I have heard often in the last year(s) that our nation, America, is “Torn at the Seams.” Do we have answers? I believe we do!

Saturday, September 27, 08, First Lady, Laura Bush with The Library of Congress will be hosting a “Book Festival” on The Mall, Washington, DC.

This will be an intergenerational event. Writers of children’s books, mystery writers, biographers as well as many other authors will be on ‘The Mall’ reading and modeling the joy and life of reading. Mrs. Bush invites us all to come. She says, “there will be something for all ages and all interest. Come and bring your families.”
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(Laura and Jenna Bush)
Read All About it!

It seems to me with our nation ‘torn at the seams’ in so many ways, economically, morally and spiritually that we are in need of many intergenerational events. We may be depended on one another for finances, childcare, health care and senior care. All of these may be good and most likely helpful. But, at times it seems the most important intergenerational event is not happening. The ‘tear at the seams’ can only be mended with the spiritual teaching of wisdom that God gave very specific instructions for.

Titus 2:1-5, among many other books in God’s Word, gives specific instruction on how the older members of the church should train the younger members. Paul gives an eloquent exhort in vs. 11-14 on grace. Most of us are very familiar with grace that saves, but grace does much more. It teaches and trains us to live in the ‘now’ in a wise and right way. Paul recognizes a need to give instructions on and a ‘how to’ manual about real life issues for the now. He exhorts the need of intergenerational living in these verses.

Mrs. Bush will be with her daughter, Jenna, at the Book Festival as authors, really co-authors, and reading together from their new book, “Read all about it”. Mrs. Bush, the First Lady, of our Nation is and has been busy giving wisdom and modeling the teaching of Paul from the book of Titus, both to her daughters and the ladies of our nation. I am so delighted to not only hear about but seeing ‘a model’ on the Mall in Washington, DC illustrating how to ‘mend our seams.’

Other key themes in the Book of Titus are, the leadership of the church should live lives of honor. Good works do not earn our salvation, but they are a product of it. And, the one we have spoken of today, the older members of the church should train the younger members.

I believe it takes one generation of faith mentoring another generation in faith giving a needle and thread to mend our seams. This to me is intergenerational living and is the ‘mending of the seams.’

I have hope, faith and love giving me a belief system that each of us will mend many tears in the seams of what seems impossible. I invite each of you to join me at a book festival and read the Book of Titus.