Present for the King

This story is dedicated to all the loving Daily Lilies

On one Christmas season in a small village the people were getting ready to
present their presents before the king. Presents had been sought from the four
corners of the earth. Nothing could be spared for such a royal occasion. The
King was the finest King that had ever rules. He had a heart for the people.
The presents were lavishly decorated. The colors were of a kingly nature –
reds, golds and purples trimmed in gold and silver.

In the village lived a small child. A child who had such an intense love
for the King that each day she would go out and care for the subjects of His
land. She would convince the people to serves the King and to sing His praises.
She would reach out and touch others with His words of encouragement in their
dark and dismal lives. She brought hope to the people. Not her hope but the
hope of the King himself.

She would spend hours talking to the King. She just knew He heard her even
if she couldn’t see him, because He always answwered her. Her love for Him
grew and grew. When it came time to present gifts to the King, she thought
long and hard about a gift. “What do I have to give to such a loving King?’
She was suddenly struck with just the right present. She wrapped it up in
paper she had hand decorated herself. The paper didn’t look to kingly. The
ribbon was tattered and torn. She leaned back and smiled at her handiwork.

Christmas finally came. The King opened one by one until finally the
little girl’s gift was the only one left. She was so excited. The King
unwrapped the paper and noticed how the little girl had taken the time to hand
color hearts all over the paper. He noticed how she had made a ribbon out of
her Christmas dress. The King’s eyes watered up as he opened the small gift.
He opened it carefully and peered into the box. On the inside of the box was a
tiny handmade heart made out of construction paper. It was trimmed with paper
lace. In the middle of the heart was a picture of herself On the back was
written: “Oh King, I have nothing to give but my loyalty and love to you. I
love you and I will serve you all the days of my life for you have saved me.
Your humble servant.

Published by rko777

I am a novice writer and painter who loves to be creative. I love singing but can't sing without a hymnal, except for children's songs. I love to make up my own songs and love the old hymns. I love to garden and got that love from my Mom and Dad who taught be everything I know from planting to harvesting to canning. I'm happy gardening, walking with my pug, JD Sir Winston Churchill, painting, and crafting. I love to spend Saturday's sitting in my rocker going through a bible study. I love working with elementary school aged children and seeing them use their creative gifts. I have taught Sunday school for a number of years and taught in the public schools for 18 years. I might say I'm retired but I spend most of my time subbing and enjoy it immensely. The kids spark my own creativeness.

6 thoughts on “Present for the King

  1. How refreshing to have a storyteller in our ‘Lily’ village.

    I hope we can all say and be true to ‘Loyalty and love’ to the King.

  2. Rena has captured the HEART of the KING in this story for truly, that is REALLY all that the KING wants not only for Christmas but for eternity; for us to love HIM with all of our hearts and to serve HIM DAILY …that is….all the days of our lives.

  3. Rena this is lovely the story of the child and her gift and her hearts desire…it brings to my mind the psalm 116:verse 16 O Lord, truly I am thy servant;..Thou hast loosed my bonds..I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord..I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people, In the courts of the Lords house in the midst of thee O Jerusalem. Praise ye the Lord……it also reminds me of Little Grace and ToTo…dj

  4. What a beautiful story to illustrate a cheerful giver, giving out of a heart of love. “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudginly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver ” II Cor 9:7.
    Thanks for giving us this story Rena.

  5. I love that story! You are a great writer! That is the best book ever! You should try to make THAT A BOOK! I would love to see it in stores.

  6. Grace you and all the other Daily Lilies are such encouragers. You all make my life richer and fuller. Isn’t it neat to have friends who love Jesus. Thanks for the encouragement.

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