Be a Bee Eye for a day

“Life is just a mirror,
and what you see out there,
you must first see inside of you.”
Wally ‘Famous’ Amos
US cookie businessman (1936 – )
Img 5134(photo by Chris M.) see more of Chris’ photos:

Christopher M., our photographer for this photo is a living example of this photo and quote. Chris is a software developer with beyond great skills and using them for the advancement of the world and its technology. He is also an artisan of words. He wins big time with his big smile and a heart full of love. My prayer is for his skills to be used effectively and in the places The Holy Spirit has designed for him. God has a perfect plan for Christopher’s life and it is for good. May all those inventions that Christopher sees inside of himself become a portrait to the world. May he stand in the places of opportunity for his creative and oratorial gifts from God to be at their best.

Now, this is one of my mirror stories; but I have more:

Jonathan M. is a communicator and orator. He is a walking communicator and has a great eye for photography. Each of his photos writes a story. see more: Jonathan travels the world to bring stories of life to us. He has a masters in telecommunication. This degree was first given to him in a dream and then reality. He is walking out his dreams. My prayer is for Jonathan M. to walk in the progressive places God has made available to him and for him before the beginning of time. May many doors of great opportunity open for Jonathan M and he walk through them according to God’s plan.

As you can see I love life stories. I love that God has given me the gift of communication. A mighty gift of words. I believe with all my heart I am an ‘artist of words’. I spend many hours writing and painting stories in intercommunication with the creator of all. “For by him all things were created, in the heavens and on the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things have been created through him, and for him. (Colossians 1:16 World English Bible) and vs. 17 says, “He is before all things, and in him all things are held together.”

My stories are prayer stories and prayer stories become what you ‘see out there.’ I wonder what the Bee in this photo is seeing? Be a “bee eye for a day” and tell us your story about yourself and/or another! What do you see?
Me In Kindergarten-1,Me In First GradeMe In Second GradeThird GradeFourth Grade

Needles in K, first, second, third and fourth grades-click on picture to enlarge


28 thoughts on “Be a Bee Eye for a day

  1. I would like to say what a beautiful photo of grape hyacinths that Chris took! The color blue truly reflects his character: heavenly. The bee represents industriousness and I have seen Chris’s industriousness reflected over many years…through high school, through college, through the business world, through his work on The Daily Lily website, and on and on. He is a connector and a gartherer, just like the bee. I would also recommend highly that you visit the smugmug website (a very efficient, high quality and user-friendly shopping cite). I purchased four of his bright and sunny sunflower photos from there which again reflect his bright and sunny disposition. They brighten my horticulture classroom and inspire my students and all who enter.
    And Jonathan’s photos reflect his inner composure, his solid integrity, his observant eye. I love what he says about himself on his photo site…’I try to be in the right place at the right time’. He is. His unique and inspiring floral shots grace my office wall and his first photo book ‘Trek the World’ is a book no one want to miss having on their coffee table (or in my case displayed in my office).
    I am in awe of their achievements and their character. They are a reflection of their mother, Sara’s, mighty gift of words …and I might add committment and Godly input.

  2. Thank you very much Debi, I am very humbled by your comments for Chris, Jon and myself. We are also very blessed to have you publish the good news to Our Heavenly Father in prayer for us. Again, we thank you.

    I know you are a great life story teller as you have put some of them to song. What are your’ Bee Eye’s seeing new and exciting in your daily work and fun. OK! OK! I know your work and fun is one of the same. Of course, looking at a garden all day with other garden lovers and getting paid for it must be lots of fun!

  3. You are right Sara, God has blessed me with a job teaching about plants, working with plants, beautifying with and helping others to beautify with plants. I am so thankful that the classroom is filled with so many beautiful things to bring joy and encouragement to students and visitors. Filled not just with plants but with Chris and Jon’s photos…many of plants they photographed right from this department at one of the many plant sales we have each year. Decorated this year with a frog theme that Sara’s artistic eye and shopping talents helped me find to purchase. Gifts such as as the frog in a hammock, frog flag, fish tanks, etc that my gracious friends Chris and Tammy (yes, the same Tammy that spearheaded the USIS project at Rena’s school mentioned on a blog from Aug 22)gave to beautify my office and classroom.
    And what fun some of the students had today going to the smugmug photo site (Chris’s photos) and the site (another Chris and Tammy brainchild)and looking and learning about so many kinds of flowers.
    Then there were other friends from the Daily Lily such as Dorothy, Rena and MG who stopped by to purchase plants. WOW! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by The Daily Lily every day in so many ways.
    The students are blessed too and have said how much they love to come to school here. Parents are saying their children are motivated and wanting to come. One parent even shared today that their child was happier than he/she had been in a long time.
    I pray that each one will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and will experience and know Him this year.

