It’s beginning to feel like fall in northern Virginia. The bright sunny days are crisp and the night temperatures are dropping. While the trees start to undress for winter, the fall mums and pansies are putting on their gorgeous fall gowns and the ornamental cabbages and kales are ready to occupy a colorful spot in the landscape. Fall perennials are adding color to the show along with shrubs’ late season bloomers.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, please visit the Fall Plant Sale at Monroe Technology Center. You will find lots of fall color variety and our agriculture students will be happy to assist you. The sale dates are Wednesday, September 16, 10-6 pm, Thursday, September 17, 10-5 pm and Friday, September 18, 10-4 pm. Plant proceeds go towards scholarships for the department’s seniors.

IMG_0973 IMG_0970

8 thoughts on “DEBI’S BLOG

  1. Debi! What a smorgasbord of glory!! The plants are gorgeous and I am looking forward, greatly, to choosing my pansies for all my pots. Pansies are loyal, forbearing, laboring in the snow & the sun [mostly, anyway]. Hey, that sounds like Fruit of the Spirit!!
    But all the plants are lovely as God only creates beauty….and stuff that’s “Good”. I will be there to celebrate the feast of flowers with you! I wish you great success for the loving labor of your hands & your desire to train others to be able to present the beauty of God to all who will come!!

    1. Thanks for being a part MG by volunteering. It’s always great to have your help by making all feel welcome as they enter the gate to the sale!

  2. Debi! So glad Chris was able to capture the beauty of your Fall Sale. I remember the wonderful people who came and the wonderful volunteers when I was able to participate. What beauty each one will behold when they enter with their empty wagons and leave with overflowing beauty to take home and enjoy. What a wonderful job you and your students have done. I pray your sale goes well so their will be much welcomed scholarships for the students in the Fall. Blessings and Joy working with all.

    1. Thanks so much Rena for your prayers and encouraging support. Yes, Chris really did ‘capture’ beauty and we are so grateful for the talent and time he gives to this program in so many ways.

  3. I agree with MG and Rena once again Debi and students have delivered instant Autumn beauty.

    For the last few years I would sit and secretly imagine how to chose the exact most beautiful pots of Autumn Glory from among that season of autumn colors to deliver to Nags Head, NC to beautify my brothers emply summer pots. We filled them as a small token hoping to give him hope as he would pass them by going and coming from chemo therapy year after year. Today, hopefully, he sees them from another view as heaven may give him a window to peek a view. We earthlings may ponder just what color can we chose for a pot here and there that may paint another’s day with hope as they, too, may come and go for various reasons.

    I have come to understand and use in my writings often, “a garden is eternal.”

    1. The plethora of pansies set my heart a-dancing with their puggish grins and variegated
      colors and designs. The plant sale was awash with color and patterns as you saw in Chris’ drone movie. It was hard to choose from among so many hues and designs. So I tried to choose most of them. But PURPLE IS my favorite color.
      The students are delightful assistants, respectful, knowledgeable, [for Debi has trained them as such] and full of energy and the strength of youth!! Amen!!
      The sale is still going on and there is much beauty to be had if one would like to escape for a short journey into some of nature’s best that God has provided for us to enjoy.
      The Scholarship fund awaits! Indulge!

  4. Sara, thank you for sharing your thoughts and understanding above. And thank you for the years of support and encouragement that The Daily Lily has given to the Monroe Technology Center and its students in many ways.

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