I wish I could stay home and paint today.
Make an ordinary piece of wood take on life
I wish I could play in my garden and water and weed
and smell the sweet fragrance of Spring
But I guess I’ll go to my classroom
and polish a few students
and water and watch them grow oh Lord!

I’m three plus three
Oh my child what do you perceive
Bluebells silently ring out their chorus to those whose ears hear
Fawns unaware of innocent peaking eyes
Weeping willow sweeping the earth clean
A horsey tree awaiting to carry its passenger to wherever the mind delights
Tadpoles traveling so fast its hard to get them in a glass
Flatten rock skipping across the meandering river pluckety, pluckety – pluck
Pears, apples and cherries spied high up in the sky
but not for long
Streams of water ready for playful feet
I see, I see even though I’m three plus three.