  4. And I forgot to add that Tammy, with her great organizational and motivational skills came to the sale to purchase mums as gift for her USIS team whom she was taking to putt-putt and dinner! What a bee-motivator/connector she is!

  5. What a beautiful picture by Chris. On reflecting on this picture I remembered that bees see somewhat differently. I did a little research and found that according to that “bees see a broader spectrum of light than we can, opening up a whole new world…..this Ultraviolet light (which they see is) invisible to us. It uncovers colors and patterns which draw them to the source of pollen and nectar – all hidden to humans without special equipment. These distinct patterns were designed to act as ‘landing strips’ or arrows, guiding the insects to the right spot.

    Tammy, Chris, John, Sara all know how to motivate others. They help others sip of the nectar of the Word – helping others to know the true meaning of life – connecting the hearts of others – meeting the needs of others physically and spiritually. They show forth a different light – a light that Jesus showed forth – Light of LOVE – touching the very heart of people. We applaud you and all who motivate others to arise and shine for Jesus.

    I too Debi stand in agreement with what you have said about Chris, Jon, Tammy, and Sara. My life and the life of my students would be so much different without their touch in my life. What wonderful bees for Jesus they are.
    I thank God that He allowed them to touch my life.

    As I have been this year especially touched by Tammy and USIS, I would again like to thank them. They have touched my students through materials and soon will be sharing their lives through reading and writing with students. What a blessing to have such wonderful young professionals take time from their busy, hectic schedules to touch a life of a child forever. THANK YOU! We are deeply honored by such giving of the heart.

  6. I am in such admiration of the zest and eagerness with which Chris, Tammy and Jon pursue new vistas and good deeds. Their hearts are open to all the beauty and good in which to work, that God as provided for us….His PLAYING FIELD. Their BEE VISION is not clouded nor is it tunneled. They go for it! They study it! They overcome it. They attain it and accomplish it to a HIGH DEGREE! They are knowledgeable and confident and caring. Therefore, their outreach is not limited. They are excellent role models for this generation.
    May God Bless them with even more new and exciting places to operate their excellent giftings.

  7. My “bee eyes” see my playing field, as Rena told us, ” all patterns and colors” in my classroom of incredbly beautiful children from many nations and many cultures. I begin to “BEE-SEE” their gifts and callings in the Arts. music, drama, playing of instruments and watch and PRAY as they develop before my very eyes. Different names, different faiths, different cultures, different languages emerge before me, class after class of music students; hundreds a week. What a playing field GOD has entrusted to me! That is a humbling responsibility and enduring patience, understanding and wisdom must be daily companions in the classroom if there is to be growth
    and unencumbered learning taking place among such a diverse group, many not yet speaking our language. And yet, it does happen, somehow! That can only be GOD watching over us with HIS
    BEE EYES” of LOVE.

  8. I dedicate this poem to all the wonderful bees who will be linking with us this year to orchestrate a step in a child’s life to cause their Dreams to become a reality. I’d like to think the parents, thedailylily, and USIS who have chosen to link with my class at Seldens Landing Elementary.

    DREAM BIG by Rena K. Oynes – September 20, 2008

    As I stand humbly before the garden of my classroom
    What do I perceive?
    I perceive all different types of colors from the nations
    Each child so different
    Some have been crushed along the way
    But they stand and with stand
    Hoping for a better future
    For a touch of love
    For joy in the unfolding of knowledge
    and personal relationships fostered this day

    What type of garden will the harvest bring?
    All the little flowers are uniquely placed
    What type of fertilizer and water
    Will enhance their growth this year.
    What bees will come along and pour out the right amount of encouragement
    May the flowers aspire and reach for their dreams.
    Dreams that may seem insurmountable
    Yet achievable dreams

    May we stand beside a child this day and be a link
    To cause a child’s dreams to become reality.
    Dream Big children, Dream Big
    We link our hearts with yours
    To be just a step to achieving your dream.

