My Mother’s Crowns

The New Jerusalem has been
Prepared as the mother of us all

That great city, the Holy Jerusalem

will be filled with sons and daughters
From the nations

I invite you to come and take a look at

Revelation 21 and 22, that’s been recorded in the Book
made for us all, and see how She, the Mother of all,

Has been described with gates and walls and jewels for us all
While you are there, review the requirements of the Laws of the Land
And see if your name has been recorded in
giving you authority to enter Her gates
For it is there through Her gates, where we will be
Rewarded for the works of our feats;

Wearing our crowns in the presence of OUR KING

As we see His likeness in each other’s faces, adorned with
‘Crowns for Our Mother.

8 thoughts on “My Mother’s Crowns

  1. Didn’t Sara write a poem “My Mother’s Crowns”? These are not the words of that beautiful poem.

  2. For the ones that have Mothers with them this Sunday it would be a great gift to have them in church sitting next to them celebrating Christ and His Church.

    And, others can grab the hand of a Mother and celebrate her life and her wisdom to the world. Go to church with her. Take her to lunch. Give her a Rose. Touch her heart in some way.

  3. To all the mothers and to all the Spiritual Mothers who have trained us in the Word and prayed for us and exhorted us and rebuked and corrected and encouraged and taught and helped us in our spiritual journey, I pray a special blessing, favor, wisdom, healing and prosperity upon them in the name of Jesus. We should honor our mothers and our spiritual mothers every day and not only on Mothers’ Day

  4. “And see if your name has been recorded in the BOOK OF LIFE”…..Oh yes, MG, I’d like thank all the spiritual mothers/people who have helped me draw closer to the Lord. If those people did not (and do not continue) to teach me, train me, correct me, etc. I would never have the opportunity to accept Jesus and have my name written down!

  5. Yes, Needles and MG, it is a blessing. And to those spiritual mothers who who have poured into lives so others may grow in Christ and be productive in His kingdom, there must be a great reward. I read in Rev 22: 12, “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.”

  6. Yes to all the Spiritual Mothers who have helped us grow we give thinks. To all the Spiritual Mothers who have helped us grow as Mothers we give thanks. Thanks to mothers who share with us godly wisdom to raise up a child. As a result of such pouring in of godly wisdom, one of my son’s said to me, “Thanks for always being there for me even when I didn’t appreciate it. Hope you have a great Mother’s Day.” I pray each of you have a Great Mother’s Day also.

  7. As I was reading this,I was just thinking about all the beautiful Spiritual Mothers who have made a difference in my Christian walk. God really loves me. He has surrounded me with Spiritual Role Models. I pray that God blesses all the beautiful Mothers around the world.

  8. Rena, you remembered right…I did write a poem “My Mother’s Crowns” and this is not it but this is the reprise that was used to tag the end of recording that I did of the poem.

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