t recognize the gift that she held in her hands. What a magnificent gift it is. Do you have a gift that you don’t recognize. Read about Pam’s and ask the Lord to reveal yours to you if you know it not.
Caring Pam had quite a problem. She thought she could do nothing quite as well as her friends. She could see all their gifts. Where was hers?

If she could she would have changed into Sara who was a whiz at math. That way she could rattle off the answers left and right. How proud she would be. Instead she questioned the Lord, “Where was I when you were handing out math ability?”
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In the Wink

Dear Alec this is just for you. I changed the title a little. I hope you enjoy
it as you and J.T. gave me the idea for writing it. Greet your mother for me.
I hope all is well with her. Mrs. O

In the suburbs of New Orleans on the Northshore sat a newly constructed two-story middle school. In its newness, it out shone the schools around it. It was one of the first two story schools constructed in the area and had a modern look at the time of a glass front entrance and to the left side of the entrance glass sections that protruded outwards in a convex fashion running up the height of the building. One could stand in the library on the second floor and survey the parking lot. Although no one usually did, unless, of course, they were waiting on their parents to check them out and they just so happened to be in the library.

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