8 thoughts on “Bonnie and Rocket have their first swim

  1. What a bevy of bathing beauties are these two delightful little creatures, Bonnie & Rocket. Just classic, delightful darlings. Thanks, Chris, for a sneak peek at the babies in action. Too cute for words!!!!!!

  2. Precious little ones. I get so amused when our furry friends find joy in playing in the water as the two beautiful Scotties are doing here or discovering their own face in the reflection of a plate, or discovering how to manuever the steps for the first time. How even though they can not speak they can manuever their water bowl to you to say fill it please as mine is doing as I type this piece. Are you asking God to fill you or this nation.

    Yes we can pour over the times but do we take the time to place all in God’s hand.
    Times of frolicking into something new and times to stop and praise and worship the one who is the Giver of gifts that fulfill. In the scripture it says, 2 Chronicles 7: 14 New International Version

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    I look at these two Scotties so free, gifts of God. Joy and delight to all to watch.
    Are we too selfish to pray for our Nation so that we can continue to delight in these little ones and the joys of living in this Nation. Will the joys continue in this land? Can we be UNSELFISH enough to pray so God can bless this Nation!!!

    1. I sure hope we pray and change. We have beauty given to show us God’s way. I hope we are worshipping the Creator and not the creation. He gives us great reason to worship Him.

  3. Bonnie and Rocket have been sent to our family as little joy givers. Their homemade collar scarves were made by one of our very special Lily friends. A special lady that came to us when a need was prompted in her life. She joined with us in seeking answers and many have been found. She has a great love of animals. And, has a gift from God to help in carrying for those that are so often neglected. We all joined hands and connections of serving is ongoing. Our fur babies tell many stories of healing and other!

  4. The Daily Lily’s new website look is really great…I love it!
    Also, Chris Mar’s video is as cool as the Scottie’s pool and the featured stars bring much joy to the heart!!
    A couple of week’s ago Chris took his time to come to the school where I teach, Monroe Technology Center, to make a video using his drone to help promote our spring plant sale https://thedailylily.com/2015/04/28/time-for-your-spring-flowers/. Bonnie and Rocket won hearts as viewers were thrilled to get the view from a drone’s perspective.
    Many thanks to Chris, Rocket and Bonnie, and The Daily Lily for enriching so many lives.

  5. Thanks Debi… I am so happy to see how God has given Chris and Jon creativity, ideas, inventions, skills and talents. I pray they never settle for a mediocre life! I am so grateful they share their creativity with us here and throughout the universe. God gives and has given generously to them and they generously give back. I am knee bent thankful that the video was so gratifying and rewarding to your school. I hope many students and admin alike will catch the vision for new creativity and use to give back into all our lives.

    Thanks for sharing Chris’ video! The flowers, trees and shrubs were Beauty in themselves but with the drone effect and live excitement of Bonnie and Rocket it set fire to the Sparks! Lots of fun. An Oasis in the hectic! God’s face shines in many ways!

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