Once upon a time there were twin sisters name Toto and Grace. They lived in a sweet little pink house in the land called LORDSLAND. They were very happy children and tried to always do their best in all that they did.

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click for larger view (photo by Jon)

Now, the KING of Lordsland lived in a magnificent crystal castle with a beautiful crystal cross on the bell tower of the castle on the top of the highest mountain in Lordsland. Every day, Toto and Grace would look way up at the moutain top and see the crystal castle and the crystal cross sparkling in the sunlight. Oh! How beautiful it was! And oh, how they longed to see the KING and the beautiful castle, up close.

Img 3123-1click for larger view (photo by Jon)

Presently, the idea came upon them to take a journey to visit the KING and so they prepared their backpacks and tied their hoodies around their waists and very early, on a warm summer morning, they set off to visit the KING.
At first the journey was most pleasant. The path was wide and smooth and the breezes were soft and they scampered happily along the path to visit the KING. Presently, they passed by a very worn, old ramshackle house with three little raggedy children sitting on a sagging, old gray porch. As the twins approached they could see that the little children were crying for they had had nothing to eat. So Toto and Grace quickly took out some apples from their packs and gave them to the three little children. Oh! How delighted the little children were to receive those apples! Then Toto and Grace shared with the children about the wonderful Son of the King Whose Name was Jesus. They told them how much He loved them and would care for them, even as He had just done. The children were so happy to receive that Good News about the King’s Son, Someone Who loved them! And so the twins bade farewell to the children, who were now smiling instead of crying, and the twins went happily on their way to visit the KING.
The journey was getting a little rougher, by now. There were some stones in the pathway and they had to avoid them and walk a little more carefully. Presently they came upon a very elderly woman who was weighed down by her huge basket of vegetables that she was taking to sell at a stand on the way, for this was all her living. The old woman staggered under the weight of her precious cargo and the twins quickly ran to her aid, lifted her up and carried the basket for her to her destination, for she was very weak from hauling her burden. The old woman was so very grateful for the help that the twins freely gave and when they had deposited her and the goods at the roadside stand, she thanked them, profusely. The twins in turn then told her about the Son of the King, Whose Name was Jesus, and how He would always love her and help her in her times of need, even as He had just done. The old woman was happy to hear the Good News and she became joyful and strengthened as the twins bade her farewell and continued on their journey to visit the KING.
The weather had now changed a bit and it was cooler than when they had started out and the rocks in the way were getting bigger and bigger and they had to wend their way carefully. Presently, they heard a whimpering sound, like a small child or perhaps a baby animal. Suddenly they came upon a hedge of bushes and there beneath a bush was a little puppy, whimpering and licking a wounded paw. It was quite a gash and the little fellow was obviously in pain and scared. The twins rushed over quickly and pulled out bandages they had packed and bound up the little paw to help stop the bleeding. They then carried the little one in their arms until they came upon a ranch house on the way from which, obviously, the little puppy had strayed, for in the yard stood a little boy, anxiously looking about for his dog. And when when he saw his puppy he was overjoyed. The little boy and his dog were soon reunited and the boy thanked the twins for all their help with his little puppy. The twins in turn told the boy that they were happy to help and then told them about the King’s Son Whose Name was Jesus, Who loved him and his puppy and would always take care of them, as He had just done. The little boy received the Good News of the Son’s love with joy and the puppy licked the twins faces in gratitude. They bade them good bye and soon were on their journey, again.
By this time they were near the foot of the mountain. It was very, very cool so they put on their hoodies for the last few kilometers before they reached the foot of the high mountain. But when the the twins finally looked up, again, they sadly realized that the mountain was incredibly sheer and there were no steps, utterly no way that they could possibly climb that high pricipice. And so, broken hearted and disappointed, they sat down at the foot of the mountain and cried out to the KING’S Son that they had so wanted to visit the KING in His Crystal Castle with the crystal cross but it was impossible for them to ascend the mountain for there were no steps and so they just sat there and cried themselves to sleep.
The next morning when they awoke, they were completely startled and totally flabbergasted. For as they opened their eyes and looked about them in wonderment, they found themselves surrounded by the most glorious, shining light and brilliant colors, beautiful flowers and crystal lights and rainbows all around them. They looked at one another in astonishment. Where were they? This was a most incredible scene! Suddenly they looked up and saw a magnificent Figure seated on a glorious throne. Why, they were in the presence of the KING in the Crystal Castle with the Crystal Cross! How could this be?
They bowed low in honor and adoration and then spoke and said, “Oh great and glorious KING, how did we get here? We could not make our way up the steep precipice to the Crystal Castle for there were no steps for us. How could this miracle be that we are here in Your presence?”
“My darling twins”, said the magnificent KING. “You DID take the steps to the KING’S Crystal Castle. For all the loving deeds and the GOOD NEWS about My Son that you gave on the way to the Crystal Castle with the Crystal Cross…all that you did and said in My Name…..these ARE the STEPS to the KING’S PALACE.”
Then the SON of the KING came and invited the twins to dwell in the Castle forever and the twins were elated and accepted the invitation, humbly.
And there they dwell with the Father and the Son in the Crystal Castle, even now. And some evenings, when the sun is just setting, if you will look up at the highest mountain in LORDSLAND, you will see the CRYSTAL CASTLE with the Crystal Cross shining brilliantly in the setting sunlight and if you look very carefully, you will see two twinkling, starry-like figures just above the cross and you will be seeing those shining stars, the twins, Toto and Grace, who are dwelling in the Crystal Castle with the KING, forever and ever and ever.

