8 thoughts on “Quote by QB

  1. Sounds like JC, QB ,has been reading the book of James in the NT!! James says in Chapter 1, verse 22…” But be doers of the Word, obey the message and not merely listeners betraying yourselves into deception by reasoning contrary to the truth. For if anyone only listens to the truth without obeying it, he is like a man who looks carefully at his own face in a MIRROR, thoughtfully observes himself and then goes off and promptly forgets what he was like.”
    So maybe Jason Campbell is saying…after you “observe” yourself, discern where you are at, then do something about it to make it better. Or in the case of James’ exhortation, OBEY the WORD of GOD.

  2. Jason did all the above and he played a great game against those Dallas Cowboys. We (Redskins) won! Yes, won and right there in Dallas we won! Go Skins!

    Now that is making yourself better! It takes victory in action and not words alone! I have heard and seen many people that are all talk and no show. I like Jason’s attitude ‘show that you have made yourself better.’

    I love watching football, baseball, and basketball! I am a participate in the games from the sidelines. I play hard on the sidelines. I must say Dallas and Redskins played a great game yesterday and the score showed it 26-24. The coaching team was great. I thought Jim Zorn, the coach was so amazing yesterday when he thanked all involved, even the trainers. The sports anchors said, “I’ve never heard a coach thank the trainers.” Takes the whole team to get a win?

  3. Debi, I like that quote from Sara, also…..’face it, admit it, and change it.’
    If one uses that short formula to keep a check on oneself, maybe there would be less self-deception, self justification and plain old excuses which often fool self more than others.

  4. Right Sara! As you believe it, You get to See it. I believe that it goes for negative stuff, also. If we believe NEGATIVE stuff, then we get to see that, too!

  5. Thank you for this quote Gary. I tell my boys, at least once a week, that we are all responisble for our own actions. We just discussed this to the Bible study class, that I am teaching. We were discussing feelings. I told them to look in the mirror daily and tell yourself that you are going to do better today. Tell yourself that you are going to handle situations in a better way and going to control feelings in a healthier matter. We have to put effort into this process. God will help improve us daily, we just need to be obedient and anaylis who we are and how we can be a better character of God.

  6. Chickenfarmer, I am glad you tell your boys that they are responsible for their own actions. I have to tell myself that very often. I also have other talks with myself. For example I teach a lot about God’s love which gives us opportunity to love others. Oh well sometimes I really don’t love others, ??????No excuse about… it’s just that particular action of theirs, etc. Nope! I just don’t love them. So I look in the mirror and say OK, ‘Miss Love,’ what happen to your love? I have heard we have to be willing to put something down in order to embrace something better. Well, Miss Love, put down like that attitude of dislike, disapproval, and whatever other thing that locks the door on love for another and pick up God’s love to me and then I will love others.

    I am just trying to look in the mirror and make myself better! Heck, maybe I should just look in the mirror less often!

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