Our First, Mona, Our Love and Prayers to you!

I would love to have more information about my beautiful shirt! It arrived today. My mom, Lillian H., bought it for me for my birthday. I am going to be one of the Bible leaders this summer in my former church. (I said I would go back to help!) We will have at least 500 children attending – and they will be split into 4 groups for Bible time. I will represent the Woman at the Well one day – and so the significance of this shirt is not lost on me – it is no coincidence – I know how God loves to fit together all the pieces of His puzzle perfectly! The past several years, we have raised money for wells, however this year we are raising money for orphanages. May we all be involved in Kingdom work!

  • Mona, Happy Birthday! And, what a lovely gift from Mother to Daughter. Love at it’s best.

    We are delighted that you love your T-shirt. We, thedailylily.com, are so happy and feel so rewarded by being a small part of changing lives in South Sudan through the work of Samaritan Purse and their program, “Women at the Well.” On the back of your shirt you will see my theme, “Watch Your Wings!” and the front the art of Dawn Collins of Charlotte, NC. You can find more of her art:http://www.porterfieldsfineart.com/DawnCollins/dawncollinsmainpage.htm

    We have raised; $1409.25 by selling 75 T-Shirts through a campaign by Customink !!!!!!! Some of our T-shirts were gifts from others and purchased in very small sizes to add to our Christmas Shoe Boxes, also with Samaritan Purse.

    Mona, how exciting to know that you are going to be working with all these children this summer at your church. I would love to hear more about your goal of working with the “Women at the Well”. Your response has given me hope and the desire to want to let this be our first campaign and not our last! Your Mother is a great inspiration to us in so many ways. I tear when I read her daughter’s words; “I will represent the Woman at the Well one day – and so the significance of this shirt is not lost on me – it is no coincidence – I know how God loves to fit together all the pieces of His puzzle perfectly!”

    I, Sara, wear my shirt proudly with you, Mona, as we “Watch Our Wings” and fly to fulfill our God Given Destiny! Prayers, hugs and love to you! And, Mom,Lillian H., to you for being a gift giver!

    See Mona and Sara below on “Be An Angel Buy An Angel”….

9 thoughts on “Our First, Mona, Our Love and Prayers to you!

  1. I agree with Mona. My tees arrived yesterday and the quality and artwork is outstanding! ” Watch Your Wings” is Sara’s awesome idea to incite communication/conversation with others concerning the propagation of the Gospel and wondrous works of Jesus Christ.
    The artwork by Dawn Collins is amazing and through all this the, Holy Spirit is gathering His people unto the Lord in a special way through the fellowship of thedailylily.com, Samaritan’s Purse (BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOC.) and the great feats of digging wells in Sudan.
    Oh how Jesus Loves the little children of the world who th\irst!!!

    1. MG, we’ll meet at Starbucks wearing our beautiful Angel Shirts! I hope this heavenly blue color, fruitful angel and Watch Your Wings reminder will keep us forever focused on our assignment. Connecting to others that will join us and Samaritans in giving, prayer and workers to go into the Harvest Field. “The fields are ripe unto Harvest.

      I’m so glad that you like your shirt!

  2. What an inspiration, Mona, that you will wear your shirt and instruct children, in your church. God bless you, on your birthday, and your precious mom, for sending this shirt to you! I have my shirt on today! 🙂

    1. Hey Tammy, I’m wearing mine as well. I love it! The quality, fit and design is outstanding. My heartfelt thanks to all that made this campaign such a success! Be sure to take your octopus sticker off your tag and tag another to remind them to pray with you, me and others as we always remember the work to dig the wells and the Women at the Well of South Sudan. Thank you, Tammy, wife, Mother, compassionate nurse, friend and prayer partner as we Watch Our Wings! Sara

    2. Oh, I just have to add….my shirt arrived neatly packaged such that I didn’t even have to iron it! I could just put it on immediately! 🙂

  3. So great, Mona, to read your story about your t-shirt and how it will perfectly connect to your role as a Bible leader for the children. What a great plan God had in this! Blessings to you on your birthday, to your work with the children and blessings to your mom, Lillian.

  4. I wore my T-Shirt today to school where I teach which I received in the mail Monday as a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Elisabeth. It fit perfect, and the fabric was exceptionally comfortable and maintained a great shape throughout the day while working both indoors and actively outdoors. I am so pleased with the artistic design of it and color!…And what the proceeds are doing for women and their children

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