Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty

Chris Mar has once again captured Fall Beauty from his drone flying from above. How peaceful to view a garden from angles that delights the whole being. Looking down from up above you seem to find your soul living in clusters of beauty. Yes, blooming, healing and living. Pause and enjoy the beauty of an Autumn Garden today.

C.S. Monroe Technology Center Fall Plant Sale

Fall Plant Sale 2015 from Chris Mar on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Chris’ Drone showing Autumn Beauty

  1. Thank you Chris for sharing your God given gift and skill. So often I get the thought I want to duplicate another’s gift and skill and miss the beauty another’s gift has for me. I not only see beauty from this high above drone duty but my ears hear the peaceful sound of music as I float in imagination of my good life connecting to your gentle wisdom.

    This scripture given to us * we believe by the brother of Jesus makes me pause and think; wonder what James was thinking having a brother like Jesus doing what seemed like impossible things. Making wine from water? Feeding multitudes from a handful of food? These are just a chicken scratch when compared to a life lived on The Ultimate Cross. When I see your gifts and skills, Chris, next to mine I feel a bit like James must have felt. But, James observed and attached his wagon to the power that only Jesus could give. Why don’t we all study James and Chris and try to do the same?

    *”Who is wise and understanding among you? Show by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom.” James 3:13, NRSV

    1. The wonder of this technological skill and how gloriously Chris applies it!! Knowledge without wisdom is dangerous but when one applies wisdom to the knowledge he has gained then is there great success and beauty,yes, and truth! That’s you, Chris!!

  2. Chris, your video is awesome! And your fast as lightening turn-around-time from flying your drone and expertise of doing the video to sharing this post is truly amazing! Thank you so very much. I have this post up and running at the C.S. Monroe Technology Center Fall Plant Sale and many are enjoying!

  3. Oh, so glad Chris took his time and shared his gift here on the lily. I don’t live in the northern Virginia area and so appreciate getting to see all the beauty at Monroe’s plant sale. I pray they sold lots of plants. Thank you Chris!

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