Children’s Prayer Guideline for Sunday School

The first day of Sunday School, I was as excited as the children. The class was made up of all girls. I asked the girls, “Do you think prayer is important?” They said, “No, not so much.” The girls quickly learned that was not the right answer in Ms. O’s class. I’m sharing what workedContinue reading “Children’s Prayer Guideline for Sunday School”

A path, a pond, nature, sounds

She approached one on our team. She spoke no English and had what seemed an advanced case of Parkinson’s to our team member. She was accompanied by a small English speaking girl that introduced herself as, granddaughter, saying, her grandmother has Parkinson’s and the only comfort she had was walking. She had no place reallyContinue reading “A path, a pond, nature, sounds”

Operation Christmas Child

Debi Chaves and MG Henry tell their Christmas Story: On a cool, crisp evening, November 19, 2013, members of CCI had the privilege of delivering thirty-six brightly wrapped gift shoeboxes to one of the area Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Collection Centers. CCI of Leesburg, Virginia sponsored the shoebox project with others participating. Debbie Lattus,Continue reading “Operation Christmas Child”

Our First, Mona, Our Love and Prayers to you!

Mona says: May 13, 2013 at 3:18 PM I would love to have more information about my beautiful shirt! It arrived today. My mom, Lillian H., bought it for me for my birthday. I am going to be one of the Bible leaders this summer in my former church. (I said I would go back toContinue reading “Our First, Mona, Our Love and Prayers to you!”

Watch Your Wings

CONGRATULATIONS LILIES FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Campaign closed! Goal of 50 and you sold 75!  Shirts should be shipped within two weeks and check sent to Samaritan’s Purse to dig clean water wells in South Sudan, “Women at the Well!” I am so proud of US! Be sure to thank each of your family membersContinue reading “Watch Your Wings”

Be an Angel buy an Angel

The Daily Lily is excited to support the Samaritan Purse Woman at the Well Project to dig clean water wells in Africa. We have created a CustomInk campaign to sell our “Watch Your Wings” t -shirt. It features original art by Dawn Collins and designed by Chris Mar and CustomInk. Every purchase of these limitedContinue reading “Be an Angel buy an Angel”

What’s on your mind today?

My, son Christopher recently sent me this article by David Burns: By David B. Burns “Isidor I. Rabi, the 1944 Nobel Prize winner in physics was once asked, ”Why did you become a  scientist, rather than a doctor or lawyer, like the other kids in your neighborhood?” ”My mother made me a scientist.  Every otherContinue reading “What’s on your mind today?”