I wish you Love…from” The Power of Attitude”

by Mac Anderson August 1992. Derrick Redmond from Great Britain was covered to win the 400-meter race during the summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. But as he powered around the backstretch his hamstring snapped. Derrick tried desperately to finish the race, but he still had half the distance to go. Because he could’t walk,Continue reading “I wish you Love…from” The Power of Attitude””

The Necklace of Emeralds and Diamonds

The receiving of a beautiful, desired necklace and an article by Mary Cothers, led by the Holy Spirit, inspired these metaphoric thought. What is Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ like? I will tell you what it is like to me. It is like a lovely pendant, hung about the neck, the Centerpiece rot ehContinue reading “The Necklace of Emeralds and Diamonds”