14 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Hope

  1. Genesis 9:8-1 NCV ” And God said, “This is the sign of the agreement between me and you and every living creature that is with you. I am putting my rainbow in the clouds as the sign of the agreement between me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth and a rainbow appears in them, I will remember my agreement between me and you and every living thing. Floods will never again destroy all life on the earth. When the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and I will remember the agreement that continues forever between me and every living thing on the earth.”
    So God said to Noah, “The rainbow is a sign of the agreement that I made with all living things on earth.”

  2. Christopher, My Mother always taught me when I saw a rainbow to believe God for the things that were stored in my little heart’s pocket that I was waiting on God to bring forth in my life. It would seem like when I would see that magnificent wonder in the sky my heart would leap for joy and then the promises would come.

    I didn’t see the rainbow in the sky yesterday but I am going to believe and have hope because you captured the rainbow for us from your creative eye. Christopher, you are one of the wonders of God’s creation. Thank You!

  3. Christopher,
    What a glorious shot of God’s promise! I did a little research….. I read that Isaac Newton decided that the rainbow had “7” colors. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). I thought this was interesting, since I have heard that the number “7” is God’s perfect number. Does anyone know if there is a scripture that talks about “7” being God’s perfect number?

  4. What is so impressive to me is that Christopher was ‘ready’. God uses those who are ready and prepared. He tells us to be ready in season and out of season (II Tim 4:2). It wasn’t convenient or even safe to pull over and capture this amazing and beautiful picture but Christopher steps out of his comfort zone and moves and God uses his gifts to teach and encourage. Christopher, thank you for being alert, prepared and willing to bring us your timely observations, photos and comments on many things including rainbows and wolly bears and Obama cards.

  5. Yes, Christopher, thank you for posting all these beautiful pictures! I enjoy seeing them, and learning. May God continue to bless you, for sharing with us!

  6. Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic for the sequence of hues in the visible spectrum, in rainbows, and in order from longest to shortest wavelength in Clancy:

    * Red
    * Orange
    * Yellow
    * Green
    * Blue
    * Indigo
    * Violet
    Now about the 7…I understand from my studies to be the symbol of completeness, perfection, good or evil. Rev 8:2, Ex23:11,12, 31:15-17, Jude 14, Pr. 6:15-17, Mt. 12:45, 15:34-47, Ac 6:3, Heb. 11:30, Rev. 2:1, 3:1, 4:5, 5:1-6, 10:3,4, 12:3

    Also, number of book of Revelation is seven, seven churches, seven Spirits, picture the Holy Spirit in His manifold and perfect dynamic activity, etc. more seven in Rev.

    Seven is used about 600 times in the Bible. Thanks Needles for studying with me. 🙂 It is so much fun for me to dig and search out and find “the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,: Col 2:3

  7. Oh what a beautiful rainbow it was. Thank you Chris for capturing it so we can remember it again and again. It always signifies to me that God’s hope and promises are extended to each of us through this wonderful bow. I remember a time when my Mom had just lost my Father. She was so lonely and depressed. She was doing the dishes in the kitchen and peered out the window which she could see daily the beautiful little flower garden she and Dad had planted in the back yard. She was amazed at what she saw that day. There was a perfect little rainbow that hovered over the little garden. She was so amazed that she climbed up on a chair to get a better view. She said at that very moment that she knew God had not forsaken her and that there was hope after the death of her beloved. She said that she knew that little rainbow was placed there by God to say to her – I know your grief and I am there for you. No one saw that little rainbow but my Mom and it encouraged her until her death eight years later.

  8. Christopher, how thoughtful of you to capture God’s beauty and wit in all your photos and think to share them with us. Thanks so much.
    Rena’s story reminds me of the time Sister Grandma and I did our pioneer trek from FLorida to Alexandria, Va. for the first time where I then resided. We were a little excited as we thought about the almost 1000 mile hike ahead of us. Maybe a little nervous, also. But the most incredible thing happened as we pulled out of Boynton Beach and headed north in the misty, damp morning. A perfect rainbow sat over our right head lamp. It was bright and clear and such a phenomenon and lasted for many miles as we drove on our journey. We knew that we were in safe hands because HIS RAINBOW was reassuring us. I have never “carried” a rainbow on my hood before but there it was and we arrived safely in Alexandria 18 hours later having been accompanied by GOD’s BOW for many miles. I still praise Him for His kindness and mercy toward us and His rainbow of protection.

  9. My mother loved watching storms and looking for rainbows after a storm. During my childhood and even into adulthood, she would call me to the window during a thunderstorm and look for that rainbow, delighted the minute she spotted one. Though she never actually said it, I think it may have been a comfort of knowing Hope will come even when the storms of life beat you down. She had many storms in her life and several brushes with death. Her storms often involved me. One big storm was when dad died suddenly, leaving a physically fragile and grieving wife behind all alone in a good-sized house on eight acres to take care of. Then it seemed like storm after storm raged with not many sunny days in between. Going through the grief, pain and circumstances of all that was involved was a flood that I thought I was going to drown in. Mom died suddenly two years later at a time when I was facing health and other issues myself…and my stress and pain ‘floodwaters’ seemed to rise higher. Looking back, there WAS a rainbow after each storm to remind me that God brought was bringing me through each one. I didn’t drown. He brought me through by the support of my church, Christ Church International and especially by Pastor Sara’s prophetic words, guidance and prayers. I rejoice that God was so good to took care of the trials in His way and His timing. And because of Sara’s continuing ‘Trumpeting faith, giving Hope, and serving others with love’, I had the confident assurance and comfort that both parents are in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God promises to be with us in our storms. Thanks to Sara and all on The Daily Lily who are the rainbows in our lives that are daily there to give us hope, inspiration and help keep us walking with Jesus.

  10. Thank you for sharing your touching story with us, Debi. I had the privelege of knowing your parents and your Mom came to my plays and musicals at school, which I know she enjoyed. It was an honor to have her attend. Praise God for that calm assurance that you have from the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit that they are in the Cloud of Witnesses.

  11. Great stories of encouragement. It is wonderful how we look at the rainbow and we are reminded of God’s promises to us. There is a bible that one can buy with rainbow promises in color. A good thought for Christmas gifts.

  12. Today, one of my little students asked excitedly, “did you see the rainbow the other day?” I told her I had seen it on thedailylily.org. She said it went all the way around. Pretty observant little tyke! The rainbow does go all the way around….like the wheel in the wheel 🙂

  13. One of my students wrote this week that gathering friendships was like gathering one rainbow after another. Each friend brings vibrant character traits to your life and some with more color than others.

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