346079902 C97Da55C1E Sclick for larger view (photo by Jon)Cimg0881-2

Unknown-3(photo for Midge’s comment below)
Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement

Bailey and Josie got married Friday afternoon. They picked out their own clothes, Josie did not want to wear white and Bailey wanted to wear a red rose (but we didn’t have one). Josie held a bouquet of flowers (actually a paper flower bouquet Bailey made last year, which were the only flowers we have in the house) and they wanted their picture taken. Bailey would not kiss his bride because he did not want me to see him do it. They stayed in their “married” clothes for about 20 minutes then wanted them off because they were too uncomfortable to play in. That’s it, very simple and fast and way too cute. Those two love each other so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Bailey’s mother perform the wedding


  1. OH MG! This is WONDERFUL!…Oh how beautifully worded and so many foundational teachings embeded within…I loved this truthful parable fairytale story….its so picturesque..filling ones mind with visions of Heaven…and hope…please keep on writing like this…its full of Heavenly music….dj

  2. I read an article by Madeleine L’Engle well knows for the Wrinkle in Time series and the Austin family series. Madeleine says “We as artists, she convincingly argues, must sign on to be servants of the work. Great art is a divine seed as artist must be willing to deliver to the world, no matter what this labor demands of us.”

    MG,I think you are showing what a great artist really is through this story. Thanks for your labor of love and art that has produced a great story for children and adults alike. May God send it forth into the world and honor you for your many years of labor and love in His service and well as minister and bless all that read this allegory. (Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory of the spiritual journey) and so is The Crystal Castle with The Crysal Cross.

  3. MG,

    That is a great story and thank you for letting me and Grace be in the story. I love how all of the people in the story thought that we help them so much. You are great!

  4. Dear MG,
    I just love this story. It is fantastic. The main characters whom I know so well are just like this at school. They are always trying to help someone along the way of life. May we all be like them and lend a helping hand along the way of life and share our faith in the Lord Jesus. Thank you for such a beautiful story. You painted a picture that all could vividly see. Well done!

  5. MG, I really enjoyed reading this wonderful,inspirational story. It is like a clear stream flowing from the Crystal Castle of the Lord Jesus. It speaks so beautifully of how we build our stairway to Heaven’s throne through kind,loving deeds and a true love to tell others about Jesus along the way. Thank you.

  6. I love the photo by Jon Mar with the ‘twin’ horses. As they journey on their way, they pull a load helping others also! Great illustration.

  7. When I logged in to the story and saw the horses, it was like a fairytale princess dream come true. It was as if Cinderella’s famous carriage was awaiting her outside the Crystal Castle, waiting to whisk her and the PRINCE to a lovely sojourn.
    Jon, the photographer, has a “WAY” with cameras. He has caught something inexplicable, though very obvious and evident, in the photo…almost like a painting. He’s captured the essence of horses with “carriage awaiting” that speaks for itself in the photo.
    His photo honors this story. Congratulations, Jon, and thanks for sharing that special moment.

  8. I love your story! You have a great story! Thanks for letting ToTo and me be the twins! Thanks again! You are a great writier!

  9. That is a great photo of the crucifix by Jon. Jon was also the bearer of the Crystal Cross which he brought as a gift to Sara and became a part of the story of THE CRYSTAL CASTLE AND THE CRYSTAL CROSS.
    God works in mysterious ways and His ways are higher than ours, for sure.

