Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty

Chris Mar has once again captured Fall Beauty from his drone flying from above. How peaceful to view a garden from angles that delights the whole being. Looking down from up above you seem to find your soul living in clusters of beauty. Yes, blooming, healing and living. Pause and enjoy the beauty of an Autumn Garden today.

C.S. Monroe Technology Center Fall Plant Sale

Fall Plant Sale 2015 from Chris Mar on Vimeo.


Woolly Bear Winter Prediction

We can now accurately predict the harshness for Northern Virginia’s upcoming winter. Based on the purely scientific method of Woolly Bear analysis, we have a prediction for winter 2009. The ratio of black to brown bands on the Woolly Bear can foretell the harshness of the upcoming winter. More black the harsher the winter; more brown predicts a gentler winter.

How does the Woolly Bear accomplish this task? When the caterpillars grow during a wetter fall, the black bands will be larger then the brown one. A wetter fall sets a trend toward a wetter and milder winter.

Woolly Bear with smaller black bands, Fall 2008

I found this Woolly Bear in Sky Meadow’s State Park. The smaller black bands on his body predict we will have a mild winter. Don’t worry about buying a new snow shovel this year; the Woolly Bear has spoken.

Do you support illegal immigration?

You may be supporting illegal immigration every time you use your check card, your credit card, pay your mortgage and everything else you do if you have any of these services with BANK OF AMERICA. Recently reported in the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets, Bank of America has quietly been offering credit cards to illegal immigrants. If you have had an account with Bank of America for at least 3 months and you haven’t had an overdraft you can get a credit card. The thing about this is, and I have no idea how it is legal, the people getting the bank accounts and credit cards don’t have SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. What is going on?????? My first question is how are undocumented people getting bank accounts? The last time I opened an account I had to provide every piece of evidence I had to prove my identity and people are just being handed bank accounts and credit cards??? How is this happening.

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Boycott Best Buy

Our Ranger wants to say Merry Christmas to all!

My Husband, Chris, and I went shopping tonight at Best Buy for Christmas Gifts. We were happy to see they had so many items that we could use. Chris had chosen a pricy item for a family member and I had chosen some items as well as a gift card with a picture of a Menorah for a Jewish friend. When, I asked for a Christmas Card for a Christian friend that celebrates the Birth of Christ. I was told they do not have those.

So I asked to see the store manager and to my dismay I was informed “no we don’t have Christmas gift cards. We don’t say Merry Christmas. We have a tree but we do not decorate or have a star.”

We left our items there and went out into the freezing cold of 12 degrees and only twelve days before Christmas to find a reputable merchant that would and does support the ones of us that do celebrate the Birth of Ch Continue reading “Boycott Best Buy”