Watch Your Wings

CONGRATULATIONS LILIES FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Campaign closed! Goal of 50 and you sold 75!  Shirts should be shipped within two weeks and check sent to Samaritan’s Purse to dig clean water wells in South Sudan, “Women at the Well!” I am so proud of US!

Be sure to thank each of your family members and friends for their help in making this campaign so successful. We also want to thank Customink for their major part in helping us to become “philanthropists” and Chris Mar for his major role in getting this project running and being so successful with his skills as a developer and chief engineer.  We so appreciate  all of you and we  have hearts of gratitude. Thank YOU one and ALL! Love being a Philanthropist!


7 thoughts on “Watch Your Wings

    1. I just want to once again thank God and share one of my favorite scriptures. “For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9 May we always walk in light!

  1. Great! Thank you so much for your passion and compassion. I shared the project with our team and they loved it.
    If you ever need anything let me know!


  2. May I join my thanks also to Customink and to Chris Mar as well as The Daily Lily for making this terrific project possible. So great that many will get fresh water.

  3. Praise God for Sara’s eternal passion for bringing clean water to little children and women of the nations where there is NO clean water. God in His great mercy and compassion has heard her cry. HE has enabled her @, through Franklin Graham’s “Samaritan’s Purse”, the technological genius of Chris Mar and Customlink to help in this great outreach of good works. This is bringing much needed, clean water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these people that the Lord loves and desires in His Kingdom.
    May we persevere in bringing the Love of God to our nation and the to the world as Jesus commissioned us. If we desire it with all our hearts, God will provide a way for us to do just that. Praise the Lord and congratulations to all who gave and participated in this godly project. But most of all THANK GOD!

  4. Give yourself a big hand….You have raised; $1409.25 !!!!!!! This will go to Samaritan Purse for digging clean water wells in South Sudan!

    1. The Lord of the “breakthrough” has broken forth as in the Bible. But this time He has enabled His servants to “break” ground to dig wells in S. Sudan. Sara, I believe you and all of us on have the Father’s heart on this. Thank You, Lord…for the “breakthrough”!!

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