Happy Mothers Day to Anne McGlynn

and all LADIES that work so diligently to help others. Anne volunteers, knits, quilts and sews. She has many stories to tell. Ann makes the frog in her hand for children around the world. She makes the pillow for ladies with breast cancer to go under their arm. These are just a few of the things she makes to help others. Anne is retired and lives in Leesburg, Virginia with her family.
Frog And Anne

Anne is my new friend. Maybe you can tell your story of Anne. I saw love in this beautiful woman of God when I met her. Thank you Anne for showing love I will never forget. Your face stays with me and encourages me that I can do much more that I thought I could do. Anne, you are truly an inspiration to many. May God’s face shine favorably upon you in all that you do.
FrogAnne And Pillow


14 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day to Anne McGlynn

  1. I agree, Sara. When I met Ann at the plant sale where as a dedicated volunteer she was diligently digging away in potting soil, I saw Christian love in her eyes. We hugged even though she had to hold her hands way out so that potting soil would not get on our clothes. It’s sort of like what I have read in some books about Heaven when children of God meet one another on the streets of gold for the first time though not having known one another on the earth. Sisters greeting sisters.
    Her work is precious, engineered by the Holy Spirit, for sure.
    God bless Ann and God speed her in her selfless giving of herself and her talents, skill and gifts.

  2. I met Anne last year when I was doing some gardening at Monroe Tech. She was repotting some plants. She told me that people need not feel lonely or bored for there was so much to do in the world. She is a wealth of knowledge and people seek her out to find out about herbs, veggies, or flowers. Her face beams and she is so alive and enthusiastic about what she shares with others.

    I can’t wait for her class on sewing to reach the world of children through the Samaritans Purse. I got two ladies at my school today to come and join in on the class.

    Anne is a doer and spreads her Godly wisdom to all that will listen and they listen because she shines like the sun with God’s smile and enthusiasm. She has a real love of doing to touch others in love.

  3. I am priviledged to have met Anne last spring when she initially came with a volunteer group from the Senior Center to the horticulture department of Monroe Technology Center where I teach horticulture. But rather than just come weekly for an hour or so during the spring transplanting season, Anne came several times weekly and for many hours at a time. When it came time for the three day annual plant sale, Anne was there every day, staying until the very end. She continued year-round as a volunteer and faithfully worked helping cutomers and ‘custom planting’ vegetables, etc at this year’s plant sale last week. She is welcomed eagerly by all the horticulture students who have grown to love her because she cares for and loves them. She often brings the class special treats such as a warm upside-down pineapple cake or a freshly homemade chocolate cake. Last summer she brought fresh pesto from tomatoes and basil she had grown in her home garden. Just last Saturday she brought her daughter-in-law, Laura, who studied horticulture and loves plants with her to the greenhouse to transplant for the sale.
    She has won the respect and love of the students and staff who know her through her inspiration, hard-work, example, integrity, caring ways, love for Jesus and often prayers. She is truly a Godly woman of Proverbs 31 whom I so appreciate and admire very much. She is always thinking of others and what she can do for and give to someone else by putting her gifts and talents, time and energy to work gardening, quilting, sewing, knitting, etc. Anne, your frog and pillow are beautiful!
    I am blessed to know her and may God bless her and her family abundantly.

