My Mother

You never knew my mother, did you?
Ah, you missed a good one there.
A member of an angel band
Came quietly and took her hand,
And led her off somewhere.

I say somewhere, cause I’m not sure
Exactly where she’s gone.
I only know that late at night,
When I’m alone and things aren’t right,
I feel her presence strong.

I only know that in the past,
When things were going bad,
Assailed by all the storms of hell,
Brought low by life’s cruel blows that fell,
She’s all the friend I had.

You never knew my mother, did you?
Then you never heard her sing.
I know she’s gone, and yet I hear
Her voice so sweet, so strong and clear;
Still makes the rafter ring.

The kind of love my mother gave
Was not encountered twice
I pray when God does come for me,
Hers is the second face I see,
The first one, Jesus Christ.

You never knew my mother, did you?
Ah, you missed a good one there.
A member of an angel band
Came quietly and took her hand
And led her off somewhere.

William Raymond Waters, Sr.

I‘ve forgotten many things in my past. Peoples’ names,
places I once lived, goals I had set, and even promises that
I made in earnest. But these I shall never forget; the touch of
my mother’s hand, the love in her eyes and the softness
of her still lingering voice.

5 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. What a lovely tribute to a lovely woman of God, Bill. How forunate were you to have been raised by a godly mother who saw to it that you were “trained up in the WAY that you should go” and now that you are older, you have not departed from the WAY, The TRUTH and the LIFE which is is Christ Jesus.

  2. Bill your memories remind us of the imprint we can leave in another life the importance of our character qualities and the daily decisions and responses we make to another.

  3. Debi’s comment above brings to mind the exercise that Sara goes through at the beginning of our lessons each week concerning. if and/or how we have applied what Gary has previously taught, to our lives for that particular week. Sometimes, we are speechless as to, not only recalling what he taught but taking it from the theoretical to the practical which often might allude us even when the opportunities arise to apply what we have learned from the Word of God. Debi says “our daily decisions and responses we make to another” That’s what we are being taught each week as to how HOLY SPIRIT works in our lives and provides us the opportunity to appropriate what we have learned so that we can respond wisely, lovingly, and Biblically.
    Bill, in his poems, pays tribute to a mom that sounds much like a Proverb 31 woman. That wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit and if we allow Him to work in our lives we can make and effect quality choices and decisions and respond in a timely manner to affect the lives of those with whom we have to do.

  4. I would pray that each of our lives would be nurturing as your poem of your mother expresses. We all are called to nurture and teach the things of Jesus. JESUS who loved us so much he died on Calvary for our sins so we could be reconnected with the Father. We all have that responsibility so we all have the mothering nature within us to share the things of Jesus. We thank God for those who focus in on their calling to do this. Happy Mother’s Day to the nurturers of the WORD of Jesus Christ, past and present.

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