Boycott Best Buy

Our Ranger wants to say Merry Christmas to all!

My Husband, Chris, and I went shopping tonight at Best Buy for Christmas Gifts. We were happy to see they had so many items that we could use. Chris had chosen a pricy item for a family member and I had chosen some items as well as a gift card with a picture of a Menorah for a Jewish friend. When, I asked for a Christmas Card for a Christian friend that celebrates the Birth of Christ. I was told they do not have those.

So I asked to see the store manager and to my dismay I was informed “no we don’t have Christmas gift cards. We don’t say Merry Christmas. We have a tree but we do not decorate or have a star.”

We left our items there and went out into the freezing cold of 12 degrees and only twelve days before Christmas to find a reputable merchant that would and does support the ones of us that do celebrate the Birth of Christ.

Please read Needles article below on Target Backing Off Ban, May Use Christmas In Ads Later This Year. Also you will find other merchants that are not supporting Christmas.

These companies have banned “Christmas” from their retail ads, in-store promotions or television commercials.

Please take time to let Best Buy know you are offended by their anti-Christian and anti-Christmas bias. Their contact information is below.

Best Buy (888) 237-8289 email
“Best Buy offers no “Christmas” in their advertising”

Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Boycott Best Buy

  1. Thanks, T. for that informative article! Now we know that there is not exactly truth in advertizing about their being the BEST! I guess if they don’t change their tune we may have to say Bye-Bye to Best Buy like T. & Chris did!

  2. I had planned to purchase a pricy gift for a family member at
    Best Buy but now I will definitely not. Thanks for the info T.

  3. Thank you for the informative article. I’m so proud of you and your husband for walking away without purchasing. We need to all be pro active like you. Thanks for leading by example.

  4. Okay…I emailed Dick Schulze and I will not be going to Best BUy this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Ephesians 6:19, the Apostle Paul asked the church to pray that he would be bold and open his mouth and have the courage to speak at the right time. Thanks T for speaking up and I pray that I will have the courage to speak bodly about these issues.

    I will eamil Dick Schulze and let him know as well.

  6. Thank you T for this information! If all the businesses keep leaving Christ out, then the Christians will just have to have their own place of business.

  7. T. & C. & Ranger,
    Just want you to know that I sent an email to the address given for contacting “Best Buy”. I suppose I will not receive a response/reply but I did let them know my dismay at this anti-Christmas attitude.
    Also received an admonition at school today, to say Happy Holidays and NOT Merry Christmas, as we didn’t want to “offend” anyone…school policy!!!!!

    1. offend anyone. You offended me and maybe some others by not saying Merry Christmas, Fairfax County Va. Schools.

      Why are you saying Happy Holidays! What Holidays are you speaking of about now?

  8. My dad and I went shopping for my mom today. We stopped at Walmart for some “Stocking stuffers” and the cashier specifically said…you guessed it, “Merry Christmas”. I was so proud of that little girl.
    Just an FYI… I was at my brother-in-law’s chatting with my brother-in-law and father in-law and husband (all are Jewish). It came up about the whole “Christmas/ Holiday” tree debate. They were saying they “didn’t get it”. All agree that a Christmas tree is, in fact, a CHRISTMAS tree. The idea of a “holiday tree” was a joke in their eyes too. When wished a Merry Christmas they are NOT offended in any way, shape, or form. My brother in law said that it is not his holiday, but he likes the fact that Christians want him to enjoy the day too.

  9. American Family Assoc. is now reporting:
    Target includes Christmas in their TV ads. Lowes says their trees are now “Christmas trees.” Costco says, “When you walk into our stores, you see Christmas.” Walgreens says things will be different next year with how they handle Christmas. Sears added “Merry Christmas” signs in all their stores. And the list goes on.

    You are having an impact! With all of us combining our efforts we can accomplish a lot of good!

    Stacie, thanks for sharing your husband’s thoughts and his families thoughts on Christmas
    with us. And we do want them to have a wonderful day.

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