I have been reading books by Bill Wiese about the Lord’s taking him to Hell for 23 minutes and his sequel to it on the subject of HELL. Some would ask, “why would Christians or any so-called good people want to read about Hell, anyway?”
Well, Jesus talked a lot about Hell and it kind of hit home when I was reading Jeremiah this morning in the beginning chapters, as well as throughout the whole book, God’s lamenting and His righteous anger with Judah and Israel because of their vehement backsliding. So I asked the Lord in prayer why in the world would HE want nasty ol’ Judah and Israel, anyway, when they had been unfaithful to Him, committing spiritual adultery, turning their backs and spurning Him after His gracious and magnanimous lovingkindness and compassion that He had shown toward them.

Why was He so upset over those evil doers, sending prophetic warnings and chasing after them, concerning all their sinfulness…verse after verse, chapter after chapter….Habakkak, Jeremiah, Jonah, ….book after book, in the O.T.
I believe Holy Spirit showed me part of the answer to that question. I believe He wanted them back to Himself for their own sakes as well as His. He wants the backslider and the sinner desperately to come to Him because He loves us beyond our wildest imagination or anything that we can think or fathom. And HE DOESN’T WANT ANY ONE OF US TO TO PERISH IN THE FLAMES OF HELL….a living, eternal punishment, endless, unceasing, hopelss ,torturous living death.
Hell has enlarged its borders and GOD desperately does NOT His creation to suffer torment beyond description. Even though Bill Weise tried to put into print what he saw and felt in Hell in just 23 minutes, it beggers description and apprehension of the human brain.
That is precisely why He sent Jesus THE SON. That was what Jesus suffered on the cross for us, so that no one would ever have to go to an eternal burning. He suffered and died the pains of Hell and when the complete and total price for our redeeming was paid…a faultless work….He rose again from the dead to reign over us and lead and guide us by His Holy Spirit into a glorious eternity with Him. He did it all. He paid it all. No one ever HAS to go to HELL prepared for the devil and his evil angels.
HOWEVER, If a man or woman chooses not to follow God’s Spirit, Who is in the earth this very day, era and season, drawing, drawing them to Christ, then God is still God, Heaven is still Heavenly and He will still forever reign isn unfathomable joy, love , splendor, magnificence and happiness. Holy Spirit is not going to beat you up and drag you kicking and screaming into the Kingdom of God. In His infinite wisdom He may use the circumstances that you get yourself into, in your disobedience, to draw you to God but if you reject Him over and over then YOU HAVE CHOSEN your destiny.
You see, God wanted those backslidden, idolotrous Judah and Israel to come back to Him. He knew their horrendous fate if they did not. His Love would not allow Him to flick them off while there was still time and hope for their return to His love, even though they boldfaced lied to Him, pretending they loved Him, then cheated and rejected Him, and worshiped false gods on HIS altars. Abomination of abominations.
As I read and listen to accounts of people to whom God has given modern-day revelations of Hell, it shakes me to the very core and the buden of the Great Commissionis loomis large before me. Will I have the courage to “Not look at their faces” (Jer. 1:8), to resist rejection, to not fear confrontation and to open my mouth boldly to tell of God’s plan for Life and NOT Death? Paul says in 1 Cor.9:16, “Woe to me if I preach NOT the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!” I feel a great urgency that the Lord is showing me for my part. It is a shaking and a moving and even while I am shaking I had better move and perform those things which Jesus has commissioned His disciples to do….to preach the Gospel to all nations….starting Here and starting Now.