Noah’s Story (age 10)

One day this boy named Noah was fishing. He had a huge blue marlin on. He was thinking about the future. “With this fish I would get a trophy. I would sell the trophy and buy a better fishing rod. With this fishing rod I would be able to catch bigger fish.” While he was daydreaming his huge blue marlin got away. All of his plans swam away. THE END

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photo by Chris Kubik

14 thoughts on “Noah’s Story (age 10)

  1. Oh Noah what a wonderful story. This story touch my heart. If we don’t receive the blessing that God has given us today and we just daydream about tomorrow— then we may watch our blessing just swim away. A bigger and better fishing rod may not catch the biggest blue marlin. We need to use what God has blessed us with today and let God worry about tomorrow. Noah, you did a great job. I’m proud of you. I love you. Love, Mom

  2. Out of the mouths of babes and youth God has perfected praise and His wisdom spilled forth. Wow! What a virtuous fable from a wise little man. Thank you,Noah, for this story. I love it and I am going to tell my students this story and then tell them that a ten year old young man wrote
    all this wisdom.

  3. Noah, I love your story! I’d like to share some scripture with you. Read with me:(Jeremiah 29: 11) “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” And over in Matthew 10: 30, it says: ” And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” See Noah, your dreams of winning a trophy and getting a new fishing rod, may have swam away, but your Heavenly Father has the perfect plan just for you! So keep fishing, in His Word and praying to Him, for all your dreams.

  4. Noah, this story is like a parable because it illustrates a lesson that we can all learn from. To me it is like a yellow flashing light that says ‘Warning!!” Focus. Pay attention to the job at hand and don’t let your mind wander so you don’t lose what is already in your grasp.
    In my opinion, as a teacher who has taken courses in children’s literature, poetry and creative writing, this is a great story, well-written and to the point.

  5. What a great story! There are many great lessons in this story for all of us to learn. One lesson could be if we focus on the far away grandeur possibilities of the what ifs in our lives we could miss the beautiful moments of the here and now in life, the blue marlin moments. A second lesson might be, enjoy the task you are given during this time period in your life no matter the size of it. A third lesson might be don’t try to focus on something more than you can do or are equipped to do right now. I wonder what other lessons can be taught by this powerful concise story. Anyone have other ideas?

  6. Well, I guess some day when Noah is all grown up and has a son of his own he will tell the story of the BIG ONE THAT GOT AWAY, and it won’t be a fishy story but the real thing.
    I guess another lesson since you asked, Rena, might be to regard each ‘catch at hand like a stepping stone to your aspirations, sort of like you suggested and with this right attitude, to make use of every resource on your line (or hook) as the case may be.

  7. BTW, these photos of the BIG BLUE are superior! What a glorious creature of the deep, the Lord hath created. I am NOT a fisherman, for sure, but this beauty would capture my heart any day.

  8. Knowing Noah that you have an evangelist heart to tell others about Jesus – just maybe God’s reminding you not to lose your focus by depending upon the things of this world you can buy to catch fish (men for Him) but pray and he’ll place kids, men, and women just at the right place to be harvested or caught for Jesus.

  9. Noah, I love your story. It is a great teaching tool. I have a question for you. What would cause one to daydream instead of accepting the things they have to do for the day? And, being happy with the way God made them?

  10. Say, Noah, I read your story to my 1st and 3rd grade classes and they not only liked the story but they GOT the moral of the story, even the little ones. They wanted to see your picture and they wanted to see the ONE that got away.
    thank for an entertaining and “moral” moment that I could share with my classes.

  11. Oh Noah I think you so much for this story. I got it Noah! Sometimes we have a focus on other and bigger, sometimes beautiful things, people we are in relationship with, when God has given into our hand ones he wants us to minister to (those He sent to us to catch). We don’t put our time or focus on those he sent, but keep looking at the others beyond who are not interested in Jesus and who were not sent to us to minister to now. We allow Satan to take our eyes off those He has prepared us to catch. However the ones right before us are ready and hungry for the word of God. So we need to catch the ones for Jesus that God has given into our hand. They are hungry and we must focus and feed them. Thank you Noah!

  12. Thank for your comments on my fishing story. Mrs. Sara I believe people daydream because they are overwhelmed by life. They can make life the way they want it by daydreaming. When I grow up my goal is to travel the world and feed God’s Word to hungry souls. When Jesus returns I want to be raptured in the clouds with all the other Christians.

  13. Noah, great response. I love your goal and your vision. I believe you want to always be in the center of God’s will for your life. What a noble goal. I pray that you will be like the Apostle Paul and be true to your vision.

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