  9. What generous praise to my family and myself. We are so grateful to all of you. I am always reminded of a scripture that says “To much is given much is required,” I believe Luke, Mark and Matthew all recorded this parable where we find this teaching. I want to say my family and myself have been given much when generations before us gave us the plan of salvation. What a marvelous gift!

    Now this Bee was not seeking praise for us, although, again I am grateful to all of you. I hope you will continue to give many Bee stories about your life experiences.

  10. Great poem, Rena. It exactly describes the awesome challenge that I feel when standing in front of 30 pairs of baby bee eyes all looking up at one pair of bee-eyed teacher’s, with anticipation and hope and OH! for a chance to be included, heard and praised.

  11. Today, my bee-eye looks back in time to the past…a lovely past of wonderful memories of a very beautiful lady whom I love very much. It is the anniversary of Sister Grandma’s Birth ,my lovely mother ,whom I love very much. In honoring her memory, I recall a woman of good wisdom, high standards, a loving wife and mother. At the age of 72 she left her home town and all the relatives and friends and moved, by herself ,to Florida to start a new life . And start she did! She purchased her own home with the cash that she received from the sale of our homestead and started a glorious spiritual journey when she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior after years in the Catholic Church. (Sounds a little Proverbs 31 ??) Through her prayers and the prayers of my brother and his wife, now pastors of a church, they prayed me into the Kingdom of God for which I am and ever shall be, eternally grateful.
    I thank God she had the courage to bear her children…a courage which seemed to have escaped me. By this birth I was eligible to receive the new birth, as all her children have done, and to be a part of God’s Kingdom on earth and in Heaven when I shall see her, once again.
    I thank God for my father who as a young teen had the courage to book passage on a ship, all alone, and come to America so that we could fulfill the plan GOD had for me and my brothers…to be where we would encounter the living God and thus enter the Kingdom of God.
    Sara wrote, …’a grand and lovely lady that we stand and applaud for her goodness and mercy…may her children walk worthy of the gift she gave to the world through her love for others.”
    Amen and thank you Sara. I told that she would have been 102 this day, September 21, 2008, if she were still here on earth. But in Heaven she is as young as Jesus !!
    I love you ,Mother. Happy NEW BIRTH-DAY anniversary. Now my Bee EYES look to the future in Heaven with Jesus and Sister Grandma.

  12. The flower picture by Chris reminded me how much Sister Grandma, Anna, loved her flowers…especially violets. And wow! did they grow beautifully for her.
    The Lord gave me this song to honor her in 2005 and I would like to honor her today by posting it: (and I’ll play it on my guitar tonight in her memory also)

    Violets Are Forever

    Violets are forever, forever true.
    Violets are forever, faithful like you.
    Regenerating. Free for the taking.
    They’re happy to share themselves with you.
    Violets are forever, enduring the years with grace.
    Violets are forever. Colors abound in their face.
    Don’t move them around. They’re happy to stay
    In the same spot day by day.
    Violets are forever. Treat them with care and love.
    Violets are forever, water below not above.
    They’ll give you their best, if you give them a rest
    Once in a while for that is their style.
    Violets are forever, faithful and true.
    Violets are forever, for me and you.
    Beloved by all, both great and small.
    They brighten our lives in so many ways.
    Violets are forever, forever true.
    Violets are forever, faithful like you.
    Violets are forever.
    Anna, you’re forever!!

  13. Sara,
    You have asked us to be a “bee eye for a day” and tell you our story. When I was a little girl, my mom, purchased a book to keep all of my grade school report cards and pictures in. (I have with me, now, and am grateful to have it) In this book, it asks me what I’d like to be when I grow up. From kindergarten to fourth grade, I have written in pencil “a nurse or a teacher”. Looking back at this, I was amazed to think that even as a child, maybe I had this “bee eye vision”, and didn’t even know it. I went back to college three different times, before ending up in nursing school. I thank God, for giving me the opportunity and ability to finish nursing school, and pursue a career of caring for others.

