Children’s Prayer Guideline for Sunday School

The first day of Sunday School, I was as excited as the children. The class was made up of all girls. I asked the girls, “Do you think prayer is important?” They said, “No, not so much.” The girls quickly learned that was not the right answer in Ms. O’s class.

I’m sharing what worked for me in getting children excited about talking to Jesus. It took the whole Sunday School year. The growth which occurred is amazing. Blessed to have them again this year.

The chart below gave the girls structure for praying. Before beginning we sing one of their favorites: “Good Morning God”. It goes, “Good Morning God, this is your day, I am your child, show me your way, and teach me to obey. Each part of the song is accompanied with sign language.

1. First step in our journey in talking to Jesus was to write prayers the girls wanted to pray on sticky notes. Their prayers were for teachers, safety in schools, missionaries, others, family, and pets. Wow, some pretty good prayers.
Prayer Chart on Poster Board Paper
2. First couple of weeks, I role modeled the entire prayer, beginning with praise, prayer request, and closing the prayer which I always did.
3. After many weeks of this type of placing prayer request on sticky notes and my role modeling of talking to Jesus, one of the children
asked, “Ms. O may I pray my request.” Then another asked and then another.
4. The following weeks ahead, they all
wanted to pray their own request, after I modeled talking with Jesus on the items on the circular chart.
5. A short time later the students asked if we could discontinue the sticky notes and they would just pray their own request. I role modeled talking to Jesus still at the beginning and end of the prayers.
6. After a few more weeks, near the end of the Sunday School term,
the students started saying can we pray for the world, the USA/those in authority. Can we pray for President Trump and staff, missionaries who are suffering for Christ, teachers, school safety in school, weather disasters, missionaries, unsaved friends and people they knew, parents, people who were ill and in the hospital, pets, safety in travel, and what they wanted Jesus to help them in their own personal lives. They were growing in their own personal relationship with Jesus. They, in other words, were walking and talking with Jesus. This process takes the whole Sunday School year.
This is part of our group praying. This is what it looks like in our classroom as we pray. We bend down before the Lord Jesus. We pray with one hand on top of another as a sign of agreement in prayer. When we end the prayers, we say 1, 2, 3 Praise the Lord (the latter was suggested by a student.)


A path, a pond, nature, sounds

She approached one on our team. She spoke no English and had what seemed an advanced case of Parkinson’s to our team member. She was accompanied by a small English speaking girl that introduced herself as, granddaughter, saying, her grandmother has Parkinson’s and the only comfort she had was walking. She had no place really to walk.

They noticed an ‘Oasis of Beauty ‘in the midst of what seemed like a lock-in with a curvy country road and not much of a yard and surely very little beauty there.

The inquiry from the little caring girl was, “would you allow my grandmother to walk on your long smooth driveway as she has no place to walk?” They didn’t know that team work had been going on for years to make beautiful gardens and paths to lead walkers to see and read tokens of God’s truth to be imparted to those that just happened to pass that way.

Permission was given with loving instructions to walk with care and enjoy their time on this holy path. Flowers are blooming, trees producing, chairs cleaned and padded for a moment of rest. Scripture messages painted on signs among other magical nature delights like birds singing and squirrels gathering and frogs just a croaking from a darling glistening pond.

The vision was given and building we did. I have often heard, “if you build it they will come.”


Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Debi Chaves and MG Henry tell their Christmas Story: On a cool, crisp evening, November 19, 2013, members of CCI had the privilege of delivering thirty-six brightly wrapped gift shoeboxes to one of the area Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Collection Centers. CCI of Leesburg, Virginia sponsored the shoebox project with others participating.

Debbie Lattus, nurse at Monroe Technology, Leesburg worked diligently to wrap and packed many boxes. Debbie then encouraged her Catholic Daughters group to get involved and they excitedly responded by gathering together to pack twenty-one shoeboxes and said they can’t wait to do it again next year.

Boxes were filled with articles such toys, pens, tablets, books, hygiene items, etc. Several of the boxes contained ‘Watch Your Wings’ T-shirts, a campaign The Daily Lily supported for the Samaritan Purse “Woman at the Well” project to dig clean water wells in Africa.

These shoeboxes, stuffed with gifts will be distributed to children all over the globe by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse Ministries. What a joy to know that children’s lives around the world will be touched by receiving a gift shoebox and the salvation message that is brought to needy little souls, through them.

Our First, Mona, Our Love and Prayers to you!

I would love to have more information about my beautiful shirt! It arrived today. My mom, Lillian H., bought it for me for my birthday. I am going to be one of the Bible leaders this summer in my former church. (I said I would go back to help!) We will have at least 500 children attending – and they will be split into 4 groups for Bible time. I will represent the Woman at the Well one day – and so the significance of this shirt is not lost on me – it is no coincidence – I know how God loves to fit together all the pieces of His puzzle perfectly! The past several years, we have raised money for wells, however this year we are raising money for orphanages. May we all be involved in Kingdom work!

  • Mona, Happy Birthday! And, what a lovely gift from Mother to Daughter. Love at it’s best.

