How does Love Look?
Could it ever look like me?
When Love looks in the mirror
How does love see?
Does Love look with eyes of Compassion?
Does Love perceive with gentleness?
Is Love a form of comliness
Tall and stately righteousness
How does Love look?

Could Love ever look like me?
When Love looks in the mirror
What does Love see?
Does Love see a heart not fretful?
Never Jealous or resentful?
Or a look of calm and kindness,
Not always having SELF in mind?
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
Can I see Christ living in me?
Do I see “His Face, shining as a glory of grace”?**
And when Christ looks in the mirror what does He see?
He sees the FATHER, shining perfectly.
And when Father looks in the mirror
What does He see?
O, will He ever NOT be able to tell
Jesus from me??
**(song: Sara “waiting Room”)


7 thoughts on “WHEN LOVE LOOKS”

  1. 1 Corinthians 13:12:
    “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

    Your poem makes me think of this verse in Corinthians. I seem to think that God sees us better and we see Him better when we are not frozen in photograph. But in motion with voice and even doubt will bring us closer to truth and open us to new revelation. We hear His voice and we act with obedience and we see truth in Christ and God begins to see us as one with Him.

    Thanks for sharing your looking glass with us.

  2. This poem came as an inspiration after having completed and as a response to Sara’s Course based on her book, DRESSING FOR HIS GLORY. Some marvelously inspirational writings by several students were the result of attending this particular seminar, DRESSING FOR HIS GLORY.

  3. It is a beautiful poem MG…and the question what does He see? caused me to think a time on this…then I read Saras response and thought some more…Sara said she seemed to thing that God sees us better when we are not frozen in photograph…true…..deep thinking here for me…God sees us in Christ Jesus…and when we sin ..we are totally frozen… confession and obedience thaws us out ….and we can be seen better and see better…no more frozen photo…:)dj

  4. Your poem caused me to think on a workshop Sara had  written and taught entitled “Dressing for His Glory”. Each one of us attending were given a mirror at the beginning of her lesson on “Image:The Beauty of Jesus.” We were encouraged to take a look at ourself in this mirror and really think about and try to express our desire for His excellent image to be seen in the mirror. Interestingly, the flower Sara chose to illustrate this Image was the lily which represented the trumpet call. As a floral designer, I am always intrigued with using lilies in an arrangement. Unlike many flowers, they ‘evolve’ through their design process from a tight bud with no particularly beautiful features, to a slightly open flower beginning to show the promise of beauty, to a full blown trumpet that creates an awe in the design. I hear Sara’s teaching echo: “excellence is a lifelong process” as I patiently watch this flower unfold.

  5. DJ & DEBI, As I read your insightful comments on the offering “WHEN LOVE LOOKS” it reminded me of a ROSARY as each thought proceeds to the next, like the hand fingering the next bead; one succeeding the next; one thought proceeding to the next. It makes me think that thedailylily is like that. It’s like a ROSARY of thoughts, prayers, ideas, inspirations, offerings; one springing from another and connecting and evolving. A ROSARY!

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem of what love looks like. May we as we walk forward with Jesus be an image of Him who leads and guides us daily. As we grow closer and closer to him may the light that lights us within be reflected into every part of our daily life. May we move with excitement as we walk God’s highway.
    May we be renewed daily being God’s hands, feet, voice, and smile wherever we go, whether it is in our community or walking in Africa or another nation. May others say there goes a person who carries the light of Jesus. May they say there goes a person who apparently refills their light daily thus allowing the oil of Jesus to continuously flow regardless of the circumstances. May even through our tears may we look up and be filled again with your light and love dear Jesus. Amen!

  7. MG I love this poem. I think we all need to keep this in our hearts and think about it the next time someone upsets us. I pray we can love like Jesus even in the hardest time to love. When Jesus was carring his cross and the people were hitting him, spitting on him and kicking him, he never got anger or upset. He stayed focus on what he had to do. Even when he was hanging on the wooden cross, he looked up to the Heavens and said Lord forgive them for they know not what they do. This is the way we are supposed to love. Even when people don’t love us, we need to love them as Jesus would. We need to pray for them as Jesus would. Lord, Please forgive them for they know not what they do. Lord forgive us all for not loving like this. This is LOVE!!!!!

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