Time for your Spring Flowers

Welcome spring by visiting the Monroe Technology Center’s annual Spring Plant Sale. There are lots of beautiful annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, hanging baskets (over 500!), vegetables and fruiting plants to choose from this year. Our students, wearing black ‘Plant Sale’ T-shirts by our favorite T-shirt company, CustomInk, will be glad to help you with your plant selections. Proceeds from the sale help support scholarships for program seniors.
And this year you will find more than just plants and plant products for sale. We will feature ‘Faithful Friends’ Stitches by Patti; beautiful hand sewn slip-on collar scarves for your dog or cat.
Additionally, Monroe’s Culinary Arts Department will be selling a variety of their delicious creations.
Hours are Wednesday, April 29, 10am-8pm; Thursday, April 30, 10am-6pm; and Friday, May 1, 10am-5pm. We are located at 715 Childrens Center Rd, Leesburg, VA.

Hope to see you, Debi Chaves

11 thoughts on “Time for your Spring Flowers

    1. Thanks Sara…many, many people who attended the sale today also seemed to agree with you in loving all the new…new plants; new CustomInk T-shirts; the new beautiful dog scarves; the Culinary Arts foods; to the new video that Chris Mar produced to advertise the plant sale using his drone and GoPro camera! Lots of excitement!

  1. Oh Debi I sure miss the beauty of the plant sale and all the beautiful plants you and your students have worked on for months to get ready for all gardeners and potential gardeners. May yours sales be plentiful and may the scholarships this year grow to benefit many of the students.

  2. Debi hope all will go well for the plant sale which the students have worked so hard to grow, water, and fertilize for the gardeners and potential gardeners. Pray sales will multiply so there will be many scholarships to help more students with their college plans for next year.

    1. Thanks Rena, the weather was beautiful and the crowds came out to support the sale. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Rena, there are somethings and some people vitally missed from the sale. Your being one. Your smile, your laughter, your hugs left a big void in the show. I think of another volunteer much like yourself, Ann! The show goes on but never the same when special people have move forward. It reminds me how school feels to some happy to pass grade 3 but just not sure of grade 4. You are missed along with other volunteers. 💞

    MG’s fun loving spirit has found a place to share her light and delight even making sure I get the goodies I really like! Food and cookies!

    Debi and staff with new and old students in tow have once again lite the heart of Leesburg and her surrounding friends with Flora delight!

  4. What an explosion of God’s great greenery ”where God paints the scenery” to quote an old tune….but it’s true. There is a plethora of glory and green at the Plant Sale this year with so much new stuff; Patti’s Faithful Friends pet collars are darling along with the pics of precious pets. I have already eaten brownies and 3 pepperoni biscuts. Dynamite!!!
    I have been to several of Debi’s Plant Sales throughout the years but this one outshines them all, so far.
    Her students were sharp in their black Cusomlinks and wore them proudly as they deftly and I might add very kindly and politely and tenderly handled the masses of people who came to take advantage of ‘such a deal’ !! It really is quite a “”thing”” in Leesburg, Va. to be ”seen” at Monroe Tech Plant Sale (s) each season..

    Kudos to Debi and her crew and all who helped make an exciting event possible.

  5. Thank you MG and many, many thanks to you for braving the crowds and lack of parking spaces to volunteer your help with the sale and support it in so many ways.

  6. Hope lots of students received many scholarships! Sure wished I lived close enough to enjoy this beautiful sale, fun, and support of education. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tammy. Yes, the plant sale was a big success and provided many scholarships for deserving students.
      Chris Mar helped with promoting by making a drone video preview of the sale which thrilled the viewers throughout the sale

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