Thank you from Our Kiva

Many thanks to all our Lilies that so faithful support Kiva. We invested and when the loans are paid we reinvest which we now have monies back in account and will invest into a family once again. Be sure to watch your;  “Thank You for Thanksgiving!”

I feel it a great privilege to be part of Kiva. We sing often and this is our proof; “Little is Much When God is in it…”

Happy Thanksgiving to all our families and friends!

2 thoughts on “Thank you from Our Kiva

  1. What a beautiful video of real thankfulness. It is so great to see what a Kiva loan can do when placed in the hands of someone who is so hard working and a good manager. May her family and many others be blessed with great success.

  2. Sara, I am interested in giving a donation to KIVA through as a very special Christmas gift for my nephew. I believe this is an excellent way to teach the little ones the power of giving, investing in and encouraging those who have need. The return on this investment is supernatural.

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