You may be supporting illegal immigration every time you use your check card, your credit card, pay your mortgage and everything else you do if you have any of these services with BANK OF AMERICA. Recently reported in the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets, Bank of America has quietly been offering credit cards to illegal immigrants. If you have had an account with Bank of America for at least 3 months and you haven’t had an overdraft you can get a credit card. The thing about this is, and I have no idea how it is legal, the people getting the bank accounts and credit cards don’t have SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. What is going on?????? My first question is how are undocumented people getting bank accounts? The last time I opened an account I had to provide every piece of evidence I had to prove my identity and people are just being handed bank accounts and credit cards??? How is this happening.

When I heard the news story I was shocked. I thought it must be wrong. But on 2-16-07 I confirmed with the Bank of America Leesburg, VA branch that they are offering credit cards to illegal immigrants. I was relieved I didn’t have any accounts with them until I realized my credit card is carried by Bank of America. I have a Motley Fool Visa card, This is an investment web site that offers a low interest rate and cash back. I have called Motley Fool, Kate Ward, Product Manager, 703-838-3665 to ask their position on this situation and have yet to receive a response. I encourage everyone to give them a call and call/write your local Congressional Leaders. This is an outrage.