Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Debi Chaves and MG Henry tell their Christmas Story: On a cool, crisp evening, November 19, 2013, members of CCI had the privilege of delivering thirty-six brightly wrapped gift shoeboxes to one of the area Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Collection Centers. CCI of Leesburg, Virginia sponsored the shoebox project with others participating.

Debbie Lattus, nurse at Monroe Technology, Leesburg worked diligently to wrap and packed many boxes. Debbie then encouraged her Catholic Daughters group to get involved and they excitedly responded by gathering together to pack twenty-one shoeboxes and said they can’t wait to do it again next year.

Boxes were filled with articles such toys, pens, tablets, books, hygiene items, etc. Several of the boxes contained ‘Watch Your Wings’ T-shirts, a campaign The Daily Lily supported for the Samaritan Purse “Woman at the Well” project to dig clean water wells in Africa. https://thedailylily.com/2013/04/04/be-an-angel-buy-an-angel/#comments

These shoeboxes, stuffed with gifts will be distributed to children all over the globe by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse Ministries. What a joy to know that children’s lives around the world will be touched by receiving a gift shoebox and the salvation message that is brought to needy little souls, through them.

12 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child

  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! When I see the gifts of love ready for Santas to deliver around the world I am overwhelmed with joy. I love the shoebox Christmas giving. As a child I had a traditional Christmas shoebox in lieu of a stocking. I think I loved seeing my Mothers face more on Christmas morn than even a toy. I loved seeing her face every single day more than toys. I loved her Bible stories and kind hands that would heal all with her touch.

    I pray that each child that receives a box packed with love will feel a healing touch and love from Our Heavenly Father beyond even the touch of a loving, caring Mother and Father. The love of Jesus is our healer and He loved and loves the little Children.

    Thanks to all the hands that participated in bringing joy to the children of the world! Merry Christmas to each of you!

  2. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” [ Act 20: 35, Paul’s quoting the Lord’s words. ] Jesus is soooo right, as usual! Just think of the little children ( and not so little ) opening their boxes on Christmas day, receiving articles they rarely, if ever have had, toys, books, crayons! And, best of all….the story of Jesus, His love and His rescue of their lives.
    Praise God for the opportunity to participate in a godly endeavor to bring the Word of Love and Life to little ones.

  3. Congratulations on putting these wonderful boxes together. Today I worked at one of the main collection centers in Spanish Fort. Two more days of collections from churches all around the area and 18 wheeler will be off to Atlantia, Georgia for final inspection before they go to the nations. It was so wonderful to see the joy on each persons face as they placed the gifts in the volunteers hands or put on the 18 wheeler. Individuals to churches brought boxes filled with all kinds of items that children could use, play with, or eat. The gospel lesson booklet was out for all to see what each child would be learning about Jesus in the days and weeks of receiving the boxes. As each person came in we prayed for the countries they were to be delivered to and for the children and their communities. What a heart warming experience for all to know Jesus would be touching the heart and hearts of families as these boxes are opened somewhere in the world. The Jesus touch is so vital. Each box was handle in care knowing that each person put their heart into packing it. Thanks to all who took the time to collect items and put them in a shoe box for a child.

  4. Thanksgiving week seems so fulfilling to give a box and start a box. We begin filling our plastic containers with items for our next years’ boxes. When our vision for Faith, peace, love and joy collectively fill the earth with shout outs of; “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” Christmas Peace will become a reality? I believe this to be a non fragment truth of my faith!

    1. Sara, it seems that your statement “give a box, start a box” is like the priming of the pump for a burgeoning wellspring into the coming new year, a new year of giving to and for the Kingdom cause. What an excellent rehearsal….a springboard into the future…a gift and a promise…the giving of a box and the hope of the Cross, the story of Jesus.

  5. I feel blessed beyond words to be able to add my book, “The Doll Within”, to a number of boxes for some special little girls to be found within the universe that God holds in His Hand. My prayer, Holy Spirit, travel safely this special doll book with original art by Dawn Collins to little hands and give these precious ones a pen in hand to write their doll story. Heavenly Father, may you fill each page with so much love, peace, joy that faith will burst forth like a three dimensional movie and out will come their shouts of joy.

    I see each child and hold them dear in my heart and prayers as you connect the boxes that hold my doll books with each precious child. Merry Christmas, precious children!

  6. Sara, you sure give great hope in what you wrote above: … “Christmas Peace will become a reality”…And this unique statement, “I believe this to be a non fragment truth of my faith!” has me thinking. If fragment means, ‘An incomplete or isolated portion’, than non fragment means the opposite. I don’t think you can get much more solid truth than this…this must be a truth of faith that you can really bank on. Lots to think on here.

    1. Christmas reveals, The Name of The Birth Child, Immanuel, Christ with us. He is Called, Prince of Peace! He has a Kingdom and His Kingdom is ruled by love, sharing and giving truth that in non fragmented. When we talk of Child borne without being God, a child without death of a cross, a child without a heavenly home to dwell and reveal His Throne and, a child that will not return to earth again to judge then we have fragmented the child.

      So, what child is revealed to us on Christmas morn? And, lives within us each day….When I pause and review my shoebox I wonder what story (what part of the child) will my shoebox reveal?

  7. Sara, I appreciate your explanation of non fragmented and think I understand more clearly the importance of giving out Truth that is ‘non fragmented’ by your illustration “we have fragmented the child.”

  8. I see that which you are saying, Sara. It is NOT our God-Become-Man if any part of His story is omitted. it seems that it is not only fragmented….it’s not the Truth. Good reminder that we must share each aspect of the Christ Child if we are going to share any of Him at all.
    Thanks for that revelation!

  9. So wonderful to know that precious children around the world will be blessed with a little Christmas shoebox and be told about a Savior who loves them and gave His life for them. I pray for all the little children and for that precious little one who will receive my Christmas box of goodies. Thanks, CCI, and all who have unselfishly gave their time to help brighten a child’s life, that they may know Christ.

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