Gossip the Gospel

“Purple is a biblically royal color. Lydia, of Greece, the first European convert baptised through Paul’s ministry was a “seller of purple.” This purple was extracted from sea shells, I believe and therefore rare at the time. That meant she made a good amount of money because the Caesars in Rome and others of prominence there wanted purple cloth for their own textiles, ie. clothes and home furnishings. She was able to support Paul’s ministry in large measure. I went to the place where she was baptised in Greece. It is up above Thessalonica, near Macedonia. There is a stream of running water there and a church which commemorates her baptism. It is a pretty place. We celebrated Eucharist there. She was a “sending” missionary. Missionaries come in two varieties: those who send others and those who go directly. Both are essential to spreading the gospel as Jesus calls us to do at the end of Matthew’s gospel. In the meantime, all of us can “gossip the gospel,” a phrase my church history professor taught.”

Gail Cohoon, Columbia, NC

8 thoughts on “Gossip the Gospel

  1. Most enjoyable message, Gail Cohoon’s post. In it I find my holy imagination taking me through the scenarios of the Scriptures…..there observing lovely Lydia as she labors with love, after Paul baptizes her, to send the Gospel to other Gentiles and Gentile nations like her own, Greece. Gail Cohoon raises up in her story a kinship of believers of then and now where there really is no distance in the Spirit. It is the cloud of witnesses of whom she demonstrates that fellowship.
    Gail encourages me with this story of Lydia in that her labor of love the industry of….”Purple”…[my favorite color, btw ] was to SEND! The proceeds of her business were dedicated to SENDING the Word…..the ‘Gospel Gossip’ to the Gentiles. Lydia’s story is a many faceted story of Christians throughout the centuries who have worked and contributed their earnings to bring souls into the Kingdom.
    Maybe we are not able to GO. But we can [sometimes] surely, SEND.

    1. MG, have you read any of these books that I saw on a post that Gail recommended? “fill the mission mandate by Jesus at the end of Matthew, i.e. the Great Commission. A couple of recommended books in case anyone is interested: Their Blood Cries Out by Paul Marshall with Lela Gilbert and A Voice for the Voiceless by Baroness Carolina Cox and Andrew Boyd. Both are excellent. Caroline Cox is a Baroness in England’s Parliment who was a garden variety hospital nurse who gave her life to the Lord, and He brought her into influence and power to affect so many lives of unreached people. I would also recommend The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins which describes the face of Christianity in the coming decades. Their Blood Cries Out is not easy to read but a book that, though painful, NEEDS to be read.”

      1. Thanks, Sara for the recommendation of these books that tell of the sacrifices other Christians made, even their deaths, to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom.

  2. Than you for sharing a post by Gail. It was inspiring to read the background on Lydia and how much her field of work supported Paul and the spread of the gospel.
    Also, I appreciated reading and thinking on the phrase ‘“gossip the gospel”. It sure painted a picture for me of what the tongue and our conversations ought to be vs what they ought not to be. And the books recommended, Sara, look like a must-read…thank you for sharing.

  3. Footnotes for Acts 16: 13, 14 (NLT) “After following the Holy Spirit’s leading into Macedonia, Paul made his first evangelistic contact with a small group of women. Paul never allowed gender or cultural boundaries to keep him from preaching the Good News. He preached to these women, and Lydia, and influential merchant, believed. This opened the way for ministry in that region. God often worked in and through women in the early church.”

    Lydia was an excellent example to follow. Would you agree?

    1. Agreed, Tammy! It is appropriate that we express the fact that women’s ministries 2000 years ago contributed greatly to the spreading of the Gospel. Jesus had a small [well maybe not too small ] troupe of godly women who followed Him and contributed to and supported Him and the Apostles out of their own funds in spreading the Gospel and they, themselves ”Gossiped the Gospel” as they journeyed with Jesus.

      1. I heard a minister on the net, today, who gave a word from the Lord about Gossip. I know it’s something we all KNOW….but too often it’s something we all DO, The Lord’s message was a plea to His beloved children to not participate, much less listen when someone, even a loved one, a mate is speaking about another in a derogatory or critical way. And not to be participating in judging, criticizing or mocking…most especially a fellow believer no matter what the situation. We must not judge another Man’s servant.
        The message said that the wound gossip makes in the soul of the ‘victim’ is an open door to satan to get a foothold in that person’s life and the rejection & condemnation that person suffers is quite painful…even when they do not know where the criticism is coming from. And the gossipers wound themselves when they speak against a brother or sister in the Body of Christ.
        Sara has spoken to us about this subject often. The message from the Lord was to ”walk away” from those who are gossiping about others if they will not stop when there’s conviction in the group. And speaking against pastors, leaders, 5-fold is very grievous to the Lord.
        I know we all have heard this, read it in the Scriptures but after I heard this message, [there’s more but too long to include here] I took a long hard look at myself in the Light of the Gospel & the lovely Lord Jesus Christ and His plea to His Bride, and found that I make judgments about people often. I listen when others are speaking about a brother or sister and I interject with my 2-cents worth., [not worth that much, really!]. Dear Lord, deliver me from the curse of my own opinion!!!!! [Jesus gave that message awhile back].
        To Gossip the Gospel is such freedom from the bondage of our own opinions about anyone and everyone and everything..and on & on & on!! Enough!

  4. Not sure I am understanding MG’s comment. Maybe, MG, would like to give the minister and title of sermon and the ones could listen, if they like. I thought this great from Osteen today’s devotion. “Safety in Numbers…Are you facing an important decision today? God wants to give you the answer. He wants to direct your steps. Many times, He will speak to us through the people He has placed in our lives. That’s why the Bible says that safety is found in a multitude of advisors.

    God designed us to live in families, communities and congregations. We need to be open to receiving input from the people who are close to us. That doesn’t mean you have to follow everything everyone tells you. But if you’re in a particular situation or relationship, and all the people around you are giving you the same word of caution, it might be God trying to get a message to you. Take that advice and bring it before the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to confirm His perfect plan to your heart. Remember, wisdom comes from God, and wise counsel will always be in agreement with God’s Word. He will always confirm the answer when you ask Him.

    Whatever you are facing today, be open to receiving wise counsel. As you do, you will be blessed and protected and walk in confidence down the path the Lord has prepared for you!”

    Also, love this one; “”Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. GOD will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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