  4. May God bless Anne for her work for God’s Kingdom. You are truly a blessing from God above. Happy Mother’s Day Anne. Thank you for all you do. I would also like to take a minutes to wish another wonderful woman “Happy Mother’s Day”. This wonderful woman’s name is Phyllis Copeland. She is such an awesome woman of God, always giving, helping and loving. She loves God with all her heart. She is a retired school teacher, who taught eighth grade English. She loved her students. I have seen the toughest students melt when she would pat them on their shoulder. She is an angel who God allowed to live in a woman’s body. She is a blessing to me and anyone who knows her. I think daily how much God must love me, to give me such a wonderful mother. My mother needs your prayers. She had a hip replacement right after Christmas. Everything went well. We were a little concerned due to her history of diabetes. She did wonderful. Then she began hurting on the inner part of her hip. She is still walking with a cane. She just had a CT scan done of her hip and there may be some infection in that hip. The next step is a MRI. She was just chosen to lead a huge Woman’s Christian retreat in October. She is in a tremendous amount of pain when she walks. Satan is trying to stop her but I rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ. Please pray for this wonderful woman. Thank you to all of God’s mothers and fathers for all you do. I’d like to wish Anne, Phyllis and all the other beautiful mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  5. Chickenfarmer, I agree in prayer for your Mother’s healing. She is a beautiful woman of God and Bible Teacher as well. We sure enjoyed having her attend the first annual thedailylily.org retreat. We hope to see her back with us real soon. Give her our love and a big hug!

  6. Anne, I know the children, all around the world, absolutely LOVE your little frog! He is so precious! You have such a lovely talent/gift to sew, quilt, knit, and volunteer! And what an awesome idea, to make a pillow for those women who have breast cancer. May God richly bless you, as you unselfishly give of you time and energy, to help others.

    P.S. I learned how to knit scarfs, just before Christmas, and made some as Christmas presents. It is really neat to watch a piece of “thread” turn into something pretty and useful.

    P.S.S. I am agreeing in prayer for Wendy’s mother, to have healing and relief of her pain. May God bless her and each mother this coming Mother’s Day.

  7. Anne Im one of the sewing ladies that have been blessed to get your frog pattern I hope to be finished soon and am so glad that I get to see you even if its only on this site . a site I greatly appreciate and am thankful to be a part of because I get to meet special people like you the Sewing Lady……dj

  8. CF I, too, will pray for your mom, Phyllis Copeland. I have met Phyllis and she is a lovely and loving Christian woman, as you have described above.
    Jesus’ Name is the NAME above infection , cancer, heart disease and diabetes. We proclaim the Name and the blood of Jesus over your mom and place her on the mercy seat of healing before the Lord God. We thank God for good and godly people like Phyllis and we speak forth that she will recover completely and go on to declare the works of the most high GOD, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  9. I stand in agreement with the other dailylilies for the complete healing of Phyllis Copeland’s hip. May the infection go in Jesus’s name and may she be able to stand and lead with JOY the retreat in October.

  10. I, too, join my prayers for healing for chickenfarmer’s mother. And may the Lord, strengthen and heal other mother’s that are reading on this site and crying out and believing for a touch from the Lord.

  11. Lilies, thank you for your prayers. I know who the great healer is. Jesus has already healed my mom from a massive lump that was a possible cancer. The doctor said she need extensive testing on a lump that was found in her breast. She was annointed with oil and prayed for. When she went for her test, the doctor was unable to find it. The doctor was amazed because it was so big and was nowhere to found. The Roman solider told Jesus if he said his servant was healed then the servant was healed. He said that he knew he could heal without entering the house. He knew Jesus was a man of authority and all he had to do was speak the words and the servant would be healed. Jesus, you have healed my mom once. Jesus, if you just speak the words then she will be healed. Thank you
    Lilies for you prayers and thank you Jesus for all you have done and are doing. Jesus is the great phyician. Praise God.

  12. Anne, how can we get one of your pink heart pillows for Ann, Dorothy’s sister that we are sharing with on this site? We are believing for Ann’s complete healing of breast cancer. Do you sell them? Or, how does we acquire them? Or, pattern?

  13. Ask for it and it will be delivered to Monroe Tech Horticulture where I volunteer. I can give you a pattern and I don’t sell them, they are gifts. I do them in my spare time.

  14. Thank you Anne M. We would love to have a pillow delivered to Monroe Tech for Anne. She is in the process of chemo and I know she would love the pillow. We would also appreciate the pattern and we could see if someone in our group could help make them.

    Thanks again for your love, care and support that you give to so many. We bless you.

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