    We are delighted that you love your T-shirt. We,, are so happy and feel so rewarded by being a small part of changing lives in South Sudan through the work of Samaritan Purse and their program, “Women at the Well.” On the back of your shirt you will see my theme, “Watch Your Wings!” and the front the art of Dawn Collins of Charlotte, NC. You can find more of her art:

    We have raised; $1409.25 by selling 75 T-Shirts through a campaign by Customink !!!!!!! Some of our T-shirts were gifts from others and purchased in very small sizes to add to our Christmas Shoe Boxes, also with Samaritan Purse.

    Mona, how exciting to know that you are going to be working with all these children this summer at your church. I would love to hear more about your goal of working with the “Women at the Well”. Your response has given me hope and the desire to want to let this be our first campaign and not our last! Your Mother is a great inspiration to us in so many ways. I tear when I read her daughter’s words; “I will represent the Woman at the Well one day – and so the significance of this shirt is not lost on me – it is no coincidence – I know how God loves to fit together all the pieces of His puzzle perfectly!”

    I, Sara, wear my shirt proudly with you, Mona, as we “Watch Our Wings” and fly to fulfill our God Given Destiny! Prayers, hugs and love to you! And, Mom,Lillian H., to you for being a gift giver!

    See Mona and Sara below on “Be An Angel Buy An Angel”….

Watch Your Wings

CONGRATULATIONS LILIES FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Campaign closed! Goal of 50 and you sold 75!  Shirts should be shipped within two weeks and check sent to Samaritan’s Purse to dig clean water wells in South Sudan, “Women at the Well!” I am so proud of US!

Be sure to thank each of your family members and friends for their help in making this campaign so successful. We also want to thank Customink for their major part in helping us to become “philanthropists” and Chris Mar for his major role in getting this project running and being so successful with his skills as a developer and chief engineer.  We so appreciate  all of you and we  have hearts of gratitude. Thank YOU one and ALL! Love being a Philanthropist!


Be an Angel buy an Angel

Be an Angel buy an Angel

The Daily Lily is excited to support the Samaritan Purse Woman at the Well Project to dig clean water wells in Africa. We have created a CustomInk campaign to sell our “Watch Your Wings” t -shirt. It features original art by Dawn Collins and designed by Chris Mar and CustomInk. Every purchase of these limited edition “Watch Your Wings’ T-Shirts will benefit the Woman at the Well project.

These are limited and will only be on sale for 30 days. Don’t delay! Purchase your t-shirt and help us reach our goal of 50 shirts.

Thank you for helping us provide clean water wells to the woman and children in Africa.

See more of this project and order your T- shirts:

Who are you holding onto?

Rena Oynes:

All my life I have held on to Jesus’ hand, once in a while letting go, but this picking his hand back up again.  This season I have particularly held on tight.  He is/was the only one I could trust.  My closest friends all pointed to Jesus, as the situations were tough.  Many earnestly prayed.  One knew my calling and knew I had been called to children ever since I was a small child.  When I was twelve I was asked to assist in the children’s department of my church.  This was my first experience and I just loved it.  Years came and went as my Mother also loved children’s ministry and was very creative using her crafting talents to tell stories.  She would often place flannel graph characters on the back of the sofa and then retell the story.  We were so fortunate to hear her stories over and over again.  As year went by I got to teach Sunday School myself and Vacation Bible School.  I was lucky to direct Vacation Bible School and get other young people involved in acting, teaching, and or assisting in handing out snacks or playing games with the little ones.

Later I took up education.  I knew God’s hand was in it.  At the time Reading/Writing Workshop was not being taught as a college subject, but God’s hand had me work in this area and many creative talents flowed through the students.  I also taught Sunday school at the same time and used my creative talents like my mother had role modeled for me.  I loved writing and dramatizing the scriptures.

I moved to Virginia and was out of teaching Sunday school as the wonderful home church I was a part of did not have a children’s program at the time.  Little did I know that this small church would be instrumental in bringing out the hidden sorrows of a brokenness of heart in order to bring healing for the next stage of my life.

After moving back to Mandeville and now retired from teaching, I thought of attending Bible Study Fellowship.  I had tried to attend many, many years prior but had gotten a call to be a full time teacher.

It use to be located in Slidell which is about a half hour away, but to my surprise I found from my internet search that they had relocated to First Baptist of Mandeville which was right next to me.  I signed up immediately and started attending right away, not believing it was my good luck, not luck really, God’s hand was in it.

Many weeks passed and I had signed up to help in the preschool program but had not been called.   I had prayed to God, “God you know I love working with children, it’s my heart throb.  If you could, would you open an area with children for me? The next week my team leader said to me, “Can you talk to me after the lecture?”  “Surely, I said, wondering what she wanted to talk to me about.

She said, “Rena I have been praying for you since the beginning of the BSF year, and I feel that the Lord is calling you to children’s ministry here at BSF.  I would like you to think it over and pray it through and then give me a call with your answer.  I couldn’t hardly believe that God had answered my prayer so quickly.  I asked if I could have a good friend here at thedailylily pray with me.  We did and I accepted the call.  I am in training now and can hardly wait to start singing, telling stories of Jesus, and pouring the words into the children.  I know God will provide all that is needed for this CALL. And, yours!