  14. WOW! Needles, I love your Bee eye story. You ‘show and tell’ how The Holy Spirit works in our lives at all times leading, guiding, counseling and teaching us. He is a light to our path and a lamp to our feet.

    And, what a very special thing your Mother did for you in helping you be a great record keeper so you could always thank God for leading you. And, tell others your story. It would be fun to see those pictures of a’ little Needles!’

  15. Thank you. Debi for posting that song which you wrote in honor of Sis. G. It is one of my favorites of all your songs. She is forever.
    We shall all see Him and we shall be Like He is. Then we will rejoice when we are all together, again.
    Thank you again.

  16. Needles, what a darling little girl you were. And you have turned out quite well, I must admit. Special, I would say. The Word of God says, “Train up a child in the way that she should go and when she is older she will not depart (from her bent nor from the faith) ” You have proven that Proverb to be true and the Word has not returned void in your life.
    Now my Bee Eye sees you doing the same for your sons. You are training them up in the WAY that they should go. And as they mature they will become stronger and stronger in their love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless you and and all our nurses. What a service to mankind you supply. There is a special anointing for nurses, I believe. And you are anointed for that. My BEE EYE sees Needles (and Wendy) as GOD’S gift to us and to the Body of Christ and to those who are out there searching, struggling, looking for healing, looking for an answer.

  17. Oh, thank you, MG. I have to say that I was blessed to have parents that made sure I grew up, in church. I have very fond memories of going to church, as a little girl, teenager, and adolescent. My prayer is that I train my children, and live the example before them, that God has instructed. May He forgive me, when I make mistakes, as a parent.
    Again, I’d like to give God praise, for allowing me to become a nurse. May He use me as a vessel to help bring healing to those afflicted.

  18. Needles I enjoyed seeing those pictures of you. The love of God shines through. It’s comforting to see them, and read your progressive story…it speaks something that we can relate to…that even as you went through physical changes in life, and some twists and turns on your education journey that God’s hand was upon you to help develop your gifts and talents.
    This summer at Sara’s Four Bees retreat we studied about the importance of journaling…our ‘writing power’..writing our passions. It is so interesting and encouraging to see that you were journaling in those early years, writing and affirming your passion.
    May God abundantly bless you each day as you serve Him and train your children.

  19. Good point, Debi. Needles seems to be vital proof of the lessons we learned at the BEE RETREAT. Slowly but surely Needle’s true bent or “gift” emerged through the jottings in her little notebook (jounral) and the photos , into a full-blown (BLOOMING) professional, gifted nurse. She burgeoned, budded, (see pics) blossoms (bearing fruit) and now is BLOOMING, sharing the fruit with others and reaching toward perfection!

  20. Oh My Needles! I would never have guessed that little girl was you! And, the style of those clothes, and bows in hair, whee, what year was that, 1928?

  21. These are beautiful BEE’S EYES above. Needles, they are cute pictures of a precious little girl, who has grown into a precious woman of God and wonderful friend. Yes, your Mom should be proud of you. Rena what a beautiful poemand Debie, a beautiful song. MG has touched my heart with her mother’s Heavenly Birthday. Thank you Gary, Jon, Chris and Tammy for your beautiful talents that you have shared with me. I know your mothers would be proud of you. Sara, you amaze me with your words, your knowledge and your love for Jesus. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you work and your obedience to our Father. Your mother would be proud of you too. I would like to thank Sara, Gary, Chris, Jon, Tammy and all the lilies for sharing their beautiful talents that God has bless them with.

  22. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I grew up. I remember talking with my mom about it one day. She told me that I should be a nurse. I told her, I didn’t like to see the sight of blood and I didn’t think I could do this. My dad told me to be a PE teacher and coach. I went to college to be a teacher and changed my major to Health and Fitness. About six years ago, my mother fell and broke her arm. I packed my babies up and went home to care for her. When I was there, the Lord clearly put on my heart to go back to school to be a nurse. I immediately called my husband and told him I had to go to nursing school. Within the next few weeks I was signed up for classes. I thank the Lord for leading me into the nursing field and I thank the the Lord for my mother, who knew what I should have done before I did.

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