Thoughts of mine

I wish I could stay home and paint today.
Make an ordinary piece of wood take on life
I wish I could play in my garden and water and weed
and smell the sweet fragrance of Spring
But I guess I’ll go to my classroom
and polish a few students
and water and watch them grow oh Lord!

I’m three plus three
Oh my child what do you perceive
Bluebells silently ring out their chorus to those whose ears hear
Fawns unaware of innocent peaking eyes
Weeping willow sweeping the earth clean
A horsey tree awaiting to carry its passenger to wherever the mind delights
Tadpoles traveling so fast its hard to get them in a glass
Flatten rock skipping across the meandering river pluckety, pluckety – pluck
Pears, apples and cherries spied high up in the sky
but not for long
Streams of water ready for playful feet
I see, I see even though I’m three plus three.

Published by rko777

I am a novice writer and painter who loves to be creative. I love singing but can't sing without a hymnal, except for children's songs. I love to make up my own songs and love the old hymns. I love to garden and got that love from my Mom and Dad who taught be everything I know from planting to harvesting to canning. I'm happy gardening, walking with my pug, JD Sir Winston Churchill, painting, and crafting. I love to spend Saturday's sitting in my rocker going through a bible study. I love working with elementary school aged children and seeing them use their creative gifts. I have taught Sunday school for a number of years and taught in the public schools for 18 years. I might say I'm retired but I spend most of my time subbing and enjoy it immensely. The kids spark my own creativeness.

14 thoughts on “Thoughts of mine

  1. Lovely thoughts; lovely word pictures; lovely sentiments. ‘For whatever is true, whatever is pure, whatever is loveable whatever is excellent, whatever is worthy of praise; whatever is LOVELY…. think and fix your mind on these things.’
    Your “lovely” thoughts, Rena, seem to fill the prescription that Paul write in Philippians 4.

  2. I received today a lovely invitation from a former student who was in a special jazz band and who was an excellent student. It so nice to see the Patricks grow up and be the men of God that God so uniquely desire them to become. Also all the wonderful young ladies I’ve taught also become women of God. I’m so happy that God allowed me to be apart of their lives even if it were for a short time.

    I’m also glad that God placed me in the country when I was a child as every morning I would set out to get the cows and see all the beauty of the fields which the above poem is a rememberance. I thank God he allowed and allows me to see the beauty he made in nature and in man. What an amazing God we have.

  3. Someone told me the other day you could either have a wish bone or a back bone. You go the back bone girl!

  4. I enjoyed reading your poems Rena because they do paint pictures of ‘captured moments’ of God’s creation that cause me to reflect on all the wonder of it. I especially liked the line “Tadpoles traveling so fast its hard to get them in a glass”. Just think, leg-less creatures that can’t even walk in the spring but are jumping by leaps and bounds by late summer. Now that’s a lesson in growth.

  5. Rena, your comment,”I’m also glad God placed me in the country when I was a child…and see all the beauty of the fields” reminds me of the Scripture…’Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart.’ That early training and routine and the closeness to nature that comes with country farm living, even though you later became a city girl, has stayed with you through your life, that is… your love of gardening, planting, weeding and growing, reaping and sowing.

  6. Thank God I’m a Country Girl – God’s placement – always perfect for each season in our lives. How great He is to show himself and teach us through the things he created. I can just hear Him say, “Does that not show what I mean by……” Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  7. I guess you would rather be out right now working in your garden while it is cool rather than being in the classroom but just think when you are out of the classroom this summer and it is nice and hot you will have plenty of time to enjoy the great hot sun while you pull all those good weeds that come up with your good vegetables you planted.

  8. Thanks Connie for the reminder that with every good garden comes weeds. Perhaps I could have you help me. Two sets of hands are better than one and shortens the time of work and increases the time to talk about God and what projects He wants us to do next. Remember Mom always said, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” and I wouldn’t want your hands to be idle. he! he! he!

  9. Connie, great thoughts on gardens and weeds! Looks like others agree with you!!
    “A good garden may have some weeds.” ~Thomas Fuller

    “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. ” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Fortune of the Republic, 1878

  10. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, interesting, Rena. My grandmother use to tell me something similar, but her words were something like this….”honey, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Hands or minds, I think the point is…………be busy about the Lord’s work whether it’s using you hands or your minds, right???

  11. Yes your right Needles. We don’t want to leave any room for the devil so keep our hands busy and minds firmly fixed on the Lord.

  12. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

  13. Rena, I love your poem. As Debi said, it paints a beautiful picture. This poem reminded me of something that happened a few weeks ago. One of our nurses call in, due to a sick child. I told them that I would work a half shift. My husband and I were doing yard work. I told him that I wish I hadn’t told them that I would work. I wanted to stay and finish the yard work. He told me that God may have a special reason for me to work that day. He told me that he would finish the yard and for me to go to work and take care of the sick. When I came home that night all the weeds were cut down and the yard looked great. So instead of working in my yard, I had to go to work and assist the patients in becoming stronger and healthier. That’s where I was need at the time. Thank you Rena for sharing your thoughts. Continue to help those beautiful little children. Polish them daily and watch them grow. There will be time to pull weeds.

  14. Thanks Chickenfarmer for sharing your snipet of your life. Thanks for all you do to make those patients healthy and minister to them also.

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