“Secular Progressives is the official title for those who promote the opposite of the Judeo-Christian lifestyle/ethic and who object to almost all things biblical. This is a lifestyle of unbelievers, who will always find something to object to when the subject involves a serious, committed consideration of the Bible or Christianity, i.e., a Bible on a table, talk about Jesus, that Christians choose to pray to the living God, etc, etc.etc. Often God seems like Santa Claus to those who embrace this Secular Progressive lifestyle/belief system. He is “love” or “tolerance” considered in a way that has no balancing justice, no boundaries, and most of all, no biblical accountability. Some people call it “sloopy agape.” It is. It is not love at all. It is important that Christians have a name for these folks. Being able to identify both friend and enemy is important. Words matter. Definitions matter. That is why political correctness is so intimidating, deadly, and dishonest.”

Gail Cohoon