  10. That castle looks almost like the one I envisioned in the story, except that the one I saw was crystal But it certainly it appropriate to the setting of the Crystal Cathedral with the Crystal Cross. Magnificent!

  11. To Toto and Grace, I thank you both for your encouragement. You both are students of strong character as evidenced by your wonderful stories and by what you share with us on this blog with your insightful comments. I believe the Lord wanted to honor you in this story, in your virtuous walk with HIM and that is truly how HE sees you….”My darling ‘twins’, said the Magnificent King!

  12. MG – Your story is simply inspiring ! I’d love to see it illustrated in book form.

    Get an illustrator !
    Get a publisher ! Get a Music copywriter !

    I’m going to pray that the Lord will afford you an easy way to share to the world your creations.

    Our journey through life is certainly meant to be filled with “stepping stones” – to share the GOOD NEWS and improve peoples’ lives. Great allegory.

  13. I am in agreement, Susan, with your thoughts on MG’s allegory. How would great photos be for illustrations? I think it is MG’s time. OK, MG go for it!

    Love seeing you on Susan.

  14. Hey we here at the Daily Lily village saw it first, read it and have the original and the best photographer…and the world can and is reading it here too…but if they would like to hand a gift copy of the story to someone as a gift…I too say go for it MG….it is as I said beatiful….:)dj

  15. SUSAN, thank you for those supportive and creative suggestions, and to all who have encouraged me on I am praying for the Lord to answer my prayers about becoming a PUBLISHED author, composer and musical playwright! Nothing is too difficult for HIM! 🙂

  16. MG,
    What a great story! I love seeing the pictures, it really helps the fairytale come to life! I pray my twins will be like Toto and Grace. Always
    willing to lend a helping hand, and never failing to tell people about their

  17. MG A wonderful story. Toto and Grace are doing God’s work by telling the people the meet along the way about Jesus. They are not only telling the people about Jesus, but are doing the work of Jesus by helping them.

  18. Right, you are, Midge. That really should be the story of all believers,doing those things that HE would have us do on HIS behalf. Thanks for the kind words. I am so gald the message shone through the lines of the story so as to teach in parables like the Lord Jesus Christ did.

  19. Needles, I agree with you in prayer that your boys will continue to reach out to others and help them and tell them about Jesus. They are doing it now and beautifully. We will stand together in prayer that they will continue.

    It is so refreshing to see the love, support and discipling that both you and their father impart to their lives. With this type of parenting God has two extremely talented and gifted children to join Him in His love to the world. (Needles, so glad you enjoyed the photos). I thought they opened the story up even more as well.

    Hey Midge, it is great seeing you on The Daily Lily. Welcome! Hope to see you often and gain some of your wisdom. How is early retirement and the grandchildren?

  20. Yes, Midge. Tell about the “fairy tale” wedding that took place at your house recently and your photos of the “ceremony”! Tell how the participants chose which “duds” to wear. That is a precious true story. Everyone will be delighted by it.

  21. Wedding Announcement
    Bailey and Josie got married Friday afternoon. They picked out their own clothes, Josie did not want to wear white and Bailey wanted to wear a red rose (but we didn’t have one). Josie held a bouquet of flowers (actually a paper flower bouquet Bailey made last year, which were the only flowers we have in the house) and they wanted their picture taken. Bailey would not kiss his bride because he did not want me to see him do it. They stayed in their “married” clothes for about 20 minutes then wanted them off because they were too uncomfortable to play in. That’s it, very simple and fast and way too cute. Those two love each other so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Bailey’s mother perform the wedding

  22. Midge, such darling children and a sweet, sharing and loving drama. This sure shows a proud grandma and her love and service to these children. Are they both yours? How old are they?
    Nice seeing you on The Daily Lily.

  23. MIDGE, your children (grandson & little friend of family) are precious. Children have wonderful imaginations and determined tastes already, even though they are just five years old. What an opportunity for you to be with these imaginative and tender little hearts. I know you speak of Jesus and God the Father with them and the darling things they say about GOD. Thanks for sharing these lovely things with us. May the Lord bless these children as they are reared in the love of the Lord Jesus and may He protect and comfort their little hearts, give them wisdom as they grow and may He draw them closer to Himself, each day.

  24. Sara, only Bailey is my great grandson. The little girl, Josie is a friend. My granddaughter, Steffie babysits for Josie.

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