Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty

Chris Mar has once again captured Fall Beauty from his drone flying from above. How peaceful to view a garden from angles that delights the whole being. Looking down from up above you seem to find your soul living in clusters of beauty. Yes, blooming, healing and living. Pause and enjoy the beauty of anContinue reading “Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty”

Woolly Bear Winter Prediction

We can now accurately predict the harshness for Northern Virginia’s upcoming winter. Based on the purely scientific method of Woolly Bear analysis, we have a prediction for winter 2009. The ratio of black to brown bands on the Woolly Bear can foretell the harshness of the upcoming winter. More black the harsher the winter; moreContinue reading “Woolly Bear Winter Prediction”

Do you support illegal immigration?

You may be supporting illegal immigration every time you use your check card, your credit card, pay your mortgage and everything else you do if you have any of these services with BANK OF AMERICA. Recently reported in the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets, Bank of America has quietly been offering credit cardsContinue reading “Do you support illegal immigration?”